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(Reuters)   Secondhand mattresses increase cot death risk   ( divider line
    More: PSA  
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2002-11-01 03:58:58 PM  
No way that's the link. Probably something like people that buy secondhand mattresses probably don't feed their kids as well, or such.
2002-11-01 05:16:08 PM  
God forbid we should have the deaths of cots on our hands.
2002-11-01 07:53:41 PM  
I agree with KAVORKA. Both SIDS and parents giving ones infant a second-hand mattress to sleep on are symptoms of the same cause. This is like the higher education - masturbation link.
2002-11-02 01:09:13 AM  
second hand mattresses increase the risk of lying in spooge that ain't yours.

no, i didn't read the article.
2002-11-02 01:09:43 AM  
Will someone please think of the cots!
2002-11-02 01:11:24 AM  
most people hang onto their beds too long.
2002-11-02 01:13:08 AM  
Poor cots.
2002-11-02 01:16:10 AM  
Suitep - hang onto their beds too long? When my bed is rockin', she's gotta hang on!!

/in my dreams
2002-11-02 01:18:34 AM  
Whoa! Wait til the evolutionary biologists get a load of this. Babies are marking their territory and poisoning their rivals! This is amazing. By knocking of the competing baby, the remaining child's chance of survival is increased. I'm just speechless.
2002-11-02 01:20:06 AM  
Too lazy to read the article. Does this have something to do with some bacteria or something? Or the possible noxious gas coming from certain kinds of mattresses (which was supposed to be a reason to lay your baby down on his back)?

Well, happy to say Tyler had a brand-new mattress....
2002-11-02 01:25:07 AM  
It was a beautiful day
2002-11-02 01:33:23 AM  
A statistical correlation does not neccessarily imply a causal relationship. Bad reporters will generally imply one exists though.
2002-11-02 01:34:04 AM  
Given the (comparably) low number of deaths per year attributed to SIDS (as opposed to other causes of infant death), some odd coincidences are bound to occur in the stats. I think the key word is mattress. Babies have so little stregnth in their skeletal structure that a mattress is really not as comfortable for them as a firm but padded surface. Which explains why babies often will go to sleep on carpeted floor when they won't go to sleep on a mattress. The article doesn't mention if there are any odd stats like that with babies who sleep on a firmer surface.
2002-11-02 01:47:06 AM  
I thought it was a song.

And yes, his name is Robert Paulsen.
2002-11-02 01:47:58 AM  
Association != Causation, folks.
2002-11-02 01:49:28 AM  
Next time I'll read the comments first to determine that FoamingPipeSnake beat me to the punch... by fifteen minutes, no less.

2002-11-02 01:53:51 AM  
Association != Causation, folks.

It's common practice in modern medicine to choose treatments based on statistical probabilities.

So I'm sticking to my venemous baby theory. SIDS is obviously an anaphalactic reaction to contaminants deposited by the Alpha Baby. There can be only one!
2002-11-02 03:16:28 AM  
I think I have SIDS =(
2002-11-02 03:27:54 AM  
Unclean! Unclean! Shun Begoggle! Ostracise him!
2002-11-02 03:32:43 AM  
I like to try to be funny. Then I think "Oh wait, this is about babies dieing." Then I think "Oh wait, this is Fark." Then I think "Didn't I want to make a joke about something?" Then I think "I'm hungry." Then I think "Damn, nothing in the fridge." Then what the hell was I talking about?
2002-11-02 07:51:17 AM  
Condider: people who buy used mattresses probably have a lower standard of living across the board - less clean housing, poorer diet, lower parenting skills.
2002-11-02 09:35:16 AM  
Like pipesnake says.

Now if they tried to refine a study by looking at adopted second children using the same matress as the adopted first child used, they might get some results.

Using adopted children controls for a potential correlation between order of birth. The second child getting a used matress, but used by a famly that bought it new controls for low socioeconoic status.

No, I didn't read the article.
2002-11-02 03:25:33 PM  
Wow, all morning I read that "Secondhand mistresses increase cot death risk"

Then I come back this afternoon and it says matrisses! Was it changed? Or am I an illiterate fool..
2002-11-02 03:34:29 PM  
I dunno...those of you who joke about it obviously haven't had children. I have a 10 1/2-month-old and boy was I worried about SIDS! Even now I check to make sure he's still breathing when he's sleeping!

SIDS seems to attack at random and believe you me it's not fun worrying about whether your baby is going to be one of them!
2002-11-02 03:35:40 PM  
Somehow, this article frightens me greatly.
2002-11-02 03:54:57 PM  
BlossomBubblesButtercup: My son died of SIDS 5 years ago. There was a couple who had a 15 month od girl who died of sids. But, I think it was classified as a SUDS death because she was over the age of one.
SKWIDD: I hope you were just kidding with that last comment. But, I'm not laughing!
2002-11-02 04:14:20 PM  
I'm glad I'm not second hand.

Nice reference, CandyPink.
2002-11-02 04:16:47 PM  
Yet another thing thats gonna kill our children...
2002-11-02 04:17:35 PM  
*gives hugs to Sexkitten*
2002-11-02 11:50:29 PM  
Skwidd you can shut the fark up. Usually I'm pretty nice but when people like you act so callous it gets me fired up. How would you like to put your child (or other loved one) to bed, get up in the middle of the night or morning, and see that loved one dead? Even the thought of it makes me cry and I'm lucky (so far) that my son is not one of them.

And children do not suck. My son, who's going on 11 months old, is one of the cutest, sweetest little babies ever.

I hope you get fixed, Skwidd. I feel sorry for any children you may have sired.
2002-11-03 12:01:09 AM  
1 out of every 3 matresses may be infected!
2002-11-03 12:44:39 AM  
SKWIDD:You know, you were a child once. I'm sure you sucked too. You are entitled to your opinion. However, for you to imply that any child's death is a good thing, is just wrong. I would never wish for anything like this to happen to even my worst enemy. I was the one who first saw my son the morning he died. I will never forget how Kevin looked. I will never get over it. I shouldn't have to defend my choice to have children to a narrow minded @sshole like you!
2002-11-03 02:11:14 AM  
Skwidd's a farking asshole that's worse than a troll. I hope the mods lay the smack down on his sorry ass!

That was beyond callous. That was downright cruel.
2002-11-03 07:33:29 PM  
It must SUCK to be Skywidd.

Boo Hiss
2002-11-03 10:03:43 PM  
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