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(Chron)   What's the best way to get schools to purchase your software? It helps if your brother is governor.   ( divider line
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95 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Oct 2002 at 6:53 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-27 06:33:33 PM  
So Neil is into software now? I thought the millions he ripped off in CO would tide him over for a while.
2002-10-27 06:58:29 PM  
Kids in Florida have no chance anyway... or something...
2002-10-27 06:58:56 PM  
At least it isn't Microsoft... oh wait. This isn't slashdot. I guess there goes my +1 funny.
2002-10-27 06:59:19 PM  
Nepotism? In the Bush family? Naah...

Ooh! American Gladiators is on!

/turns off critical thinking skills
2002-10-27 07:01:07 PM  
American Gladiators is on! Nothing like vaguely homoerotic "games" played by large men in spandex who like to slap each other on the ass a lot. Oh wait, this isn't the football thread, there goes my -1 troll...
2002-10-27 07:02:03 PM  
AppealToReason Yes, it is disgusting how much Nepotism is in the American government, and sometimes you don't even have to be a Kennedy.
2002-10-27 07:02:18 PM  
Graft. Whoopee, move on.
2002-10-27 07:02:34 PM  
sounds similar to out here in california where our gov gray davis took a $25,000.00 bribe from oracle in exchange for buying $90,000,000.00+ in software from them in a no-bid contract...
2002-10-27 07:02:45 PM  
"Katie Muniz, a spokeswoman for Gov. Bush, said the governor has never talked with his brother about the business."

Jeb: So Neil, what are you up to these days?
Neil: Me? Oh nothing really. Just checking out the sites in Florida now that it's so chilly in Colorado.
2002-10-27 07:06:55 PM  
gotta love crony capitalism. It's a particular talent for the Bush brothers, it seems.
2002-10-27 07:07:59 PM  
Sorry for the -1, Offtopic American Gladiators reference, by the way. I've been listening to Bill Hicks all day...

"Here, watch this and get fat and stupid. And keep drinking beer, you farks!

"Go back to bed America; your government is in control."
2002-10-27 07:11:18 PM  
I think Florida's new slogan should be "It's a nice place visit, but I wouldn't wana live there"
2002-10-27 07:13:13 PM  
I was going to make some kind of witty comment, then I rembered we are talking about Florida and the Bush's.
2002-10-27 07:16:21 PM  
Ocoee Middle School, which has received millions of dollars in state grants to study ways of lowering costs, is using the software for free.

That just seems full of contradictions.
2002-10-27 07:18:32 PM  
Step 1 to lowering costs is to get the tax payers to pay for it.
2002-10-27 07:19:02 PM  
someone should step forward and offer to write a better or equivalent program for free.. i can only imagine how cheap this program is. god the bushes are so corrupt.
2002-10-27 07:19:12 PM  
One thing the article leaves out is whether the contract was awarded as a result of a proper tender for bids. That's pretty easy to check, it would have to be in state records.

I guess Texas journalism is no better than Florida politics...
2002-10-27 07:25:06 PM  
Yep, the Bush Family is crooked, but apparently that's OK with a lot of folks. Either that, or they're afraid of them.

Here in Tennessee, Bush Buddy Lamar Alexander is currently purchasing a Senate seat. One more rubber stamp for George.

It's The Omen IV, I'm telling ya. Pure farkin' evil.
2002-10-27 07:29:33 PM  
There was an Omen III?
2002-10-27 07:30:22 PM  
Why didn't he call his company "Silverado Software"?
2002-10-27 07:33:11 PM  
Not to mention a couple dozen useless extra bases that can't be closed, no matter how much the military wants it, because it would probably mean a congressman losing his next election...
2002-10-27 07:35:50 PM  
Another scheme by Neil. He also soaked the Small Business Administration when he used daddy's position as president to a get an SBA loan for several million dollars to be a wildcat oilman. He paid himself a huge salary, drilled a couple of dry holes, then declared bankruptcy and walked away with the money. Never paid a nickel of it back.

The Bush family tree needs some serious pruning. Scumbags - all of them.
2002-10-27 07:42:27 PM  
One thing the article leaves out is whether the contract was awarded as a result of a proper tender for bids. That's pretty easy to check, it would have to be in state records.

I guess Texas journalism is no better than Florida politics...

I've worked both military and municipal/state contracting. Don't be fooled by the bid process. The RFB's can be worded so that only one vender can bid. It's simply a matter of rigging the bid specs so that only the 'prefered vender' can bid, or at least make it too expensive for someone else to try to bid. It's the oldest game in town.
2002-10-27 07:42:44 PM  
In Florida from 2000-2001, there were 554,000 students in middle school alone.

At a cost of $30/student, you'll be looking at the school to pay $16,620,000 per year.

I don't know what kind of backwards-ass contracts they make down there, but in schools here in VA, software licensing is per computer. You buy 100 licenses, and put the software on 100 computers. There's no bullshiat of charging for each user.

It won't surprise me if this garbage-ass deal goes through, though.
2002-10-27 07:45:10 PM  
When it comes to organization, these guys make the La Cosa Nostra look pathetic.

I've got to get out of this state.
2002-10-27 07:45:24 PM  
Why should everybody have to struggle to make a living ? Isn't it refreshing to know that the possibility of poverty in the face of abject failure has been eliminated for at least a few of us ?
2002-10-27 07:49:01 PM  
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- A software company run by Neil Bush, a younger brother of Gov. Jeb Bush, hopes to sell a program to Florida schools that students would use to prepare for the test that is key to the governor's education policy.

Software made only for the kids of rich parents who can afford to transfer their children out of a school farked up by Bush's education policy?
2002-10-27 07:59:21 PM  
I guess that Neil Bush feels it's safe to come out of hiding now that most of the old folks he ripped off have died...

BTW, the only reason he's out is because daddy gave him a pardon. The same kind his brother will probably give the Enron folks...
2002-10-27 08:11:14 PM  
Hmmm, this politics thing seems pretty simple: Tell the public whatever they want to hear, promise them everyhing they want, then get into office and screw the living hell out them; grab as much as you can, safe in the knowledge that party shills and media whores will keep the public sufficiently bamboozled until you make a clean getaway. Simple!
2002-10-27 08:20:30 PM  
I will kill all politicians!
2002-10-27 08:29:46 PM  
smells like a nepotism scheme. license per user? you can just use per machine. if i'm not mistaken, XP is based on per machine (that's why you can't change too many parts on your computer), not per user that uses the same computer.
2002-10-27 08:34:34 PM  
GimpRulez -- possible, but then the Houston Chronicle reporter didn't even bother checking for that, apparently.
2002-10-27 08:35:15 PM  
Nepotism? In America? NEVER!!??!? How you could terrorist-huggers say such a thing to divide our unity?

Now get back to your CNN news-entertainment and quit raising fears that help terrorists.
2002-10-27 08:36:41 PM  
"how you could . . ."?
2002-10-27 08:37:04 PM  
FifthColumn -- ironically GWB sent his kids to public school, and was in favor of vouchers. Gore, OTOH, sent his kids to private school, but was against vouchers.

I guess he didn't want all these poor kids spoiling his girls' educations, like they did the Bushes.
2002-10-27 08:46:36 PM  
[shocked]another bush scam?[/shocked]
2002-10-27 08:53:07 PM  
The Liberty Tree has been crying out for ropes for quite some time.
2002-10-27 09:02:19 PM  
Fixed elections, sweetheart business deals to family members.. If I didn't know better I'd say the Bushes were Democrats.
2002-10-27 09:06:21 PM  
Snore. Who wouldn't do this here? Honestly? And as long as Bill isn't getting the cash who cares really?
2002-10-27 09:10:43 PM  
I love this from the article:

Ignite spokeswoman Louise Thacker denied the company had an unfair advantage because its founder and CEO, Neil Bush, is a brother of Florida's governor.

Yeah, when pigs are flying over my place and start landing at Moffett Field...what crap.

Can someone *PLEASE* saw off Florida and let it float back to Cuba?
2002-10-27 09:13:51 PM  
Oh, but "Ignite spokeswoman Louise Thacker denied the company had an unfair advantage" so they must be legitimate, right?

I'd like to see how the bids were solicited. Your tax dollars at work by "elected" officials.
2002-10-27 09:14:06 PM  
2002-10-27 09:39:39 PM  
Does anyone here feel better about our Presidential Family now?
2002-10-27 09:41:51 PM  
Can someone *PLEASE* saw off Florida and let it float back to Cuba?

But that's America's wang!
2002-10-27 09:44:17 PM  
Back up a minute here folks,

this is software to help children study for a test that is supposed to measure how well they have learned.

You know, learned from books, and teachers, and the whole education experience.

But they need a special tutor program to pass the test.
2002-10-27 09:57:11 PM  

> I guess he didn't want all these poor kids spoiling his girls' educations, like they did the Bushes.

Because we poor people are just dieing for some tax cuts.

Supply side economics do not directly benefit poor people and nobody who knows what they're talking about will claim that they do. The whole republican idea of fiscal policy is that rich folks will have lots of money and it will trickle down to the poor people.

If all the poor people sent their kids to private school, who would be in public school? How about paying that extra cent in taxes and not biatching about it for once so that we can actually afford to run our public schools? You don't even benefit from tax cuts you farking moron.

2002-10-27 09:58:36 PM  
No surprise here. Oil companies bought and sold the Bush family ten times over.
2002-10-27 10:08:07 PM  
This is possibly the most corrupt family in America. Especially when you consider that Granddaddy Bush's money came from Nazi Germany.
2002-10-27 10:11:48 PM  
Yeah, Scraping-fetus-off-the-wheel, there's a whole slew of things like that, and it's always bothered me. "Here, take these classes that will help you prepare to take tests that would have tested how much you'd learned in your classes, if we'd had the time to teach any other classes than these." But I'm sufficiently cynical to say that this describes the whole educational system. "Do these things to earn grades that would describe how well you'd learned, if you'd learned any other skills than grade-making." Because you're an idiot if you think that Making Grades in History Class isn't a skill wholly apart from History, and so on. It's my intent to eventually get a PhD in literature. Useless, I know, but it's what I love. People keep asking me whether I intend to teach. I'd like to. But I'd not hold the job for more than a year, because I'd inflate the fark out of grades. "Want an A? Here, have one. Did you learn anything this semester? No, didn't need to because you got your A for free? Pity. But, hey, you're paying for this, you decide what you want out of it. Well, you and that credit card you inherited. What? No, I'm pretty much going to ignore you now. These people over here want to learn something, and don't care whether they get the free As or not. Yeah, that's free will for you. Enjoy your American Gladiators." No, I wouldn't last long. Add neither would the Republic, really, since I think most people would take the grades and run. But it's not my place to force people to learn. And it wouldn't be if I were a teacher.

The real tragedy would be those students who could earn their grades, who would insist that giving away As devalued their effort. Makes no sense, but you hear a lot of that. "You gave away an A to someone who didn't do any work and didn't learn anything. Now my A doesn't mean anything." "Yeah, but didn't you learn something? Isn't that what matters?" "No! Want teacher approval, want parents to brag, want something to lord over other students, gonna cry now!" Possibly I'm getting a little silly there, towards the end, but I've never had what you might call a soft spot in my heart for people who did the work for the approval, and not the education. And I've seen a lot of them.

*checks post for typos and misspellings that would make his claims to want a PhD look really stupid, doesn't find any, has no faith but sends it anyway*
2002-10-27 10:31:28 PM  
Jeb Bush's appointed technology czar, who worked on Jeb's 1998 campaign as the web consultant, resigned after it was learned that he faced criminal charges from a scheme to defraud a lending institution related to a personal loan. His trial is pending, but it looks like a prosecution will be difficult since the key piece of documentary evidence is missing from the prosecutor's office, according to the Associated Press.

One of Jeb's law enforcement directors that he appointed in 1999 knows the criminal justice system well, he was arrested twice himself. That individual was a former rural county sheriff who supported Jeb in his first unsuccesful gubernatorial bid.

Other than that, everything is fine here in FLORIDA.
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