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50257 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Feb 2008 at 8:03 PM (9 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2008-02-22 10:15:52 PM  


Must use this word 20 times this week. Funny sheeite man, funny sheeite.
2008-02-22 10:16:17 PM

/I can has bubblegum?
//Or maybe kick ass?
2008-02-22 10:17:13 PM  
groverXIII: Chastain86: The one on the right is the one that intrigues me most. It's like a cousin to this guy:

It's from the latest Queens Of The Stone Age album...

Ok cool.

Anyone wanna take a stab at explaining the cheeseburger w/ a dagger through it? I'm very very curious on this one.
2008-02-22 10:17:17 PM

2008-02-22 10:19:04 PM
They both look crazy like crackwhores!!

/I'll never teh-ell!!!
2008-02-22 10:19:37 PM  
El Farquistador: O Face?

That is choice.

But on another note, isn't this gallery the latest American Idol group of finalists?
2008-02-22 10:20:16 PM  
Don't got no eyebrows?

EZ EYEBROW TEMPLATES make it EZ to get the eyebrows YOU WANT

Get'em quick with E-Z EYEBROW TEMPLATES... Just select the template- tape it in place with the low tack template tape included and color in the eyebrows YOU WANT with a the special marking pen. It's the same pen used by the professionals at your local laundry. It is that easy...Your boyfriend will favor YOU! Available at eyebrow template stores near you.
2008-02-22 10:21:02 PM
2008-02-22 10:26:07 PM  
I seriously love the space invaders sweater.
I almost want one.
That thing is totally out of control!
2008-02-22 10:28:16 PM  

Spot on.

Exactly what I was thinking.
2008-02-22 10:28:19 PM  
Charles Bronson in his younger years
2008-02-22 10:29:04 PM  
Hope I'm not too late!
2008-02-22 10:32:14 PM

I'd do'im.

//the beer goggles...they do something.
2008-02-22 10:34:50 PM
2008-02-22 10:35:06 PM  
At first I just passed by #6 thinking "aww she's cute".... after seeing her pic reposted about 20 times... DO WANT!.. Her facial expression really reminds me of one of my exes. I'm thinking she's a drinker.
2008-02-22 10:35:50 PM
2008-02-22 10:38:47 PM  
huenix: Has great hair. But would prolly kill you and steal your shiat eat your heart after sex.

My first thought.
2008-02-22 10:39:24 PM  

/that is all
2008-02-22 10:39:30 PM

I'd guess that the chest redness is a post orgasmic rash. Happens on some of the whiter skinned chicks.
2008-02-22 10:39:36 PM  
crazynickstyle: Arthur Jumbles: Okay.... I know this is going to sound weird but this guy has really great skin. Wonderful complexion, not a single blemish.

You also forgot very pale and excessively hairy.

Oh and this girl looks like she lost her sharpie and had to use electrical tape.

That almost looks like a pinstriping job from "Pimp My Bride".
2008-02-22 10:41:35 PM  
MacStabbity, MacStabbity, there's no one like MacStabbity,
For she's a fiend in feline shape, a monster of depravity.
You may eat her in a by-street, you may bang her in the square -
But when your corpse is discovered, MacStabbity's not there!
2008-02-22 10:42:57 PM  
seatown75: I'd guess that the chest redness is a post orgasmic rash. Happens on some of the whiter skinned chicks.

That one really makes me think of the "Play Misty For Me" type of women. A lot of fun with that impish smile, but soon enough and a couple of missed calls and they're beating up your housekeeper, cutting your brake lines and showing up at your window with a knife and a jar of vaseline (thanks Brett Butler for that last bit).
2008-02-22 10:43:18 PM  
#16 needs a good raping.
2008-02-22 10:44:47 PM

Enough is enough! I have HAD IT with these motherFARKING snakes on my motherFARKING head!
2008-02-22 10:45:02 PM  

I posted the instructions on this earlier in the thread.
2008-02-22 10:45:23 PM  
I used to hangout with a crazy crack/dope whore who looks just like this girl. She even has a myspace page now...I was tempted to post the page link but I have the feeling if I did that there would be a high probability I would end up getting hunted down and stabbed in the neck with a crack stem.

Why would I hang out with a crazy crack/dope whore you ask? To see some really funny insanity unfold on a regular basis.

/No I didn't hit it
//She wanted me to
///I just thew up in my mouth a little
2008-02-22 10:48:33 PM  
Heamer: #16 needs a good raping.

She doesnt need a physical raping, she needs a few years working at the Walgreens restocking shampoo and accepting returns from ungrateful customers and outright thieves. Cleaning the aisles after the little bogger-wipers knock toys all over the floor while Mom is sniffing at the deodorant and running new brushes through her rats nest hair. Later in the evening as she's mopping the pharmacy she'll have to ignore the veiled come-ons and "accidental" brush-bys of the stock boys until she can go home and rub her feet while she cries into her Pabst Blue Ribbon in front of the Maury shows that she taped.

Then she'll really have something to pout about.
2008-02-22 10:49:24 PM

These were the only two not posted so far, so I figured I should complete the set.
2008-02-22 10:51:20 PM  
truth_is_stranger_than_fishin: #6 and #16 are hot to death!

#2 will be popular in prison
#3 looks unhappy
#4 kinda old to be going to the prom
#5 baked with a Beatles haircut
#6 has that crazy stalker look in her eyes
#7 that is a really, really stupid tat
#9 will blow you for $10
#10 that is one effective mugshot. must be a spitter
#11 moran
#13 gah!
#14 looks like he'd bite your face off just for kicks
#15 fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son
#16 probably has a major overbite
#17 gah!
#19 dad?
2008-02-22 10:51:33 PM

pickn ur noes.
2008-02-22 10:53:27 PM  
Captain Hollywood: 16 looks like Amanda Bynes.

Or am I just crazy?

Who cares though.

looks more like katie couric
2008-02-22 10:55:57 PM  
I have a few for your consideration.
I don't know.. I immediately thought of Alice the Goon.
2008-02-22 10:59:01 PM  
I have a few for your consideration.
I don't know.. I immediately thought of Alice the Goon.
2008-02-22 10:59:05 PM
2008-02-22 10:59:28 PM  
Dknsvsbl: Darkridr

I posted the instructions on this earlier in the thread.

I saw, I was just tripping on the imagery of her entire body being taped and tarped, 'cept for the eyebrows.

And to whoever gifted me the TotalFark month, THANKS!
2008-02-22 11:00:27 PM  

I was late to the party but you did not disappoint with the sharpie reference :)
2008-02-22 11:04:33 PM  
Is there any way to track these pictures back to their actual identity? #9 REALLY looks like someone I went to high school with.
2008-02-22 11:08:26 PM
2008-02-22 11:08:45 PM  
Heamer: #16 needs a good raping.

Yeah, but then you always say that, no matter who #16 is.
2008-02-22 11:09:24 PM  
Any guesses what's on her shirt?
2008-02-22 11:12:01 PM  
David Banner?

And tell me this isn't Gabriel Iglesias
2008-02-22 11:13:11 PM  
Sherminator, caught in the act, I guess.
2008-02-22 11:13:11 PM  
Finally, they arrested Avril:
2008-02-22 11:16:45 PM  
OrangeDuster: Enough is enough! I have HAD IT with these motherFARKING snakes on my motherFARKING head!

Hmmm, and here I thought that was dried out chihuahua shiat.
2008-02-22 11:24:28 PM  
Ur blood, let me drink it.
2008-02-22 11:25:46 PM  
This guy:

And a good friend of mine:
2008-02-22 11:26:39 PM  
I just wanted to second the desire for TSG to post what the arrest was for with each mugshot. Of course, that would take a bit of the fun out of the forum, but still.......I want to know GDI!!!!
2008-02-22 11:27:50 PM  
A very nice mix 'o mugs this week. Something for everyone. The chick with the weird hair and crooked smile floats my boat, I say.
2008-02-22 11:30:00 PM
2008-02-22 11:31:29 PM  
Prior to mugshot?

I want to believe.
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