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(newschannel9)   Two men arrested after drying marijuana in microwave at 7-11   ( divider line
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108 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Oct 2002 at 5:48 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-26 02:23:07 PM  
Dumbass indeed.
2002-10-26 07:33:15 PM  
is it just me, or has fark been farked for the last hour and a half?
2002-10-26 07:34:57 PM  
2002-10-26 07:35:51 PM  
Cheap_Knockoff - it's been farked for me too =[
2002-10-26 07:45:18 PM  
and judging from the lack of posts, it still either is for most ppl or they don't know it's not farked anymore. Weird.

Anyway, if it had caught fire in the oven, maybe the cops would've chilled out and let em go. Maybe that was their plan
2002-10-26 07:47:29 PM  
Yeah never happen.

The science behind microwaves will show that NOTHING can be dried in them, only make them more wet.

2002-10-26 07:48:20 PM  
"no officer thats not pot you smell, its uh... inscense yeah, i just thought this here 7-11 could smell a bit better, so i thought ide heat some up."
2002-10-26 07:50:13 PM  
Sounds like a BS urban legend.
2002-10-26 07:51:20 PM  

Include the fact that the microwave probably did get the bud hot enough to vaporize off the thc...

This means they got busted for dope that they would'nt have even caught a buzz off of.

Stupid people should not use drugs, they give the rest of us a bad name.
2002-10-26 07:52:21 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-26 07:54:29 PM  

Excelent use of the dumbass tag!

Now where's SLAYERSWINE with his "They oughta legalize it!" rant? Not that I don't disagree, but...

2002-10-26 07:54:48 PM  
Maybe if they stuck a barritto in with the dope, the smell would have confused everyone: and solved the munchy problem!
2002-10-26 08:00:13 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-26 08:00:51 PM  
This sucks. Reminds me of the time I got caught weighing some weed on the produce scales at Vons...
2002-10-26 08:01:31 PM  
7-11. Someone must have been smoking to give a store such a name that is open 24 hours a day, 365/7 (not 7am till 11pm as 7-11 would suggest.) Yet they have locks on the doors...
2002-10-26 08:04:58 PM  
I wish I had so much weed I needed produce scales...
2002-10-26 08:14:41 PM  
I think when 7-11's first opened, they were open 7-11. They were the first mini-marts. Old people, remember when there were no Mini-Marts?? Those were the first Slurpee was the taste of heaven.

It would have been extremely bad etiquette for those guys to show up at rehab without a greeting gift. Didn't those cops know that?

Yes, I couldn't even get to Fark half an hour ago.
2002-10-26 08:19:55 PM  
This would never have happened if they just played Halo instead.
2002-10-26 08:23:24 PM  
Looks like the whole ServInt network was down for awhile (apparently where Fark is hosted at). I'm guessing that an admin spilled beer on the routers again.

*now back to our regularly scheduled programming*
2002-10-26 08:31:49 PM  
I got the impression they were using the microwave to heat up the pot to eat with their 7-11 food.

To eat the pot without heating it up would not have activated the THC in order to make them as high as they must have already been to try this in public in the first place.
2002-10-26 08:37:57 PM  
Those are the type of people I deal with every single day at work. The stories I could tell!
2002-10-26 08:39:43 PM  
They could have been arrested them for possession just for walking into a 7-11. I mean, come on...every stoner who gets the munchies goes there.
2002-10-26 08:45:37 PM  
legalize it
2002-10-26 08:47:46 PM  
when i was a midnight cook at perkins, if i got really moist bud, id leave it in the food window on a plate for like, a minute, and it would be beautifully dried. mind you, this only works on midnights, or with a really cool staff.
these dumbasses give stoners a uh... worse name.
2002-10-26 09:04:38 PM  
I'm confused. Do you like ferrets? Do you hate them? Do you like them in a boat? Do you like them with a goat? Do you like them on a box? Do you like them with a fox?
...oops, sorry, tangent. Bad tangent.
So, really, what's with the ferret?
2002-10-26 09:08:42 PM  
LEGALIZE LEGALIZE taking puff ........... huh what was I talking about:)-```
2002-10-26 09:15:10 PM  
heh, gotta try that one
2002-10-26 09:20:36 PM  
Trying to dry pot in a microwave in the 7-11 with a cop in the store. That is really, really, REALLY dumb, in so many ways.
2002-10-26 09:22:57 PM  
And yes, someone spilled beer on the server again, I guess. Fark wasn't working at all for the last hour or two.
2002-10-26 09:36:10 PM  
10-26-02 07:47:29 PM Brywalker
Yeah never happen.

The science behind microwaves will show that NOTHING can be dried in them, only make them more wet.


Hmm, i might venture a guess that you never had to "force dry" some herb during harvest to know kinda sorta what you had.
I might also venture a guess that you failed science.
If not, explain your statement.

Damn, you know i have done this in small quantities for over
10 years, if not twenty.
2002-10-26 09:49:37 PM  

look at this mondo sized burrito man..... 2 whole pounds...
...and this super gulp! it's bigger than my head!
2002-10-26 09:59:30 PM  
CoolBeans I was tryin' to smoke him, but he was wet, so I tried to get 'im in the micro, but the li'l bugger wouldn't stay in there - wiggly bastard!! Finally just squeezed him into a wrapping paper tube and used a blowtorch to light my "ferret joint". Ahhh, the fur gives a wicked buzz!!

Or, maybe it was a random photo I found on Google.. can't rightly remember.. ;)
2002-10-26 10:08:52 PM  
One can only hope - given the stupidity of the gentlemen involved - that this was just ditchweed quality and not anything that had been carefully cultivated. I mean, really...
2002-10-26 10:37:30 PM  
legalize it already.
2002-10-26 11:37:40 PM  
ahhhhhh. makes sense now.
However, as an owner of two 'wiggly bastards' might I recomend shaving the little bugger first (the bones always gave me a headache). Then mix the fur with some choice nail-clippings from a rabid possum. Let dry for at least two weeks over a pan of camel's urine. I promise you a buzz that'll curl eyelashes.
2002-10-26 11:38:25 PM  
I don't understand how a guy with two hefty bags of dope can't afford his own microwave.
2002-10-26 11:48:22 PM  
Farking idiots..where is Darwin when you need him? Rememeber folks, it's not the weed it's the idiot that's smokin' it..

I'm all about legalization...
2002-10-26 11:56:14 PM  
CB Hehe - I'll keep that in mind........ (if I have enuf time)
2002-10-27 01:35:28 AM  
When Ashley woke King up and questioned him about the marijuana, King said he didn't know anything about it.

I like.
2002-10-27 01:38:32 AM  
"...told Officer Ashely he and Mr. King were on the way to a drug rahabilitation clinic."

I thought that I could rehabilimitate these drugs in this here mikey-wave, this is valid research, dammit!!!
2002-10-27 01:59:33 AM  
The science behind microwaves will show that NOTHING can be dried in them, only make them more wet.

The science behind microrwaves is radio energy at the right frequency to excite fat and water molecules. Which makes them hot. Hot water evaporates quickly. Which makes what it's in dry. I've dried pine needles in the microwave before (for a smoked meat recipe). It worked.
2002-10-27 02:22:56 AM  
These dumbasses just set the hope of legalization back at least 20 years...

2002-10-27 02:31:13 AM  
By the way it wasn't a 7-11, but a 7-11-like mini-mart...

So all you people with your 20 year old "but it's not open from 7 til 11 but rather 24 hours a day, 365, but there's locks on the doors" jokes, um, shove it. Boy I sure told them.
2002-10-27 04:35:55 AM  
It's funny..

[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]

These guys don't look dumb. What were they thinking?
2002-10-27 04:37:01 AM  
Anyone who ever overcooked a chicken pot pie in the microwave would tell you it gets dry.
2002-10-27 08:38:04 AM  

"You went out six hours ago to get a money counter, and you come back with a semi conscious Gloria and a back of fertiliser. Alarm bells are ringing, Willy."


"We need fertilizer, Winston."


"We also need a farking money counter, William! We have to get the money out by Thursday and I'll be buggered if I am counting it . . . and if you have to get your sodding fertilizer, couldn't you be a little more subtle?"


"What do you mean?"


"I mean we grow copious amounts of ganja, and you don't look like your average hort-er-farking-culturalist, that's what I mean, Willy."
2002-10-27 09:10:21 AM  
Can we say - DUMBASS - every good stoner knows that if you put pot in a microwave it ruins the pot.
2002-10-27 06:48:01 PM  
I'm pretty sure pot cannot be dried in a microwave, an oven yes, and a lightbulb will work as well. But lets think how a microwave works, Microwaves heat food by charging water molecules with gamma particles, so therfore, a microwave produces heat by heating the water in the "product". So how would you dry out pot by heating the moisture in it? It makes no sense. Try again buddy.
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