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(Yahoo)   French McDonalds runs ads advising not to eat there more than once a week   ( ) divider line
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108 clicks; posted to Main » on 31 Oct 2002 at 10:16 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-31 10:19:02 PM  
Customers surrender

2002-10-31 10:19:13 PM  
Something tells me that'll hurt their sales.
2002-10-31 10:19:13 PM  
France sucks
2002-10-31 10:20:42 PM  
Because French food is that much healthier than MickyD's
2002-10-31 10:21:45 PM  
"In 1999, sheep farmer-turned-activist Jose Bove became a standard-bearer for the French anti-globalization movement when he led a group that ransacked a McDonald's in southern France."

too many cliches to process. carry on
2002-10-31 10:21:51 PM  
"The vast majority of nutrition professionals say that McDonald's food can be and is a part of a healthy diet based on the sound nutrition principles of balance, variety and moderation," the statement said.

So in "moderation" is different than "not more than once a week?"
2002-10-31 10:21:59 PM  
McDonalds Sucks
I hate their fries too.....
i told my 1st Sgt that and he called me a communist!
but i really really really hate McDonalds after i caught that asshat spitting in my Big Mac a couple of years ago.....
2002-10-31 10:22:30 PM  
hmm interesting market stradegy, "DON'T EAT HERE"

well different strokes for different folks, including the stupid ones i guess...
2002-10-31 10:22:38 PM  
Sorry, forgot to close italics.
2002-10-31 10:22:53 PM  

heh heh heh.....

Royale with cheese, anyone?

It almost makes me sad (well, okay it does make me sad) that the damn Frenchies have the balls to say this first. Then again, don't they live off cheese?
2002-10-31 10:23:30 PM  
It probably won't hurt sales, since the kids eating there repeatedly already like it and won't read or heed the ad, and it will help profits, since this ploy helps McD's future defenses against silly frivolous lawsuits from fatties.
2002-10-31 10:24:16 PM  
mcdonalds has become repulsive ever since they changed thier frying juices because of that fat (retarded) guy sued them because 'it caused him to become fat'.....lame..
2002-10-31 10:24:36 PM  
That leaves 6 days to chow down at KFC, Hardees, Taco Bell, Burger King, White Castle and Arbie's
2002-10-31 10:25:04 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-31 10:26:00 PM  
Thank you Vishus, funniest thing I've seen all day.
2002-10-31 10:27:05 PM  
a) I had to get the cliche out of the way

b) I just wanted to get the f-rst post.

c) Omigawd, I'm so lame

/crawls away in shame
2002-10-31 10:27:05 PM food......ever........
2002-10-31 10:27:22 PM  
McDonalds has always been repulsive. I seriously become ill just by walking into that place.
2002-10-31 10:29:18 PM  
Jose Bove is a .
2002-10-31 10:29:23 PM  
Well I think it's kind of cool. Hooray for social consciousness!
2002-10-31 10:29:38 PM  
More than welcome...Got tired of seeing these things and not posting anything in answer/reply.

I was looking for a pic of Alf and Emmitt Smith, just so I could caption it with "it get's cheaper the more and more you use it!!" for the Tonya Harding thread a thread or so over. Anyone want to do it, your welcome to the idea.

2002-10-31 10:30:15 PM  
2002-10-31 10:30:18 PM  
Jose Bove is a [image from too old to be available].
2002-10-31 10:30:56 PM  
Yeah, hero, apparantly my finger slipped or something.
2002-10-31 10:33:22 PM  
i believe this needs a stupid tag instead
2002-10-31 10:34:56 PM  
I hate to get all "preachy" in my vegatarianism, but McDonald's is one of the worst corporate offenders as far as exploiting workers, land, and resources go.

Screw them.
2002-10-31 10:35:56 PM  
You shouldnt eat at McDonalds, ever. Their Shakes arent THAT bad, but its technically not eating, its slurping.
2002-10-31 10:36:52 PM  
I thought Mickey Ds was our revenge on France for the infamous Le Car..
2002-10-31 10:37:25 PM  
I watched an HBO show...I think it was Real Sports last night. They ran a story on how America's children are getting fat. One of the causes (Besides the obvious Mcds, Pizza Hut and Burger King prescience in school cafeterias) was due to the fact that funds for Gym Classes and Gym teachers is being spent elsewhere. There are schools that have no Gym class! What the Fark! We are cutting expense on PE (Physical Education) to make our children smarter. Is this the right way to go? Should Fast food peddlers be allowed to serve food in schools???
2002-10-31 10:37:56 PM  
for good food goto Louisiana, cajuns make some of the best food you'll ever eat

I Gare-UN-tee!
2002-10-31 10:37:59 PM  
Frenchmen, with their untrained stomachs will probably get Ronald's revenge if they indulge more than once a week.
2002-10-31 10:40:34 PM  
Where can you go to buy Instant Clogged Arteries in a bun?
a) Your Grandmother
b) Van Halen
c) McDonalds
d) Young Arab Nationalists Between The Ages of 17 to 40
2002-10-31 10:41:54 PM  
I'll have to go with "d", Alex.
2002-10-31 10:43:38 PM  
Karpov Apartments (Second Floor)
Rough faux wood paneling reflects the dim light from a single dangerously suspend globe high above
your head. The hallway is bleak and barren, covered with rat droppings and crinkled ChocoCola cans.
In addition to the doorways to rooms K-201 through K-208, you can go up (u) and down (d).

I wanna live there. :(
2002-10-31 10:44:14 PM  
I say, GOOD. Go to Europe and one of the first things you'll notice is the lack of fat peeps down there. McDonalds and most other fast food joints are at least partially to blame for North America being the fattest place on earth. That, and the culture here that says excercise is somehow not a good thing.

Believe it or not, the kids in Europe actually go outside and run around and stuff. Gym class is mandatory throughout all highschool, and you gotta pass.
2002-10-31 10:44:23 PM  
I think France is trying to tell us something. They might be the first to surrender, but maybe they have a point. -See my post above for more info-
2002-10-31 10:45:12 PM  
The French are right.
McDonald's is wrong.
Simple as that.
2002-10-31 10:46:57 PM  
MegaDethHead: Thank you for the support...I think???
2002-10-31 10:47:36 PM  
So, wait, is she still with her husband? What the fark is up with that?
2002-10-31 10:47:42 PM  
"The vast majority of nutrition professionals say that McDonald's food can be and is a part of a healthy diet based on the sound nutrition principles of balance, variety and moderation," the statement said.
Oh geez, they're just up to their elbows in bs. That's painful to even read.

Since opening its first French branch in 1968, McDonald's has expanded continuously in France. More recently the multinational has come under fire from anti-globalization protesters, farmers' groups, and in Paris, striking workers.
Seriously, we talk about France surrendering all the time, but France, and indeed all of the world, must be pissed at America's ever expanding economic influence, what with Starbucks and McD's and everything popping up all over the world. I mean, French culture, British culture, etc, is being assimilated into American culture. It's Americanization at its worse. No wonder the rest of the world hates us.

*looks at what I just typed* Jeez, I'm becoming Harmonia Jr! Sorry for the flamebait, but we just had a discussion about this in my Modern US History class and I had to get this off my chest. Anyway, read Fast Food Nation. It's about the dark side of fast food, but it's also about Americanization.
2002-10-31 10:48:51 PM  
Candypants, I thought it was snails?
2002-10-31 10:48:53 PM  
No, this was our revenge on france
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-31 10:49:41 PM  
MegaDethHead: this will all lead to the 'Symphony Of Destruction' ; )
2002-10-31 10:50:17 PM  
Daemon charges Nathan and twists around in a feint. Daemon reverses his swing, and his
Obsidian Katana blade slithers quietly and smoothly all the way through Nathan's chest.
The side of Nathan's chest parts with a wet, tearing noise, spilling out rivers of blood and
bits of his heart.
You feel the entire world fading to black, and a low humming sounds in your ears...
*** Disconnected ***

2002-10-31 10:50:46 PM  
whoops... wrong thread

/now with fresh scented stupidity!
2002-10-31 10:51:41 PM  
By my calculations, I've already consumed more than a lifetime supply. Time for detox. Any opinions on chelation therapy?
2002-10-31 10:52:11 PM  
its great that they would lose sales in intrest of public health. i wish the american side would pickup on this. who cares about kids, i care about the fat biatches at work thinking that they can get away with vinyl clothing and spandex because its halloween. i didnt eat today in fear that i would vomit when some nasty fat biatch walked by my cube wearing a pair of vinyl pants and a belly shirt.
2002-10-31 10:56:01 PM  
Solipsist: LOL!!! I here ya. We ahd a fatty walking around as 'Sponge Bob Square Pants' I'll tell ya this much, I almost puked on that costume. But we do need to care about the kids man! See my posts above.
2002-10-31 10:56:20 PM  
Anyone else figuring the French government bullied them into saying this?
2002-10-31 10:58:38 PM  
I are dead. :\
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