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2002-10-31 11:03:23 PM  
thats the same reason i left the boy scouts....seriously
2002-10-31 11:04:12 PM  
WOO-HOO Boobies for once in my life!!!! now i will go read the article!!!
2002-10-31 11:04:38 PM  
Gentlemen, start your flames.
2002-10-31 11:04:44 PM  
What a crock of bull...

I never got into the boy scouts. Always had more fun things to do.

Like... pour oatmeal on stuff.
2002-10-31 11:04:46 PM  
A private organization has a right to association. Many organizations make you take an oath to join.
2002-10-31 11:04:48 PM  
Deja-vu. Isn't religion wonderful? I know, lets base all our laws on it too.
2002-10-31 11:05:12 PM  
Sorry son, no intellectual honesty in the BSA.
2002-10-31 11:05:47 PM  
[*] This is a repeat
[*] Today must be a slow news day
[*] This post constitutes a conspiracy to subscibe to TotalFark
[*] The article is not interesting or funny
[*] Why is this posted and not one of my submissions that was much better?
[ ] I read about this last week
[ ] This post should have a different tag
[*] Please post more boobies as I am too dumb to use Google
2002-10-31 11:05:48 PM  
2002-10-31 11:05:49 PM  
BSA is a religious group. Get over it.
2002-10-31 11:05:59 PM  
The organization bans gays and atheists. Huh??? what year is this again????
2002-10-31 11:06:28 PM  
How many times is this story going to get posted, honestly? The Boy Scouts are a private religious organization, if they say you have to jump to be in the group, you either say how high or get out simple as that. Frankly, I'm actually impressed that they have the stones to fight the PC crowd.
2002-10-31 11:06:34 PM  
Iron: Boobies!??!?! Where?!?!?!?

Elevation: No doubt about it. A private organization has the right to do whatever they want. They can still be asshats, but they can do whatever they want (reguarding human resources)
jbc [TotalFark]
2002-10-31 11:06:58 PM  
Oh, me! Me! Me! Pick me! Me! Ooohhh, pick me!
2002-10-31 11:06:59 PM  
While I may not agree with their position, I would not want anyone to tell me what my private club could or could not do.

Now if they get federal money, that is a different story...
2002-10-31 11:07:00 PM  
BSA is weird. I was a boy scout (in Canada) and there were no religious undertones. We went camping and had a lot of fun. No prayers, no jeebus. Why can't the BSA be this way? If they're that freaked about religion, shoudln't they be tolerant and understanding?
2002-10-31 11:07:17 PM  
He's already an Eagle Scout, what more is there to do? Fark 'em.
2002-10-31 11:07:18 PM  
I pick Hoki-Doki, Norse god of amiable agreement. Imagine there are / through the o's. This textbox doesn't like special characters.

I was in the Canadian Boy Scouts. There was some nonsense in the investiture about "love and serve my god", but that was before the self-esteem character-building too effect, so I didn't say anything about it. They changed it to 'my god' to satisfy the non-Christians. Didn't do much for the atheists like me, though.

I had to sit through a couple of religious services, once by trickey. I actually feared for my safety during a service at a camp in the States. They sang Glory Hallele..Halleju...Halleloo-ya. That's a Smite-The-Unbeliever song, and should be called Gory, Gory, Halle-whatsit.

Most of the religion happened in the States. Our esteemed Prez talked us into going to his youth group without mentioning that there'd be brainwashing after the fun in the ball pit. If I'd had my own car, I would have left.
2002-10-31 11:07:26 PM  
I'm sure there's always room in the fold for a bright young man in the a certain denomination centered in Rome.
2002-10-31 11:07:32 PM  
elevation has a point... however it does piss me off how anti-atheist homophobe groups like that are pushed to the limelight in secular public events sometimes
2002-10-31 11:07:39 PM  
BSA is a private club (look at the anti-gay lawsuit), they can do whatever they want.
2002-10-31 11:08:06 PM  
As your friendly, neighborhood priest would say:

"Awww, fark the boyscouts."
2002-10-31 11:08:29 PM  
What a joke.
2002-10-31 11:09:04 PM  
We always referred to BSA as the Bull shiat Association.
2002-10-31 11:09:30 PM  
Another reason that the Boy Scouts are idiots. And another reason my son will never be a part of the organization.
2002-10-31 11:11:14 PM  
Aeonic- I laughed out loud... and then I realized that you might not have meant it in the way I thought you did.

Oh, well, it was funny that way
2002-10-31 11:11:16 PM  
SLF - For forgot to include biatching about the misuse of the ironic tag on your checklist.
jbc [TotalFark]
2002-10-31 11:11:55 PM  
The KKK is also a private club. Doesn't make them right.
2002-10-31 11:12:41 PM  
The_Sannyasin: I agree with you completely. Oh wait, no I don't. They're not a private organization. Private organizations don't get money from the government.

BSA needs to either give back (or at the very least, stop taking) money from the government so they can be a true private organization, or just suck it up, and let the non-believer in. What, is there a clause somewhere that says free thinkers aren't allowed? Pretty soon, they won't allow blacks or any other non-whites in their little clan.

What the BSA stands for is a wonderful thing - integrity, self-confidence, etc. However, the BSA in its current organization is corrupt and needs to be radically modfied. Especially with that money flowing from the government.
2002-10-31 11:13:10 PM  
Hmm, are the Eagle Scouts beliefs hidden away or something? Obviously I wouldn't know. Was this sprung on the kid out of the blue?
Just wondering.
2002-10-31 11:13:53 PM  
Jbc, you bring up a good point, but the intent of the KKK is to persecute people, while the intent of the BSA is to wear bandanas and tie knots and stuff.
2002-10-31 11:14:53 PM  
Just to annoy the leaders, I'd probably go with Paganism. While everyone else was praying to Yahweh, I'd find as many ways to play on the Christers' stereotypes as possible. I'd burn a wicker man, dance around a bonfire, shag beautiful women...hell, I may go Pagan anyway.
2002-10-31 11:15:00 PM  
Sweater Girl

No sweater girl, he's just "entitled" as are every other minority these days. They require a belief in a supreme being. If you don't, find some other group to hang with. I'm sure there are pleanty of atheist friendly volunteer orginizations around.
2002-10-31 11:15:10 PM  
Tzzhc4 and The_Sannyasin,

They still receive public money. This means that I (an atheist) am paying for a group of idiot kids to have jerk off contests and light farts. As if this wasn't bad enough, they won't even let the little atheist and gay boys play with them.
2002-10-31 11:15:32 PM  
The KKK is also a private club. Doesn't make them right.

Doesn't make them right, but they have the right.
2002-10-31 11:15:38 PM  

i actually said Boobies but for some reason it wont let me say Boobies!
2002-10-31 11:16:16 PM  
BSA and other private clubs should have the right to decide whos a member and what the requirements are. We supposedly live in a free country free from excessive government intervention. How free are we if were told who we have to assoiciate with? If someone wants to start a cult that worships blue chickens and lives in the middle of nowhere that should be there right, Furthermore, if they want to limit membership to people from Moldavia, that again should be there right. Or maybe I just find the application of certain laws unequal.
2002-10-31 11:16:28 PM  
is it possible to write f|r$7 p0$+????
2002-10-31 11:16:37 PM  
ha, DasCoop said "entitled"...
/end of 1st grade humor
2002-10-31 11:16:43 PM  
I like the way you think Bondith ;)
2002-10-31 11:16:52 PM  
"Was this sprung on the kid out of the blue?"

The kid wants to be a boy scout. Why does that absolutely require belief in a higher being and what does that really have to do with scouting? Perhaps they can dictate what they want but I find it ironic how religious people, who demand tolerance from athiests, can't show that same tolerance in return.
2002-10-31 11:17:20 PM  
holy crippies it is!
2002-10-31 11:17:49 PM  
If you don't like the way the place is run, take over and make yourself the boss.

Being a scout was good for me, and the scoutmaster, Mr. Hamilton, was a good man. If you don't like the way the churches are running the BSA, take it away from them. Volunteer.
2002-10-31 11:17:56 PM  
How many times is this story going to get posted, honestly? The Boy Scouts are a private religious organization, if they say you have to jump to be in the group, you either say how high or get out simple as that. Frankly, I'm actually impressed that they have the stones to fight the PC crowd.

Hey assclown. How about we kick out all the attractive and successful African-Americans, muslims, jews, indians, and rednecks? How would that be?

It is discrimination, PERIOD! So I guess you think it's ok for the Nights of Columbus to deny blacks into their pools? Same thing with golf courses. You people make me sick.
2002-10-31 11:18:26 PM  
Iron- Oh, yeah, that thing... they made that impossible so no one says fi.rst, because management thinks that that is really stupid
2002-10-31 11:18:47 PM  
I don't think anyone's saying that they're right; they are just pointing out that the Boy Scouts of America are well within their rights as a private organization to admit anyone they like on whatever criteria they like.

Frankly, the BSA are really hedging their bets by saying that he just has to admit to any higher power. They're probably trying to dodge negative publicity after the whole homosexual issue they had a while ago. And the scout is being a hard-ass by not just coping to belief in some higher power. He has been with this organization long enough to know its rules. If his moral beliefs are more important to him than membership in an organization that runs counter to those beliefs (and good for him if it is), then he should just resign. He can't have it both ways.
2002-10-31 11:18:50 PM  
HAHAHAHA gee that decision is SO hard.

get out stop trying to be such a goody two shoes you will hooked on smack once you go to college anyways F*CK the boyscouts bro how do you expect to get laid ? You're 19 for christ sakes go get some poon.
2002-10-31 11:19:23 PM  
Oh, and this is from your drunk 32 year old white male. Freedom of religion is also freedom FROM it.
2002-10-31 11:19:31 PM  
Nobody ever asked me about my beliefs when I was a scout.
2002-10-31 11:19:39 PM  
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