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(ESPN)   Investigation launched into bettor who won $2.5 million on Breeders' Cup races   (espn.go.com) divider line 23
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2002-10-29 11:12:42 AM
it did seem kind of suspicious, judging by the horses who won and how "small" the payoff was.
2002-10-29 11:34:19 AM
Frank Stallone
2002-10-29 12:32:21 PM
2002-10-29 12:34:23 PM
There were three long shots; I'm certain that the tickets were sold after the first four races, since he "wheeled" only the last two races. In fact, I'll give you twenty-to-one odds that this guy doesn't get paid.
2002-10-29 03:27:08 PM
Getting the Pick Six right is pretty easy when you know the winners of the first four
2002-10-29 03:53:36 PM
damn you, jinkeez. oh well, here we go anyway.
the perpetrator:
2002-10-29 04:01:30 PM
Has anyone noticed how crappy the personal ads look these days?
2002-10-29 04:03:23 PM
is it just me or does the term 'breeder's cup' seem a little unseemly?
2002-10-29 04:04:07 PM
If this guy gets the money he better split it with whoever took the wager. Good luck my larger white ass.
2002-10-29 04:08:34 PM

where's the manure truck, that'll solve it
2002-10-29 04:10:37 PM
Maybe he was having a reeeeealy good day?
2002-10-29 04:13:44 PM
Oh no! Only Christopher Lloyd can save us now!
2002-10-29 04:14:17 PM
He had a 2015 book of sports stats...ahh, never mind.
2002-10-29 04:22:28 PM
How the hell do you place a bet after the race? That is all I need to know.
2002-10-29 04:24:00 PM
He should have picked more loosers in the early races. Made it look like he bet lots of tickets and just hit the right combination.

The bet taker must have noticed an unexpected glitch in the system and took advantage of it. Maybe something to do with the change from dyalight to standard time. If the system was hacked you would think they would make less money more often and just look lucky.
2002-10-29 04:25:28 PM
It's Drew, and he's sharing his system ONLY with the TotalFarkers.

And it's cool.


(Hey Dad, Now can we get that new server?)
2002-10-29 04:34:43 PM
He's either a Psychic, or a Mobster....

....or possibly a Psychic Mobster! (eek!)
2002-10-29 04:46:18 PM
So would he be like the Robbie Redford or the Paul Neuman character in The Sting?
2002-10-29 04:47:10 PM
That is like the guy in Ontario who was getting on Eurpean soccer matches AFTER the games had ended - look Ontario lotteries for a ton of cash
2002-10-29 04:54:49 PM
I'm pretty sure this is connected to al-Qaeda... but how! Someone HAS to get to the bottom of this!!
2002-10-29 05:11:01 PM
2002-10-29 06:06:46 PM

This needs a Dumbass tag. If you have a way to cheat the system then be sure to not give yourself away. Cashing in one big ticket is cool but six is like asking for trouble.
2002-10-29 06:28:11 PM
has anyone checked this guy out?

/cheap shot
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