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(Boston Globe)   NC capitol to be inspected for ghosts   ( divider line
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90 clicks; posted to Main » on 31 Oct 2002 at 2:59 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-31 03:07:15 PM  
So that is why Raleigh sucks.
2002-10-31 03:08:31 PM  
great to know that our deficit is going somewhere...
2002-10-31 03:08:31 PM  
well, strom thurmond lives there, and he's some sort of lich or something.
2002-10-31 03:08:45 PM  

one of many reasons.
2002-10-31 03:10:11 PM  
...what, no banjos???
2002-10-31 03:10:53 PM  
2002-10-31 03:11:25 PM  
I suggest they start with Hillsborough St. Cuz with all those empty buildings there are sure to be ghosts.
2002-10-31 03:11:34 PM  
i want to be a ghost.
2002-10-31 03:12:38 PM  
Oh, my God!! If the North Carolina capitol is going to be inspected, it proves ghosts exist!
Oh, my God, this is stupid. Whoever believes in this crap needs to start thinking, instead of... not thinking, I guess.

Yeah! They are real! I've seen them!
2002-10-31 03:15:13 PM  
if you think raleigh sucks, go visit some other N.C. towns. I have.
2002-10-31 03:15:19 PM  
But Owen J. Jackson, 84, managed the job for 12 years before retiring in 1990.

Well I'll be, an 84 year old guy couldn't hear strange noises.
2002-10-31 03:15:37 PM  
Dr. Raymond Stantz: Your girlfriend lives in the corner penthouse of Spook Central.
Dr. Peter Venkman: She's not my girlfriend. I find her interesting because she's my client and she sleeps above her covers- FOUR FEET above her covers. She barks, she claws, she drools...
2002-10-31 03:17:55 PM  
Dogs and cats living together...mass hysteria!
2002-10-31 03:17:59 PM  
Gawdam ghost squatters -- git the hell outta mah capitol!
2002-10-31 03:18:16 PM  
Hey, what happened to that Farkette with a ghost in her house??

Happy Day!
2002-10-31 03:22:07 PM  
Back off, man. I'm a scientist.
2002-10-31 03:23:55 PM  
Strom Thurmond is from that other cracker carolina state . . . Glad to see my NC tax dollars excersing ghosts when we're in a 14 billion dollar defecit.

2002-10-31 03:23:58 PM  
Beck described some of the sounds as "bottles and cans" and people told to "just clap your hands, just clap your hands"
2002-10-31 03:25:05 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-31 03:26:28 PM  
I'll be down there tobight at Sadlack's partying. If

I see any ghosts, I'll buy them a cheap Draft.
2002-10-31 03:26:48 PM  
Whoa!! There isGsome ghost textHin my postOabove!! See!SThat provesTthat ghostsSexist, because onlyAa ghost could putRinvisible messagesEin anFonline post! JustAgo look at my lastKmessage again! EYou'll see.
There is a secret message in this one, too. But, it says the same thing, so I guess it isn't a secret.
2002-10-31 03:26:51 PM  
Strom Thurmond is dead. He's undead.
2002-10-31 03:28:29 PM  
Well, it looks like I screwed up my last post! HAHA!

Anyway, ghosts aren't real. I'll talk to ya'll later.
2002-10-31 03:28:37 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-31 03:29:47 PM  
No no, I don't have gas! It must be ghosts making that noise!
2002-10-31 03:29:54 PM  
this is directly related to the strongbad email
2002-10-31 03:31:26 PM  
Hopefully the ghost of the Compy 386 won't show up....

2002-10-31 03:34:08 PM  
Who ya gonna call?
2002-10-31 03:39:25 PM  
thurmond is from south carolina, dumdum.
2002-10-31 03:40:49 PM  
You guys should be making Jesse Helms jokes.
2002-10-31 03:41:44 PM  
A million dollars...buried in the capital doubt under a couple of tons of beaurecratic (sp?) red tape...
2002-10-31 03:44:13 PM  
Impaler -- that would require that they know he is from NC. And from the number of Thurmond jokes, they don't.
2002-10-31 03:44:52 PM  
On a side note, reading the article made me think of the scene in "Sixth Sense", where the people are being hung inside that building...

I see dumb people...they're everywhere...
2002-10-31 03:47:23 PM  
So, who's coming to Franklin Street tonight? I'll be there for sure.
2002-10-31 03:47:44 PM  
So, the US eh? world greatest power, still believes in bogy men under the bed. Such a strange dichotomy of brilliance and the absurdity
2002-10-31 03:47:48 PM  
I ain't 'fraid o' no ghost!
2002-10-31 03:48:29 PM  
Jessie Helms has a brand new pig heart...

I hear tell he's got one of those curly tails too..

His wife is a Raleigh slumlord...

They fought against a local ordinance requiring

heat in rental homes... and won.

Nuff said?
2002-10-31 03:51:12 PM  
It's cold in here, turn up the hotplate.
2002-10-31 03:53:43 PM  
SteamyRain : Barhopping in DT Raleigh -- easier, more bars, fewer cops, plus I won't even have to go near my car.

Maybe once they build the TTA to haul my drunk ass around I'll head back out there.
2002-10-31 03:54:51 PM  
I wish they would put up some good articles we can talk about.
2002-10-31 03:56:03 PM  

They're running buses from the town parking garages

to Franklin Street. I'll be barhopping on Hillsborough St.

Have Fun!!
2002-10-31 04:00:56 PM  

I'll be dressed as a Walmart greeter..

See you there!!
2002-10-31 04:02:05 PM  
Biggbossman : if they want heat so badly then maybe they shouldn't be so poor.
2002-10-31 04:04:02 PM  
DhaliClone: heh heh heh heh heh
2002-10-31 04:05:45 PM  
Strom is already a ghost.
2002-10-31 04:06:31 PM  
Biggbossman : i'll be Gun's and Roses' Duff McKagan...

rawk on.
2002-10-31 04:18:00 PM  
Ok I just swiped this link from but it proves a point. Science has all the answers
2002-10-31 04:21:01 PM  
Honestly, has the American education system collapsed for good? Or have I just been living in Europe too long?
2002-10-31 04:22:30 PM  
didnt somebody have a thread going a while ago about having ghosts in their house, and suggestions on what to do?

Who was that and what became of it?
2002-10-31 04:24:27 PM  
Eeny meenie, jelly beenie,
The spirits are about to speak!
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