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(The Smoking Gun)   "Jackass" star sends jackass letter of apology to victim of stunt gone wrong   ( divider line
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2002-10-31 11:19:04 AM  
Why not give him a dope slap for being stupid?
2002-10-31 11:20:13 AM  
that's stupid, shouldn't she have signed some kind of liability waiver or something?
2002-10-31 11:22:09 AM  
You know I'd say keep the letter and sue his as5 but he's not even worth that.

2002-10-31 11:22:27 AM  
What was the stunt?
2002-10-31 11:24:06 AM  
I don't see what's wrong with the letter...that woman and her lawyer are prolly just asshats itching to sue someone...
2002-10-31 11:24:09 AM  
Brilliant! I never thought I'd ever see a better apology after John Cleese's apology in "A Fish Called Wanda". Boy, was I wrong.
2002-10-31 11:24:39 AM  
when i grow up....i want to sue ever mother farker there is......

2002-10-31 11:24:47 AM  
"Oh I am so snicker sorry that I snicker caused you such embarassment snicker and pain. ;)
2002-10-31 11:25:17 AM  
eh..fark soccer moms
2002-10-31 11:25:48 AM  
Well that was nice of him to send the letter! Let's all have tea and scones!
2002-10-31 11:26:40 AM  
Staple the letter to your nads.
2002-10-31 11:27:57 AM  
anyone know what stunt?

hello mdme_mersault long time no see
2002-10-31 11:27:59 AM  
just for you, Kansei:

[Otto dangles Archie out a window after Archie calls him stupid]

Archie: All right, all right, I apologize.
Otto: You're really sorry!
Archie: I'm really really sorry, I apologize unreservedly.
Otto: You take it back!
Archie: I do, I offer a complete and utter retraction. The imputation was totally without basis in fact, and was in no way fair comment, and was motivated purely by malice, and I deeply regret any distress that my comments may have caused you, or your family, and I hereby undertake not to repeat any such slander at any time in the future.
Otto: OK.
2002-10-31 11:28:03 AM  
That's a much better apology than I would have written.

Then again I don't make apologies often, just ask my wife.
2002-10-31 11:28:36 AM  
duh, thats '.' not '_'
2002-10-31 11:28:44 AM  
"You won't find TSG slagging the new film "Jackass" film, which we found rather hilarious. Our favorite scene, of course, involved the test drive of a toilet in a plumbing supply store by Dave England, one of Johnny Knoxville's sidekicks. So it's not surprising that a free spirit like England, 32, has just been sued over a "Jackass" stunt gone wrong. Wendy Linden, 35, claims in a Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit that she was seriously hurt during the April 2002 filming of a promotional "Jackass" town hall meeting at Hollywood High School. Linden, an extra during the shoot, alleges that England catapulted himself into a lectern at which she was standing. When the podium toppled, Linden claimed, she was slammed to the cement floor (Linden's teenage son watched the incident from the audience). While jurors may determine the lawsuit's merits, Linden's case can only be helped by this letter England sent her shortly after the incident. In his mea culpa, England describes himself as a "reckless animal" consumed by "feelings of shame, humiliation and guilt" over the podium stunt. If England (or MTV) thought the weepy apology would forestall a civil lawsuit, that was quite a miscalculation. And as for England's line about considering himself a "decent person and highly respectful of others," we know a toilet dealer who'd disagree. (2 pages) "

LOL. Moral of the story: Consult your lawyer before apologizing. (Something Lizzie Grubman apparently did).
2002-10-31 11:29:12 AM  
Well, we wonder why our society is getting ruder and ruder. Make a mistake, send a letter of apology to someone, and then they'll use it to sue your ass for cash.

Shiat like this is what makes us all feel safer denying, denying, denying.

2002-10-31 11:30:41 AM  
the opening sequence of the "jackass" movie was the funniest thing I have EVER seen on film. brilliant.
2002-10-31 11:30:55 AM  
If she was an extra in the shoot, then obviously she knew what was going on, sounds like she's just trying to slip into some easy cash to me.
2002-10-31 11:31:05 AM  
I just find it really hard to believe that they didn't have people sign waivers. I mean, what the hell? MTV should really know better!
2002-10-31 11:31:06 AM  
Happened in California, right? A ruling not long ago at the state court level allows people to apologize over an incident without it being considered an admission of guilt. The note would not be allowed to be used as evidence.

Good law, if ye asketh me. Started when people in car wrecks, often in shock, would blurt out an apology even though they weren't at fault.

The law "greases the skids of civility" while allowing pertinent facts to be admissable.

Johnny Cochran surrenders!!!!!
2002-10-31 11:31:19 AM  
Is it just me? Or was there a hint of sarcasm in that letter? Maybe I am just far to cynical.
2002-10-31 11:31:28 AM  
Does anyone know what kind of injury the lady had?
2002-10-31 11:32:14 AM  
Fond du Lac, California?
2002-10-31 11:33:40 AM  
Dear Mr England,

Thankyou for youyr heartfelt apology. However, my suffering can only be eased by large amounts of cashola.

As you appear to like the written form of correspondence, you will be pleased to hear that you will soon be receiving a letter from my solicitor demanding large amounts of abovementioned mammon.

Thanks for the admission of guilt sucker,
yours faithfully,
Whiny biatch.
2002-10-31 11:36:34 AM  
Nice handwriting. How old is
2002-10-31 11:37:46 AM  
You forgot to date every sentence in your letter, Brisvegas. That won't hold up in court, now. Which begs the question why would England would date everything so nice and neat for the lawyers. Hmmm.
2002-10-31 11:39:52 AM  
Be nice to know what injuries she sustained.
2002-10-31 11:40:42 AM  
'Linden's attorney, Los Angeles-based Eric Yuhl, said Linden has had surgery for a herniated disc and her knee injuries could be symptomatic of nerve damage. He said she also suffers post traumatic stress syndrome.'

'The suit also alleges cast members, including star Johnny Knoxville, were given alcohol by the producers, which led to a "hostile, volatile and out-of-control" environment.'

2002-10-31 11:42:29 AM  
Nice letter actually. I hope this woman has real medical problems as a result and is sueing because of that and not to just be a biatch and make a buck.
2002-10-31 11:44:00 AM  
Duyogurt: I'm 22 and you should see my handwriting. I can't even read it.
2002-10-31 11:44:38 AM  
Uh... he's farked.
2002-10-31 11:46:35 AM  
Gee- the guys on Jackass are drunk? well I would have never thought that.
2002-10-31 11:46:36 AM  
The film makes 22 million.


2002-10-31 11:47:59 AM  
Thanks Repoman, the letter made it sound like she nearly died or something. Surgery, herniated disk, and knee injures are pretty bad. That said, I don't know if I believe the whole post traumatic stress syndrome. Seems like every one that so much as trips and falls has post traumatic stress syndrome.
2002-10-31 11:48:47 AM  
she is a pussy. she is just mad because that scene got cut froim the final production of the movie. she probably wanted to be "the cool mom" and get on jackass to impress her son and his friends.

"gosh golly. your mom is keen! i wish my mother would appear on jackbutt. you guys want to go to the drugstore and sip on a nickelpop?"
2002-10-31 11:51:34 AM  
'Linden was to question the cast from the audience, but just as she began, England made his move. She alleges England's actions were "planned and orchestrated" and he had taken "practice runs" before the show.'

After watching these "practice runs" she still went along with it. And "hmm, there's a chance I might get hurt" never crossed her mind.

Not to mention (which she doesn't) the release/waiver she had to sign.
2002-10-31 11:52:02 AM  
Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

Gotta be the most widely abused tactic in our legal system. A very good friend of mine died in a car accident, in which he was at fault. The survivor of the accident, when he learned that the widows family were among the wealthiest families in the city suddenly developed a case of post bystander trauma. Aparantly, the trauma had robbed him of his sense of taste.

How sweet. Kick the widow when she's down.
2002-10-31 11:58:08 AM  
A standard JACKASS form letter slightly revised to fit the particular circumstances of this stunt. England was REQUIRED to write the letter as all JACKASS staff are when a bystander gets hurt.

Not the slightest grain of sincerity in it.
2002-10-31 11:58:35 AM  
kensai: Amen! That was hilarious! I particularly loved the post script: I hope you have a wonderful mother's day. Holy crap, that was funny.
2002-10-31 12:05:58 PM  
Do you guys know if she was present at the test runs? Do you know if she was a willing participate in the stunt? Is there any story or proof that she was there at that time? It is possible she or her lawyer questioned the crew afterwards and was told those little details. Shows like this don't tell their victims what's going to happen because they want that shocked/horror look that can only come by being a unknowing victim. She has the right to sue if she didn't know what would happen and I doubt she did know.
2002-10-31 12:19:54 PM  

I believe the lawsuit was filed before the movie premiered, so you are a bit confused about the motive.

Besides, say they settle for a million dollars. How much is all that press resulting from the lawsuit worth in ticket sales? Whatever it costs them, Jackass benefits from all that attention.

And obviously those people posting about the mom have overlooked the fact that she is only 3 years older than Dave England. It's not some intergenerational misunderstanding. She got blindsided and was hurt. Someone has to pay for it.
2002-10-31 12:25:42 PM  
Hey I live right up the street from this guy!
2002-10-31 12:47:26 PM  
Wow, what a nice guy...

Wait a minute... Jeez, he almost had me... He's "acting" like a decent person, he's still a no talent ahole.
2002-10-31 12:47:47 PM  
That letter sucked. And that tactic has probabl gotten them off before because most folks don't understand that kinda sarcastic humor. He was probably laughing his jackass off when he and his friends made it up, especialy the "have a happy mothers day" and "your friend". Yeah funny, kick'em when their down too.
2002-10-31 12:59:15 PM  
why should the letter be a bad idea? there were numerous witnesses around and everybody could see it. so the jury will know it happened, whether he admits it or not.

of course it's full of sarcasm, but can still be used in court to get the jury on england's side. ("see, he actually felt sorry for it and apologized. how decent") if it works, i don't know.
2002-10-31 01:07:29 PM  
A nice letter won't save him. He's a moron who intentionally hurt somebody for laughs and is responsible for damages. His sympathy rings false and he clearly displays a pattern of dangerous and callous behavior. Throw the book at him!
2002-10-31 01:32:54 PM  

If we throw the book at him, we'll be sued for posttraumaticsuitdisorder and assault by book, too.
Anyone who participates in any Jackass event, should know better, but if they don't they should expect a shot in the nads anyway.
2002-10-31 01:43:38 PM  
I don't know the circumstances, but her injuries were pretty severe and she may very well have grounds to sue. That being said, I wish people would stop throwing around the term "posttraumatic stress disorder." There are people in this world that actually suffer from this psychological condition, but you don't get it from being tackled by a Jackass, you get it from being a POW in Vietnam or being kidnapped and raped. It's a serious thing to deal with and all these people suing over it trivialize the condition. I will now step down from my soapbox.
2002-10-31 02:10:35 PM  
She probably did sign a waiver. Under certain circumstances, waivers will not or do not cover all liability
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