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(Some Guy)   New Orleans French Quarter becomes un-fun: no more street performers, boobies, or peeing in the streets   ( divider line
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96 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Oct 2002 at 2:50 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-30 10:48:36 AM  
I read nothing about any restrictions on boobies. Apparently, ladies are still allowed (and probably welcome) to flash them.

It is the French Quarter, after all. Don't visit unless you have a lot of respect for boobies, jazz, voodoo and The Saints.
2002-10-30 12:10:47 PM  
Fark the residents. They knew exactly what they were getting into when they moved there. If they didn't, they were tragically ignorant. Same goes for people who move next door to airports and then go to the city council to complain about the noise.

Sudie's right though, no mention of de-boobiage. NOPD doesn't really care anyway, except during Mardi Gras.
2002-10-30 01:58:17 PM  
Well, they should enjoy living in a place with no commerce, I'm sure. That should drive property values way up!
2002-10-30 02:57:26 PM  
The terrorists have WON! :(
2002-10-30 02:57:52 PM  
It looks like a few of the New Orleans delegators are going to come down with strange sicknesses and ailments when the voodoo lobby strikes back at them. Never mess with the Papa Shango boobies.
2002-10-30 03:01:49 PM  
People shouldn't be peeing in the streets anyway. Men, get into a bathroom stall like us women have to do, ya lazy asses :)
2002-10-30 03:02:33 PM  
Laws blow.
2002-10-30 03:02:33 PM  
having been to N.O. recently (not during mardi gras) - I understood from locals the cops DO arrest people for flashing boobies and peeing on the sidewalks. Seems the party is over.

But you can still get Hurricanes in a cup at the drive thru liquor stores. Where else but N.O. can you get open containers of alcohol to go?
2002-10-30 03:02:47 PM  
The French Quarter neede a mild cleansing, I don't think that this will necessarily be a bad thing.

Damned mimes...
/mumbles under breath
2002-10-30 03:04:29 PM  
The NO police always try to pass restrictions on "unwanted behavior" in the French Quarter. It never happens.

Mardi Gras should be year-round! And it usually is! :D
2002-10-30 03:05:49 PM  
I wondered what happened to Giuliani.
2002-10-30 03:06:18 PM  
Children tap dancers being cited will make me feel %100 safer when some thug is following me down the street, looking to roll me for my ATM card.
2002-10-30 03:07:13 PM  
They're attacking performers, the homeless, and little tap-dancing girls?

Those farks.
2002-10-30 03:07:21 PM  
Barstads! I was supposed to meet this ousted Nigerian General at Big Daddy's around 8 O'clock to discuss transferring millions to my checking account for safe keeping. He was going to tap dance and urinate as a sign of good faith.
2002-10-30 03:08:45 PM  
You think that it is just the men peeing in the streets?
2002-10-30 03:08:45 PM  
It'll be fun this weekend cuz Panic comin' ta town!!!
2002-10-30 03:10:50 PM  
as long as they still have my alcohol then i will be happy ...

here take a look

love it
2002-10-30 03:14:54 PM  
"But sleaze and dirt and litter and hustling is not part of New Orleans."

Since when? I agree with BigTuna. Don't like it? Move.
2002-10-30 03:16:31 PM  
I was there over Memorial Day weekend and there was certainly no crackdown on flashing.

During Mardi Gras they typically make people on balconies go inside for a while to keep crowds from getting too large in one place (as if that works), but that's about it.

Halloween is very cool in the french quarter. There are fewer people, but more of them are in costume, and they're nearly as crazy.
2002-10-30 03:18:06 PM  
OK, That's it. If I can't pee on some random whore's boobies, I'm taking my business to Ensenada, where they know how to have a good time.
2002-10-30 03:20:07 PM  
A recent poll found that 70 percent of New Orleans residents "strongly support" the effort, and 18 percent "somewhat support it."

The other 12% polled were homeless people and child tapdancers.

I ain't been to NO in a long-ass time, but I did try to get conned on multiple occasions and it was a drag. If it got worse over the years, I'm in favor of this. Also, the crackdown on public drunkenness seems to be directed at the homeless, and not Joe Asshat from out of town.
2002-10-30 03:21:49 PM  
They are just trying to get the conmen off the street. There will always be nudity in the Quarter.
2002-10-30 03:28:41 PM  
But sleaze and dirt and litter and hustling is not part of New Orleans.

Since when? New Orleans was founded on sleaze, dirt, litter, and hustling. Without those things it would just be a really muggy city with lots of termites.
2002-10-30 03:29:09 PM  
I've heard John Laroquette tell the story how he lost his virginity on a park bench in Jackson Square (sounds a bit too daring, if you ask me, but that's his story). Wonder if they gave him the bench when they took them out.
2002-10-30 03:29:33 PM  
thank you, I have seen my share of women peeing in the street - it ain't a pretty site. At least us guys can be a little more discreet about it (one could argue that we're built better for it). Be honest - has there ever been a time when you didn't use a bathroom.
2002-10-30 03:30:50 PM  
The big easy is no longer sleazy?! I feel queazy.
2002-10-30 03:32:02 PM  
I'm from Baton Rouge, and love to go to Nawlins whenever I can. Every time I've gone home to see my folks, we do the quarter and have sushi at the Samurai on the way back.

While I agree that it sucks if there won't be any more street performers, I also realize that people live there.

New Orleans was not invented last year as a tourist park, then invaded by a bunch of California "Homeowners Association" types.

It's been there for centuries, and it's people's home. The folks that live there, not the touristas, get to say how it's run.
2002-10-30 03:34:21 PM  
I lived in the NYC version of the French Quarter (Bleecker st.) and completely sympathize with the people who live there. Yes, I knew what I was getting into by living there, but didn't sign up for people puking on my doorstep, screaming fistfights at 5 am, drug dealers harassing me while walking home and an endless assortment or nonsense totally unrelated to the "spirit" of the neighborhood.

There is no way that anyone can claim that total anarchy is good for business or real estate values. Unless you are a homeless tap dancer with bladder control issues, you have nothing to worry about. You can still drink to the point of blackout and grope strange women without fear of reprecussions.
2002-10-30 03:41:02 PM  
I hope they don't give the cool robotic silver dude the boot.

Oh and GET RID OF THE JESUS FREAKS! They are the biggest buzz kill.
2002-10-30 03:50:34 PM  
will puking on royal st. still be allowed? god knows I've done that a couple times.
2002-10-30 03:53:06 PM  
Its about time they clean the farking place up. Its gotten really nasty of late. Despite what people think it wasn't always the titty and piss fest like it is now. The problem is there is no other economy in the area so the powers that be have to put up with the drunken ass tourist who don't know how to conduct themselves in public. Keep you puking and your girls gone wild at home. (The mid westerners are the worst for some reason. You would think they had never seen a nipple before).
2002-10-30 03:53:23 PM  
I'll miss the robotic silver dude
I'll miss the brass bands outside the church. I wathched them for an hour, then that night went to a bar north of the quarter and they were about 1/2 of the house band. They ruled and they had two tubas
I'll miss the phoney and not phoney psychics etc,

I wont miss mimes, pissers, tap dancing shorties with thumbtack sneakers.

I'll miss bad magic acts and breakdancers.

Coming soon - Welcome to New Orleans (a TM of the Disney Corporation)
Great for the whole family! No more boobies, gambling or 24 hours booze.
2002-10-30 03:56:08 PM  
Good call thirdrail. When we were there for Farkfest, I remember seeing the silver guy teaching a little silver boy (his grandson?) how to do "the moves". It was awesome. Yay tradition!

And yes, the jesus freaks need to go. Although they can be fun...
2002-10-30 03:56:15 PM  
Hell, I used to live on Bourbon Street (800 block) and I can tell you the drunken tourists are at least as bad if not more so than the street performing denizens. I can't count the amount of times that tourists would nearly break down my door trying to wander in thinking the place was some sort of Colonial Williamsburg, expressing drunken astonishment that "Hey, someone lives here!"

That aside, the Quarter's a great place to live while you're in your twenties, but if you can't stand the craziness, it's time to move to the suburbs.
2002-10-30 03:59:20 PM  
I live in an area where bums didn't used to hang out. They do now. I have been there longer than most of the bums, because being a bum is not a ten year career in most cases, its a drug addict that can barely make it in the world hanging on. That doesn't last long.

If I didn't live among them I'd feel more sympathetic, but as someone thats been 'between jobs' or 'between homes' before I really just think a bum's a bum. Their choice was drugs and alcohol addiction, and their choice after that is to piss on my sidewalk.

Although it makes me look like a yuppie, screw the bums, they need to be jailed til they sober up and they need to be in homes, and if they can't handle their liquor and drugs they need to be detoxed. What right do they have to befoul my sidewalk with their filth?

And I do mean filth. A guy took a shiat on a number 7 bus yesterday. I smell putridness by certain dark bushes every day on my walk to work. I see a fence going up thats 7 feet high where used to be a nice front yard, cause the owner is sick of bums sitting in his yard drinking, and the police don't do anything.

And I was in the neighborhood first, and ten years ago there were maybe 1 or 2 homeless kids, and none of the chronic alcoholic or junkie you see now, and now you don't see one or two you see ten or twenty.

Guys that can't handle their substance consumption should not be allowed out in public. I don't mean a weekend drinker that goes on a puking binge in an alley -- thats another story -- I mean guys that can't bathe themselves, can't work, can't do anything but stink up the street and then expect me to give them change because its my duty to support them in their chosen lifestyle.

Kudos to New Orleans, and I wish Seattle had the balls to do likewise.
2002-10-30 04:04:27 PM  
Wanna get a whole new perspective on the craziness that is NOLA? Stumble off of Bourbon to the corner of St. Ann and Burgundy (?) to a fine drinking establishment known as "Raw Hides".
2002-10-30 04:12:04 PM  
Don't believe it for a minute. I was in the quarter over the weekend and street performers were peeing on girls boobies on every corner...
2002-10-30 04:13:49 PM  
There really wasn't any mention of banning boobies. Thank god. And, as long as they don't ban penetration involving hot dogs and women on the balcony's, then my kids and grand kids still may still be able to witness the same fun sights that I have in N.O....I kid you not. With 7 Mardi Gras's and a jazz fest on my resume, I can die tomorrow with that little box next to party checked
2002-10-30 04:32:20 PM  
LaExpat: i love that place been there so many times in the morning when the sun is rising and you have to lave to get into a nice warm bed they hand you sun glasses so the sun won't hurt your eyes love it love it love it now that is civilized !1
2002-10-30 04:33:55 PM  
I bet you $5 I know where you got your shoes. (just don't ban those kids)
2002-10-30 04:36:43 PM  
Generation_D Agree....I'm a semi-native Warshingtonian. Seattle to the Blaine border crossing has degraded over the last 20 years. What used to be God's country has turned into a whiney neo-hippy infested retail/food service worker paradise and closed-shop attitude to anyone over 40 in the tech industry. Don't get me started on the lumber industry and land 'ownership'. I just retired from the military and most of my time was spent in Washington State. I retired in this crap-hole state of Illinois (Scott AFB) and ironically my job opportunities here are better. In Washington I would be relegated to commission sales work (insurance/real estate/auto). Back on to topic, I've spent many an hour strolling the French quarter while in the service of the elite Naval Reserve Software Alpha/Beta Testing Brigade at LSU. While I appreciate the boobie parade and bottomless hurricane cup, the fecal smells at the entrance of French Bistros is just a little too much ambiance. I'm ranting...time for another beer....
2002-10-30 04:42:34 PM  
Vici, yes the fond blurry fun memories of Farkfest 2002. It took me about 3 days to get over the pain in my body from that trip but it was so very worth it.
2002-10-30 04:59:23 PM  
Well it's a darned good thing then that I'm spending my third Mardi Gras in Metairie this year. Mardi Gras ain't Mardi Gras if I can't flash my boobies ;-)
2002-10-30 05:10:23 PM  
The only time I ever peed myself was in New Orleans on the street...

good times, good times
2002-10-30 05:21:30 PM  
JennyBean, you don't have to have Mardi Gras to flash your boobies. Just post a link in this thread. ;)
2002-10-30 05:32:40 PM  
Karlandtanya :

When you go to Nawlins you stop for sushi? I personally would be sucking some crawdad heads. But, I guess, when you live in Louisiana, good, cheap seafood is not the novelty that it is other places.
2002-10-30 05:37:47 PM  
I've been here all summer and fall, aint no different than last year
2002-10-30 06:15:30 PM  
"But sleaze and dirt and litter and hustling is not part of New Orleans."

Yes it is.
2002-10-30 06:15:39 PM  
You leave Illinois alone.

Back on topic though. It sounds like a bunch of pissy yuppies are wanting to gentrify the french quarter. It's not like they were decieved into moving there. Let's face it: they knew what they were getting into. As for their tactics: "arresting homeless people for obstructing sidewalks" That's just sick. I have no sympathy for these yuppies - if you don't want to deal with a community's problems DON"T MOVE THERE. And if you do move there - make an effort at helping to solve the problems. don't pass the buck along by driving out the homeless people into other communities.
2002-10-30 06:19:23 PM  
Okay, being as I'm probably one of the only people on this thread that's actually FROM louisiana... lemme give my $0.02 (which is actually worth a LOT more than most of yours).

New Orleans is a city that I probably would have gone to visit (it was only an hour or so away from me) a lot more often than I did except for the fact that the stupid friggin' tourists took away all of the fun. There's a lot to do there, there are still going to be plenty of bars, there are still going to be parades for Mardi Gras, and the city will still have that "cultural" feeling to it.

But at least it won't stink anymore.

And as far as you people saying that the only reason the city was fun was because you could get away with everything... well, what a damn shame that we've evolved to the point that we can live in a civilized manner. Whoda thunk it?

Another point... you actually think that people who have lived in New Orleans for several generations now should move away because of the tourists? Sorry, not gonna happen. I'd love to start pissing in your yard and then tell you to move out because it's my right to piss there because your town is fun.
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