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(ESPN)   "They kept us bumfuzzled all day with their alignments and things." Bumfuzzled??   ( divider line
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65 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Oct 2002 at 8:29 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-27 08:31:45 AM  
Try the dictionary, it is in there.
2002-10-27 08:31:55 AM  
Clinton used to say bumfuzzled all the time.
2002-10-27 08:39:11 AM  
They were discombobulated too.
2002-10-27 08:41:22 AM  
bum·fuz·zle tr.v. (Chiefly Southern U.S.
To confuse.

[Probably bum-(probably alteration of bamboozle) + fuzzle(perhaps blend of fuddle, and fuzzy).]

Anyone for some bamboozling fuzzy fuddle?
2002-10-27 08:49:43 AM  
Here's hoping Notre Dame stays undefeated until they meet the steamroller that is USC...
2002-10-27 08:55:32 AM
Who'da thunkit?
2002-10-27 09:05:54 AM  
The condoms at USC are no match for us.....Fiesta Bowl here we come baby! Go Irish.
2002-10-27 09:21:47 AM  
I gotta ask... is whoever posted this from Canada or just a Yankee? Bumfuzzled, indeed! Bet you don't know what "over yonder" means either...

(Or the proper usage of "y'all", either...)
2002-10-27 10:04:48 AM  
Nothing wrong with Bumfuzzled. Read the works of the late, great Lewis Grizzard for much bumfuzzlement.
2002-10-27 10:10:20 AM  
Bumfuzzle is the word I use to describe post mexican food flatulence.
2002-10-27 10:19:40 AM  
Did anyone read the link on ESPN where Bowden compared the Irish to "serial killers"???

there's the link but since I can't do html worth a damn you will have to copy and paste.

2002-10-27 10:43:56 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-27 11:02:05 AM  
Notre Dame = over-rated trash. Florida State handed them this game.
2002-10-27 11:45:27 AM  
I don't want to hear about bum-anything with regards to teams of large, male, athletes.

Sounds much more interesting when applied to young, nubile, cheerleaders.
2002-10-27 11:52:01 AM  
No, Florida State just handed them the ball... several times.
Notre Dame would have caused even more turnovers if Florida State hadn't kept going three-and-out. Not many opportunities for fumbles and interceptions on 3 down drives.
2002-10-27 11:59:37 AM  
chris rix is a cancer
2002-10-27 12:04:15 PM  
Term was invented by the guys from 'Deliverance."
2002-10-27 12:07:25 PM  
Fo shizzle my nizzle?
2002-10-27 12:57:45 PM  
I seem to remember a large number of overly confident FSU fans a few days ago saying that there was no way the IRISH could win this game. Ummmmm....take a look at that final score.

2002-10-27 01:06:48 PM  
haha, fsu is teh sux0r!! the gators will 0wn you in november!!!!!11
2002-10-27 03:57:25 PM  
DerDrache>> Watch yoself, muthafarka. where you from?
2002-10-27 03:58:14 PM  
You say Notre Dame over rated?

We just say Undefeated!!!

2002-10-27 04:13:15 PM  
Bmr68 Hellz yeah, man! I'm 25% Irish myself. m/f? If you're female, do you have any irish in you... or would you like some?
2002-10-27 04:53:39 PM  
Sorry guy I'm a dude and loves the ladies.
2002-10-27 05:11:01 PM  
Dude, you got the wrong idea. I don't play both side of the field. But it's all good cuz I'm irish.
2002-10-27 08:13:58 PM  
I was at the game yesterday wearing a Notre Dame shirt that I borrowed from some hot chick. After we parked and were walking to the stadium some people yelled "Notre Dame sucks" at us. Notre Dame scored on the very first play. FSU managed to hold them pretty well until (I think) towards the end of the 3rd quarter. The Irish scored several times in about 5 minutes thanks to turnovers and fumbles. There were a few more times when the ball SHOULD have been intercepted but it wasnt. Towards the end of the game Rix threw the ball directly to an Irishman but he slipped and fell. Go Irish.
2002-10-27 08:25:40 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Here come the Irish.
2002-10-27 09:49:02 PM  
For all of you Irish haters out there, kiss our collective arsses. If FSU "gave" ND the game, why was it that not only the FSU fans before the game were saying "no way the Irish win", but after the game in the press interviews, some of the FSU players were saying things like "We are better than them. They should not have won. They didn't deserve it."? Yes, there was lots of giving - as in FSU giving the Irish the ball many times. This just goes to show you the lack of class that FSU fans have, even to fans of a team that clearly deserved to win.

I hope all of you critics shut the hell up. Grow up, and while you're at it, watch the Irish march towards the Fiesta Bowl.

2002-10-27 11:13:04 PM  
Am I a ND fan? No. Is ND playing good ball? Yes. Is ND the best team out there right now? I dunno. Hard to tell yet. I'm just tired of hearing all the people coming out of the woodwork screaming GO IRISH! that were silent in the past several years. Fairweather Irish fans unite!

2002-10-28 12:24:48 AM  
Hmm... I've never actually met a Fairweather Irish fan. You must be confusing us with Florida State.
We're also tired, however, of the repeated claims that we're "overrated" or just "lucky". All 6 of the Sportsline "experts" picked FSU over Notre Dame. The coaches in the ESPN poll don't have the balls to admit that they've been wrong about ND and are still holding use at 6th (just like both they and the sportswriters for AP are either too chicken-shiat or too proud to suck it up and put Miami after Oklahoma, where they so clearly deserver to be this year).
Ok, Notre Dame doesn't have an explosive offence. They also have an offence than almost never turns the ball over. And while we don't score many points, even counting defensive scores, we still score just shy of twice as many as out opponants do, which seems to be enough to beat all of them.
Frankly, I want Virginia Tech to have their chance, since they seem to be the whiniest fans. So if they can beat Miami, and Oklahoma can manage a bad game in the several chances they have left, I'd be THRILLED to let another "powerful rushing offence" have a go at us. They'd be the easiest win available to us of the 7 current undefeateds.
2002-10-28 12:25:48 AM  
And yes, at 11:30 at night I can't spell for shiat.
2002-10-28 12:40:10 AM  
MacGabhain, look no further than the computer polls. as memory serves, 4 of the 7 ranked nd #1 in the first week of bcs. and after the routing they handed those asswads in tallahassee, they're welcome to it.
2002-10-28 03:47:54 AM  
To all of you faithful FSU fans...
In yo face, biatches! The Fighting Irish fight on... Undefeated! So do the world a favor and kill yourselves to avoid further shame. All are in the shadow of the great Notre Dame!! fark Yeah! Thank you... Thank you... I'll be here all week. It's always a good time to be Irish. Thank you.
2002-10-28 12:33:01 PM  
Bumfuzzle is a perfectly cromulent word.
2002-10-28 06:41:16 PM  
It's surely a variant of "befuddled."

Perhaps jokingly, as in being too confused to pronounce the word discribing how confused you are.
2002-11-03 01:01:42 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-11-03 01:06:57 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
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