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(Sydney Morning Herald)   British Airways to issue soccer-style yellow cards to irate passengers on the ground   ( divider line
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2002-10-31 02:54:21 PM  
Yeah, that'll work.

2002-10-31 02:56:06 PM  
Well, there may be no score, but there's certainly no lack of excitement here. As you can see, Nietzsche has just been booked for arguing with the referee. He accused Confucius of having no free will, and Confucius he say, "Name go in book."
2002-10-31 02:57:29 PM  

frantically searching for image of the Simpson's soccer riot.
2002-10-31 02:58:06 PM  
What happens when you get a red card?
2002-10-31 02:58:26 PM  
So they finally admit that the proper term is soccer and not football.
2002-10-31 02:58:50 PM  
Do other passengers observing get to riot and trample people?

And wouldn't British Airways call them "football style yellow cards"?

Soccer hooligans!
2002-10-31 02:59:20 PM  
photo of soccer kid giving the finger posted in 3... 2... 1...
2002-10-31 02:59:26 PM  
Anyone else get flashbacks to the "Demolition Man" scene ?

"Get out of the phone booth with your hands behind your head... OR ELSE."
2002-10-31 03:00:19 PM  
In other news, United Airlines plans to install timeout chairs in all their terminals.
2002-10-31 03:01:22 PM  
anyone ever have trouble w/ irate people?????

granted, i don't fly much, maybe 3 times a year but i have NEVER seen anyone irate. the closest was drunk....and they just laughed and laughed.

i am flying again in a month and will put the beat down on any terrorist (read terrorist: anyone who distrupts my flight)
2002-10-31 03:02:26 PM  
How is this better than: "Talk to the Hand"? Good luck in US with Soccer style crowd control. Is United going to hire NFL refs to throw flags and signal "Personal Foul" ?
2002-10-31 03:02:26 PM  
French Passengers Surrender?

2002-10-31 03:02:26 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Male Muslim Arab nationals between the ages of 17 and 40

/racial profiling

Flame on !! /
2002-10-31 03:02:26 PM  
Oh, that'll work. I feel the tension easing already.
[image from too old to be available]

Is joining the mile high club then considered a red card?
2002-10-31 03:04:13 PM  
This would be awesome, if at the same time some irate passenger kicked in the head of a British Airways worker, someone would stand up and shout "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAL ! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAL ! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAL !"
2002-10-31 03:04:13 PM  
This is just what I need. - Some Christopher Lowell flight attendant handing me a yellow card when I ask if I can get another vodka/tonic to drowned out the screaming bastard child behind me and numb me to the stench and size of the ball-park frank necked tub-o-azz that has one of chins hanging over the arm of my chair. -No thanks mud gopher, you go-ahead and keep that card for yourself and I'll just give you a duty-free kick in your junk instead.
2002-10-31 03:05:42 PM  
Sure, you could give pissed off customers a card to read. Or maybe airlines could start treating their customers decently.
2002-10-31 03:07:22 PM  
Oh, that's good: publicly humiliate someone who's already lost their temper. The logic here is amazing. I mean, the bozo is already unwilling to listen to reason (asinine as it is), so you think a penalty card will help? Also, don't most people lose their cool after they've been bumped from a flight. Truely rocket scientists at work.
2002-10-31 03:09:32 PM  
10-31-02 03:02:26 PM SamHandwich

Same time posting with the same pic. What are the chances of that happening?
Million to one??

It'll probably never ever happen again in the history of MANKIND!!...just putting it into perspective.
2002-10-31 03:11:58 PM  
God forbid they should try giving better service to its passengers
2002-10-31 03:12:38 PM  
Peter Buck surrenders.
2002-10-31 03:12:38 PM  
In Australia, where this article is from, they also call it soccer, because their football is Aussie Rules.

My question is, how long before the Italians start talking about a conspiracy against them by the airline?
2002-10-31 03:15:07 PM  
10-31-02 03:02:26 PM Casper
Oh, that'll work. I feel the tension easing already.

Is joining the mile high club then considered a red card?

Only at certain times of the month.
2002-10-31 03:19:17 PM  
I'm not one of those people who drop-kicks flight attendants in the aisles, but after six hours of some bastard kicking the back of my upright seat I start contemplating rushing the cockpit and ending the miserable lives of all souls involved...

Do you think I'd get a black card for that?
2002-10-31 03:20:35 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-31 03:26:18 PM  
what if american airlines implemented a system of its own, say, you pinched a stewardess in the ass for the sixth time, you fouled out
2002-10-31 03:27:14 PM  
Screaming kids don't get yellow or red cards, they get thrown out the door.
2002-10-31 03:27:16 PM  
So some flight attendant ( Annette?) PASSES out a yellow card before she KICKS you off the plane. I think the GOAL is admirable but they don't have a LEG to stand on. Who will FOOT the bill for this? It hard enough to JUGGLE the flight schedule as it is now. TACKLE the problem HEAD on. Don't treat passengers like a bunch of SOCCERS.
2002-10-31 03:30:51 PM  
10-31-02 03:27:16 PM Sternerverse
So some flight attendant ( Annette?) PASSES out a yellow card before she KICKS you off the plane.

No, some asshat in the terminal hands you one before you board the plane. This is for unruliness in the terminal.
2002-10-31 03:33:37 PM  
What happens if you get Alan Smith or Roy Keane flying?
2002-10-31 03:35:56 PM  
"Four years ago, the company led the industry when it was the first to introduce yellow warning cards in the air"

Either way they should just make the offender stand in the CORNER.
2002-10-31 03:36:33 PM  
10-31-02 03:09:32 PM Casper
10-31-02 03:02:26 PM SamHandwich

Same time posting with the same pic. What are the chances of that happening?
Million to one??

It'll probably never ever happen again in the history of MANKIND!!...just putting it into perspective.

~~ SPOOKY ~~ , ain't it ?!

Great minds think alike.

[You and I as well !!]
2002-10-31 03:38:05 PM  
Welcome aboard HooligAir..AirHooligan...ummm...PanHooligan...
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-31 03:46:57 PM  

My bad, I didn't read the linked article. I read the story early this morning in The Sun.

BRITISH Airways yesterday became the world's first airline to introduce soccer-style yellow cards for "ground rage" passengers.

They will be pressed into the hand of any customer who is disruptive or abusive to BA ground staff when turning up for a flight.

A warning on the card tells passengers if they do not calm down they may be refused travel - and cops could be called.

BA - which carries 38million passengers a year - led the industry in 1998 when it was the first to introduce yellow warning cards in the air.

Geoff Want, BA's director of safety and security, said: "Ground rage is on the increase.

"Our staff have to deal with aggressive behaviour on a daily basis and at least once a month this turns to physical abuse.

We hope the cards will diffuse the situation to avoid behaviour which may put passengers and crew at risk at 35,000ft.

"We know from experience of disruptive passengers in the air that a yellow card helps them calm down and stop further abusive behaviour."

A BA insider said TV documentaries on angry passengers had fuelled copycat abuse.
2002-10-31 03:59:18 PM  
No problem. Just being punny.
2002-10-31 04:03:46 PM  
I wonder what they would have done to that guy who took a dump on the food service cart? Stood him the corner?
2002-10-31 04:03:46 PM  
So if a yellow card on the ground said that you wouldn't be allowed on the plane, what did a yellow card in the air say? You'll be thrown off the plane?
2002-10-31 04:09:03 PM  
the first stuck up airline hooker that gives me a yellow card will find out how she can impersonate a drive up atm machine.
2002-10-31 04:14:28 PM  
how about they focus on better customer service. Like not farking up peoples flights - over booking flights - canelling flights - losing peoples luggage. Nope.. instead of doing internal company reviews on how we can PLEASE the customer - we'll publically embarass them when they're all ready pissed off at us because of OUR mistake.

Sounds like a good idea to me... farkin' brits.
2002-10-31 04:22:01 PM  
2002-10-31 04:27:25 PM  
Let's see, airport staff routinely screw you over, are rude, obnoxious, and insulting, cancel flights for no good reason thenlie about why your flight is being canceled, and refuse to help you or even talk to you, and then they further insult you by giving you a card?

Great idea. Keep up the good work.
2002-10-31 04:37:56 PM  
Aww shiat, there goes the neighborhood... fury211 is now a total farker...
2002-10-31 04:47:45 PM  
If the airline can yellow card passengers, why cant passengers yellow card airline employees? Admittedly sometimes flight cancellations are beyond the scope of the airlines control, however often the airline doesnt have its act together and creates a weather problem or mechanical problem that doesnt really exist. Good luck proving the mechanical problem part. Last time I flew out of Texas Continental had 20+ jets in the terminal all grounded due to "mechanical issues" riiiight... But what really annoys me is over booking. They do it because theyre allowed to. Someone needs to change the law that they can not over book. It might cost them some money, but I figure customer satisfaction and loyalty would bring more money. Ive heard a customer service axiom that went something like "Anger one customer and theyll bad mouth you to at least 12 of their friends. Please one customer and they might praise you to five of their friends."
2002-10-31 05:07:59 PM  
Maybe the yellow card is soaked in horse tranquilizers that absorb through the skin. That is the only way I can see this working outside of a Monty Python sketch. It sounds very British though.
2002-10-31 05:54:33 PM  
And what color are the cards that passengers give out for poor service and indifferent behavior?
2002-10-31 06:23:16 PM  
That is so farking stupid. That's the same "the customer is always wrong" mentality that Microsoft has. Remember the "You are seeing this screen that says your hard drive needs scanning. You must have forgotten to shut down your computer, dumbass. There's no way your PC could've just crashed out of the blue..?"
2002-10-31 06:28:15 PM  
I don't even have a yellow card yet and I'm pissed.
2002-10-31 07:37:32 PM  
This is the best picture I can find on a GIS for "soccer hooligans":
[image from too old to be available]

Four years ago, the company led the industry when it was the first to introduce yellow warning cards in the air.
So what do they do if you get a yellow card and still act up? Throw you out the plane? In the cargo hold?
2002-10-31 07:43:52 PM  
As long as I can tazer the f*cks who let their whiney snively spawn go first class, or let them scream the duration of the flight, or merely continually kick the back of my seat Im happy. Or maybe if I could duct tape the kid into one of the storage bins Id be better. Back in the day children were still children but far better behaved.
2002-10-31 08:07:49 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Sorry... it had to be done
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