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(Atlanta Journal Constitution)   Run DMC's Jam Master Jay killed in New York shooting   ( divider line
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92 clicks; posted to Main » on 31 Oct 2002 at 9:43 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-31 08:50:53 AM  
Boy, that comes as a surprise.
2002-10-31 08:51:28 AM  
should have run.

cha ching.
2002-10-31 08:51:49 AM  
Try not to let it comprimise your faith in the Rap Community.
2002-10-31 08:51:52 AM  
This is sad. One of my fondest memories of child hood is me and my friend (white) and 15,000 black people at a show in Milwaukee. Those were the days.
2002-10-31 08:53:52 AM  
2002-10-31 08:54:10 AM  
News Flash?
2002-10-31 08:54:24 AM  
This is just weird...
Now i've recorded albums before, most of the time I can't get into the studio, carrying a bass...much less a gun.
2002-10-31 08:54:43 AM  
Jim - I here ya!
2002-10-31 08:54:47 AM  
yeah, this was one of the *original* gangstas. Or something (I can't talk like that 'cause I'm white). Now all we have are rappers with funky plays on spelling in their way-too-funky-cool names. Or something.
2002-10-31 08:54:57 AM  
Islamofascists responsible?
Hero tag?
2002-10-31 08:55:29 AM  
Man this is really sad. whick scratch whick whick wack
2002-10-31 08:55:36 AM  
That is damn sad.....
2002-10-31 08:56:16 AM  
"Chuck D, the founder of the hip-hop group Public Enemy, blamed record companies and the advertising for perpetuating "a climate of violence" in the rap industry."

Has he ever listened to his own lyrics?
2002-10-31 08:56:29 AM  
Indeed sad, however this "eastcoast/westcoast"
bs in the article is soooo misunderstood.
the whole thing was started by a certain media giant
whose name sounds like "cox", and the rappers followed suit
2002-10-31 08:56:39 AM  
Man, that's messed up. RIP... :-(
2002-10-31 08:57:04 AM  
That sucks.

2002-10-31 08:59:02 AM  
A real shame. RIP.
2002-10-31 08:59:18 AM  
indeed that's farked...

ironic that half the people on here going on about "rap = crap" know that they danced like a spastic to "Walk This Way" when it came out...
2002-10-31 09:00:15 AM  
2002-10-31 09:00:29 AM  
i may be wrong here but they never had a "gangsta" image did they? i thought they rapped about adidas and gold chains. when someone like tupac or b.i.g. dies it is one of those "live by the sword, die by the sword" things. but i thought these were good guys. am i off base here? was this wrong place, wrong time or what?
2002-10-31 09:00:43 AM  
I have too many memories listening to Run DMC in Highschool.
Unlike most of the crap you hear these days, JMJ was a pioneer. One of the first DJ's to make it to the mainstream. Also, these guys were community minded and actually tried to put out a positive message.

Some things on Fark just aren't fun to joke about.
2002-10-31 09:00:49 AM  
2002-10-31 09:01:31 AM  
What would have been funnier is if he'd died after tripping up on his own shoelaces,
2002-10-31 09:02:09 AM  
That really sucks man...

Run DMC Rules!

It was salty with butta, and it was def!
You proceeded to eat it, cause you was in the mood!

We be illin!
2002-10-31 09:02:10 AM  
That's a damn shame.

Why can't Scott Stapp walk around in high crime areas?
2002-10-31 09:02:53 AM  
jump, jump, jump

wait wrong group...
2002-10-31 09:03:33 AM  
That's a shame, Run DMC was the only rap music I've ever liked (other than Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five).
2002-10-31 09:03:40 AM  
2002-10-31 09:04:02 AM  
I will miss you Jason Mizell. Hollis Crew Forever
2002-10-31 09:05:11 AM  
Yeah, they weren't "gangstas," they were quite vocal in denouncing violence. Nice to see the average Farker is still clinging to his "all rappers=criminals therefore deserve to die." A rap thread is always a good place to soak in a mix of ignorance, stupidity, and racism.
2002-10-31 09:05:13 AM  
We're not talking ground, we're not talking sky
We're not talking low, we're not talking high
We're not talking big, we're not talking small
We want all of the people on off the wall
We're not talking night, we're not talking day
But we're talking bout Jam Master Jay
2002-10-31 09:05:13 AM  
Jam Master Jay, the big beat blasta. In '84 he'll be a little fasta, but only practice makes a real Jam Masta!
2002-10-31 09:09:22 AM  
Those damn west cost rappers always capping the east costers. Man, thats wack...

My Adidas.....
2002-10-31 09:09:33 AM  
God damn you close minded, racist assholes. If this had been a former Beatle or Rolling Stones member nothing but kind things would have been said. If you don't like rap fine, but at least be respectful. He was part of something huge and positive for the black community, unfortunatley record execs saw this as a way to fatten their wallets and exploited it. He was a good human being and died while trying to help his community.
2002-10-31 09:09:34 AM  
That is so sad, rip JMJ
2002-10-31 09:09:51 AM  
Enter Commiesheep in 3....2....1....

On another note, how can this happen in gun-free NYC? Don't the criminals realize guns are illegal in NYC?
2002-10-31 09:09:58 AM  
My first concert was Run DMC and the Beastie Boys. I was punched in the back of the head and robbed at that show. Good times...
2002-10-31 09:10:19 AM  
RIP Jam Master.

And you asshats laughing saying this was no surprise and shiat obviously never followed Run DMC.

They weren't about all the shiat that is mainstream rap.

There songs weren't violent, etc.
2002-10-31 09:10:27 AM  
Very well said Scoots
2002-10-31 09:11:09 AM  
I forgot "he gets better cuz he knows he hasta!"
2002-10-31 09:11:15 AM  
That's sad.

2002-10-31 09:11:20 AM  
man this sucks why do they always kill the good ones.
2002-10-31 09:12:01 AM  
Rap Fiction :
"The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you."
2002-10-31 09:12:36 AM  
Damn, that sucks. I listened to them all the time back in the day. That first (good) rap/rock crossover/collaboration with Aerosmith started a trend.
2002-10-31 09:12:59 AM  
All you assholes talking shiat on this man, or playing the "who cares? I'll spout anonymous platitudes about something I don't know shiat about from the safety of my computer" game that's so popular and trite on the internet, eat a big fat sack of fire-spurting devil dicks.

Here was a man who rewrote the direction of music, plying his trade. Along comes some dumb motherfarker who puts a bullet in the head that created a true legacy. Shot in the head. IN THE farkING STUDIO. Natural selection? What kind of simpering idiot are you to say something like that?

Pray to whatever god you subjugate yourselves to that one day you may have a fraction of the talent and determination it took this man to do what he did. Most of you are just nerds addicted to masturbation and the sense of elitism you cultivate amongst each other because you gained a functional knowledge of computer code created by people far smarter than you could ever hope to be. You rightfully judge no one.

To those who recognize this for the tragedy it is, I feel you. To those who seek to gain cool points for ignorantly deriding the loss of others: fark all you crab-bucketing assholes straight to hell.

I'm really starting to hate some of you arrogant disaffected farkers out there.
2002-10-31 09:13:17 AM  
He's the better of the best
best believe he's the baddest
perfect time to cut a rhyme
and I'm a rhymin' apparatus

Lotta guts when he cuts
girls move their butts
his name is Jay
He's here to stay and he must be nuts

His name is Jay here to play
He'll make you say
"God damn that DJ made my day"
Like the butcher
The baker
The candlestick maker
he's a maker a breaker and a title taker

Rest easy, JMJ

2002-10-31 09:14:19 AM  
If this had been a former Beatle or Rolling Stones member nothing but kind things would have been said.

Nah, there'd just be a different crew of trolls in here to slag them.
2002-10-31 09:14:26 AM  
Article was a little scant on details regarding the incident. I hope the follow-up story is meaty. Nothing worse than a death that leaves unanswered questions.

I think I speak for everyone when I say my heart and my thoughts go out to Mrs. Master Jay and the three kids.
2002-10-31 09:15:36 AM  
"A rap thread is always a good place to soak in a mix of ignorance, stupidity, and racism."

True. What's with you redneck idiots? Run DMC well deserve the respect they will surely get from the rest of the music community.
2002-10-31 09:16:58 AM  
There will be no Christmas tim in Hollis Queens this year... many have said, they were one of the few groups who didn't try to make a dollar via the whole n-word/biatch/ho/ gangsta crap. They were innovators, basically the ones who brought rap into the mainstream (white) music world. It could be argued that they resurected Aerosmith's career.

Damn shame...
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