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(ESPN)   Big Ten football may start using instant replay because their officials are so bad   ( divider line
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44 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Oct 2002 at 6:25 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-28 06:27:00 PM  
2002-10-28 06:29:10 PM  
its about time
2002-10-28 06:29:10 PM  
Big 10 officiating has been terrible this year. Thats what a lot of the sports radio stations here in Chicago are talking about...
2002-10-28 06:29:34 PM  
I agree the officials have been terrible.. especially in the Miami - FSU game. I am still looking for like 5 penalties that were called. on a lighter note.. I hope Notre Dame wins out and gets to meet miami in the Fiesta so the luck of the Irish can run out.
2002-10-28 06:31:08 PM  
Doesn't think they're intentional mistakes?? Where can I find some ref's that'll make some intentional mistakes?? The Golden Gophers (Scourge of the prairie) have to play Ohio State on Saturday.
2002-10-28 06:33:19 PM  
Its about damn time. Every sport should have instant replay. I mean why not?

These kids careers are on the line, they need every call to be true.
2002-10-28 06:33:24 PM  
i am gonna stand up for the refs.......

yes, they should be down there (keep their job and speed of the calls)

if there is something questionable, #(*&%# yes.....get the replay. have a challenge like the NFL.

if we have the technology why not just use what we have? multi angle cameras all around, watching the ball and many players.

heck, in a few years put a gps transmitter in that ball and on each player, then we can replay their positions and see if the guy stepped out or fumbled or if there was a TD.

dang, we have the technology yet refuse to use it. i don't get it.

btw, it ain't football unless it is PRO......

Go 49ers and Titans!
2002-10-28 06:33:55 PM  
What's Big 10?
2002-10-28 06:38:22 PM  
Anyone catch the WSU-Arizona game this weekend?

(Yeah, I know,YAAAAAWN! Some of us DON'T have anything better to do, however.)

I have never seen so many flags thrown that were then waved off.

Methinks the Pac-10 is trying to catch up with its midwestern brethren.
2002-10-28 06:41:10 PM  
How do you expect the refs to be any good when the conference can't even correctly count the number of teams it has?

Oh, and the refs don't suck any worse than the teams do.
2002-10-28 06:44:09 PM  
Does all this stem from Penn State? I didn't see the Penn State - Ohio State game but I know that in their previous game with Michigan, the refs made a bad call to make up for the call before it, also bad, which had worked in Penn State's favor.

Wow... it really is a sad state of affairs.
2002-10-28 06:44:40 PM  
Big 10, Pac 10... The refs suck because the teams suck. Why hire professional judges for the special olympics when you can throw a whistle in another waterhead's drooling mouth and save the cheese for the strip joints?!?
2002-10-28 06:44:52 PM  
I smell smoke. Flamewar a brewin'.
2002-10-28 06:45:56 PM  
they could use it in the Big XII as well. Is clipping not a penalty anymore?!? I must have missed when they made hitting a guy below the waist from behind legal or something, because it happens every week and never gets called.
2002-10-28 06:47:01 PM  
Isn't it just that college ball gets all the leftovers that the NFL doesn't want? (not to say that NFL refs are great or anything)
2002-10-28 06:50:46 PM  
A flamewar over college football.. Does it get any better?

In a word, "Yes."
2002-10-28 06:53:44 PM  
Brad Smith (Missouri) = Heisman 2003, 2004, 2005

That guy is a freaking stud, and he's only a freshman.
2002-10-28 06:53:52 PM  
No instant replay. The games are long enough.

Boomer Sooner.
2002-10-28 10:46:53 PM  
This is slightly off topic, but Notre Dame can go somkes a turd in Hell.
2002-10-28 10:48:25 PM  
2002-10-28 10:49:02 PM  
Can someone explain to me how Ohio State beats a ranked team without their best player, goes to 9-0, and drops two places in the AP poll? No? I didn't think so.
2002-10-28 10:54:11 PM  
Skleenar: It's the other way around. Pac-10 officiating is the worst in the country.
2002-10-28 10:54:22 PM  
Maybe it's because they just barely got by Penn State, while the other teams got commanding wins?
2002-10-28 10:55:56 PM  
lol i dont think its because the officials are bad..

nice logic
2002-10-28 11:17:12 PM  
Big 10 refs' are graduates of Big 10 schools... that's why they aren't very smart.

Why are there 11 teams in the Big 10 anyways?
2002-10-28 11:20:06 PM  
I used to work at the BigTen. What a bunch of complete retards.

The comissioner Delany was reviewing the non-for-profit budget and slipped a Rover Discovery on the list. Luckily the board noticed "1998 Land Rover Discovery - $44,300.00"

2002-10-28 11:27:33 PM  
These kids careers are on the line

Careers??? This is college Football, you get paid for a career not playing while going to school. So what if you don't win a College Game, big deal if a team drafts you because your on a winning team than that Pro Team has a warped philosophy on drafting.
2002-10-28 11:30:14 PM  
not like any team from the big 10 is REALLY good this year.
2002-10-28 11:39:02 PM  
Big 10 sucks. How about you come down south and deal with the big boys down in the SEC?

Go Dawgs...
2002-10-29 09:12:20 AM  
Cid, there have been a bunch of games that the Big Ten officials have farked up, including the ND/(sc)UM game with the "phantom touchdown". The officiating has royally farked PSU up the bunghole this year, with bad calls that have affected who won and who lost.

I read an article early on in the year about how three B10 officials took jobs in the NFL. The guys that are left couldn't officiate their way out of a paper bag.
2002-10-29 09:26:57 AM  

It was late, I was tired, and the server was farked up.

Notre Dame can SMOKE a turd in Hell.

Overrated ass jockeys.
2002-10-29 09:48:09 AM  
I don't think it's a good idea because college football shouldn't have different rules for different conferences. Unless EVERYONE has instant replay (and this is a logistical nightmare), no one should have it.
2002-10-29 09:59:09 AM  

If it were a conference thing, it would only be for conference games. Non-conference games would not apply. Similar thing happened in College basketball when different conferences experimented with the three-point line and the 45/35 second shot clock before it was standard across the NCAA.

I'm guessing they will experiment with it in some games next year.
2002-10-29 11:43:45 AM  
If the ref's don't make better calls, I can see Joe P doing a Woody Hayes...but on the refs...
2002-10-29 12:00:42 PM  

I was thinking the same thing. Here in Columbus, the PBS station shows telecasts of old Ohio State games on Thursday nights. Last week, they were showing the OSU-Indiana game from 1978, Woody's last season (he went apeshiat on that Clemson player at the Gator Bowl that year, IIRC).

Anyway, in that game, Hayes was *exactly* like Paterno this year. Working the officials to the point of physically assaulting them, gesticulating and emoting far more than even he was used to doing. Just like the ABC guys said about JoPa, the announcers in 1978 were making light of it, saying things like "see, the old man has a lot more kick in him that you'd think!"

Of course he had a meltdown a few short months later which ended his career. Keep your eye on JoPA, Penn Staters, because he may flip.
2002-10-29 08:31:12 PM  
Penn State with refs:5-3
Penn State without refs: 8-0

Big Ten confrence didn't feel like going throught hte hassle to change its name when Penn State joined. Besides, BigTen sounds better than BigEleven.

BTW...SEC, Nebraska, and Gators suck Saddam
2002-10-29 10:47:11 PM  
-A MAC fan.
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