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57 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Oct 2002 at 7:25 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-30 03:47:27 PM  
And he has a lot of support up here... there's lots of people with Traficant signs in the front yard.
2002-10-30 07:27:44 PM  
Trafficant's hair is SCARY
2002-10-30 07:28:34 PM  
Wow, three political links in a row...

Lots of fun flames to read. Makes the end of the work day go by quickly...
2002-10-30 07:29:40 PM  
Ummm...did he learn a thing or too in prison which he wants to tell congress?

But seriously, i think it's cool. I just think if he had said "ph34r" he might of done better.
2002-10-30 07:32:43 PM  
Traficant rulz!

I wish I could vote for him.
2002-10-30 07:35:29 PM  
I thought his screw was loose its about to fall about a "Don Quixote" complex...Freud would have a field day.
2002-10-30 07:36:37 PM  
What would happen if he did get voted in? I mean he's in prison right? How can he fulfill his job in prison? Just wondering how that works. I think despite the fact that I think he's a dumbass that it would be cool to have him voted in. Just for the kicks.
2002-10-30 07:36:51 PM  
I was going to dress up as Traficant for Halloween but I didn't want to spend the entire night explaining who I was supposed to be.

In other news, I just ate some Salt & Vinegar potato chips and now my tounge is numb.
2002-10-30 07:37:14 PM  
Traficant does not appear in the second commercial. It shows projects he supported, including a federal courthouse and federal prisons, and closes with a voiceover: "Say what you want about him, but Traficant gets the job done."

Does that include the prison he is now in?

2002-10-30 07:38:46 PM  
God, how pathetic. How can this guy get laid and he has a toupee like roadkill, and I, a strapping young college student, get nothing? WHERE IS MINE?!?
2002-10-30 07:38:58 PM  
a) it would be really cool to have a jailed senator
b) what the fark else is he going to do? why they the hell not?
2002-10-30 07:39:25 PM  

That's what I was wondering . . .
2002-10-30 07:39:51 PM  
I hope he doesn't get would it look having some hairy backed convict's biotch serving in Congress?
2002-10-30 07:41:17 PM  
If Trafficant could run for Florida...
2002-10-30 07:42:41 PM  
...since he was sent to prison for bribery and racketeering.

sounds like every other politician to me...
2002-10-30 07:45:47 PM  
The guy is an idiot.

And there should be a law that people serving time in prison shouldn't be able to run for any office. How embarrassing if he's elected.
2002-10-30 07:50:06 PM  
can i just vote for the toupee?
2002-10-30 07:51:40 PM  
I hope he wins.

There's something compelling about an honest crook.
2002-10-30 07:51:49 PM  
Traficant rules you.
2002-10-30 07:53:00 PM  
Traficant's New Campaign Slogan

Has your Congressmen got it up the ass? Traficant has!

Vote Traifcant this election time
2002-10-30 07:53:07 PM  
Uh, don't you have to be a resident of the district you are running in? And, last time I checked, Pennsylvania is not in northeastern Ohio. But I might've missed something...
2002-10-30 07:53:32 PM  
Eh, I like religious flame wars better. Especially when evolution is involved.
2002-10-30 07:57:19 PM  
"I believe I can do a better job than half the people down in Washington," he says.

The commercial is the first time the public has seen Traficant since he was sent to prison for bribery and racketeering.

...well, he's got the credentials...
2002-10-30 08:03:00 PM  
I was thinking of starting a band called The James Traficants...
2002-10-30 08:13:15 PM  
I would vote for him if I could
2002-10-30 08:19:02 PM  
Americans are strange. As far as I know, a person is ineligible to run for office in Canada if they're incarcerated. And you have to admit, that makes sense.
2002-10-30 08:22:48 PM  
Tag says it all...

[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-30 08:28:51 PM  
"Vote for James Trafficant for US Congress:
He Can Still Get The Mob To Wack You Behind Bars"
2002-10-30 08:45:42 PM  
Americans are strange.

And that's all you really need to know.
2002-10-30 09:22:53 PM  
Dmd8695 FYI, he maintains a house in poland, ohio, which is within his district. They ruled that it was acceptable.

BTW, does everyone know that one of the jurors in his trial came out and said that he was pressured by the prosecution? That juror is now working on his campaign.

Traficant is the man
2002-10-30 09:33:48 PM  

Agreed, I think Traficant is awesome.

Did you see him defending himself on TV? He made all that boring crap interesting, for a change.

If I still lived in Ohio I'd vote for him!
2002-10-30 09:37:57 PM  
I think Traficant is cool. the feds set him up, I hope he gets vindicated on appeal.

Traficant for President!
2002-10-30 09:45:00 PM  
In soviet federal prison, Traficant screws YOU!
2002-10-30 09:51:02 PM  
Don't knock the guy, he isn't boring like most in congress and he's very rebellious, something our government needs but all the pussies out there are against.
2002-10-30 09:54:10 PM  
NumbersGuy:I live in Poland, OH. Traficant is a HERO.
2002-10-30 10:01:37 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2002-10-30 10:07:45 PM  
The guy's nuts. I hope he gets a big ol' Republican crossover vote.
2002-10-30 10:13:51 PM  
Is you break it down, here is what you get::
"Poli"-which in latin means "many"
and "tics"..-Blood sucking creatures..

"Many Blood Sucking Creatures"!!
2002-10-30 10:55:25 PM  
hmm. Must be more in control than I thought. He hasn't been raped yet?

/squeal like a hog, boy...
2002-10-30 11:59:27 PM  
I spent all weekend in Ravenna. People love him there too...
2002-10-31 12:25:37 AM  
Traficant rules as said before. he is never afraid to say what he wants to say and what needs to be said. His own party set him up.

Whats the difference between Traficant and the other politions? He is in jail.
2002-10-31 12:43:40 AM  
That's kind of a big difference, RazorGhost.
2002-10-31 01:19:33 AM  
Traficant is not Iliminati, he's more discordian
"ALL HAIL ERIS!" i see the fnords!
2002-10-31 01:33:58 AM  
Newport56, The difference is, he got caught "like a duck in a noose". There are other politicians who deserve to go to bang in the ass prison 1000's of times more than he does.

You are right it is a big difference. A sad difference too.

well g'night all.
2002-10-31 09:43:52 AM  
Did anyone ever see a prison photo of Traficant without his wig? I'm surprised nothing has showed up on The Smoking Gun or another similar site.
2002-10-31 12:10:06 PM  
Did NO ONE in Ohio pay attention in 7th grade civics class? How is Trafficant, a resident of the federal pen in Allenwood, PA, able to run for office in Ohio? Article 1, Section 2 of the US Constitution is pretty clear on this point: "No person shall be a Representative who shall not ... when elected, be an inhabitant of that state in which he shall be chosen."
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