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(iWon)   Wind blows away British tank. Army asks anyone who finds it to please return it   ( divider line
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60 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Oct 2002 at 9:20 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-29 09:22:44 AM  
It's funny cause they're british.
2002-10-29 09:23:27 AM  
well it wasn't actually a 'Tank' now was it?
2002-10-29 09:24:13 AM  
Are they implying that the UK is really a "paper tiger?"
2002-10-29 09:24:43 AM  
I lost $3 million when I opened my briefcase and a gust of wind came by. if you guys see it, could you return to me? Great, thanks.
2002-10-29 09:26:32 AM  
I have a hard time figuring what these thigns look like. any inflatable tank experts in the hizzouse? (sorry, it couldn't be helped.)
2002-10-29 09:28:28 AM  
so, some poor sod will be tooling down the M5 when this inflatable tank plops down in front of him.
2002-10-29 09:28:32 AM  
Well, google gave me this, but somehow I don't think this is it.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-29 09:29:25 AM  
The headline further down was better:

Penis Size Big Worry for UK Men, Poll Says
2002-10-29 09:29:25 AM  
If anyone has seen a flying tank please contact us

2002-10-29 09:34:16 AM  
Now that's light armor!

Hyuck hyuck hyuck.
2002-10-29 09:36:41 AM  
2002-10-29 09:38:44 AM  
This is how they save money on deployments.
Each Infantryman carries a deflated Chieftain under their arm, every second Infantry Man carries a pump, every third carries inflatable crew (with those strangely alluring mouths).
2002-10-29 09:45:10 AM  
"It just took off and hasn't been seen since,"

GAWD... i just HATE when that happens.
2002-10-29 09:45:49 AM  
Put Baby Ruth Candy Bar in Rear "Love Orifice" Leave in the sun.
Dare friends to eat baby ruth.

2002-10-29 09:46:15 AM  
Lost more than a tank

[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-29 09:50:00 AM  
Again no more than 10 comments and someone mentions Iraq.
2002-10-29 09:51:15 AM  
Harmonia, I'm beginning to think Iraq should invade the US.
2002-10-29 09:52:47 AM  
I got your clusterbomb right here threadjacker....

hehehe ok couldn't resist. Have fun kiddies!! I took the day off Muahahahahaa
2002-10-29 09:54:37 AM  
British tanks blows over to France. France surrenders.
2002-10-29 09:54:42 AM  
The tank was last seen blowing around the French countryside. The French immediately surrendered.
2002-10-29 09:56:30 AM  
Jay_Vee, if anything, America will invade America. Some gun nut will get a lucky shot into a President, the VP (whoever is in office at the time) will declare martial law (under FEMA) and the whole place goes up in a big silly-ass civil war.
Factions will emerge, industries nationalised under them, and the UN will be forced to intervene.
Britain, under instructions from King Henry the Ninth (Currently Prince Harry), will reclaim the American Colonly, and inflatable tanks, nerf artillery pieces, and wind-up-rubber-band Tornados will spearhead the attack.. er.. retreival.
God save the King!
2002-10-29 09:56:38 AM  
>> 10-29-02 09:54:37 AM GCD

GCD, you beat me to it by 5 seconds....
2002-10-29 09:56:38 AM  
HerbthePerv, beat 5 seconds...
2002-10-29 09:57:31 AM  
Are we in sync or what?
2002-10-29 09:57:33 AM  
Ok, you stop that...right now...this is getting creepy...
2002-10-29 09:58:42 AM  
GCD.....those damned cosmic sync waves.....
2002-10-29 10:02:53 AM  
Bring it on Tenebreux. See this:
[image from too old to be available]

It may look like a harmless Gateway Arch Monument, but put 2 giant rubberbands on it; add in it's close proximity to an almost unlimited supply of 12 oz beer bullets and you have the recipe for one badass anti-aircraft gun.
2002-10-29 10:05:16 AM  
I'm sure the "tank" will show up at the next anti-war rally.
2002-10-29 10:05:54 AM  
I had one of these before I came to work this morning.
[image from too old to be available]

For those of you not up on your military hardware, it's a Sherman tank. For those of you not up on your rhyming slang, tough.
2002-10-29 10:05:56 AM  
MayoBoy, I'm imagining the carnage that could wreck on the British Navy.
Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves...
2002-10-29 10:46:25 AM  
Boy, that'd be cool if that tank showed up on my front lawn. I'd park it on the curb. Anyone who sees that tank (from a distance, anyway) will know that this guy is not to be farked with.

Anyway, I don't live in Britain so there's pretty much no chance of this happening. Unless the tank is light enough to cross the Atlantic.
2002-10-29 10:51:10 AM  
I bet this thing is stuffed into the front room of some student flat. A replica tank gets you 1,000 points on the Beer Trophy scale.
2002-10-29 11:02:11 AM  
If they're using inflatable tanks, I can just imagine what their WACs (Womens Army Corp) must look like.
2002-10-29 11:26:49 AM  
"We borrowed six of the inflatable tanks from the Royal Air Force and would very much like to give six back to them. At the moment we only have five."

Man... the Royal Air Force is gonna be pissed!!

Although I still really wanna see what one looks like :X

and someone do a photoshop of that "I want to believe!" pick with a tank instead of the spaceship oOo
2002-10-29 11:29:47 AM  
This was for a family's friends 50th birthday. She was hosting a Christmas party (her birthday was in December) at her house, which is in the middle of town. So, a fireman knocked on her door and said, "Excuse me, you can't park your tank on the street. You need to move it." Obviously, she didn't own a tank. But there, right in front of her house, was a tank. And then the local high school marching band came marching down her street. It was all rather amusing.

Its great to have a place in town where you can rent a tank.
2002-10-29 12:01:13 PM  
That entire article reads like a chapter from Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy...
2002-10-29 12:26:13 PM  
bleh... I clicked 'make link for auction' button and the field where the link is supposed to be is blank on Photoisland :X

I also saved it as a .txt file for Geocities... I don't know what that really means though... so

[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-29 12:36:24 PM  
there Photoisland goes:
[image from too old to be available]

all that effort for such a bad joke :X
2002-10-29 02:56:02 PM  
hehehehe, why is this funny?
2002-10-29 03:29:36 PM  
Pink Floyd surrenders.
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