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(MSNBC)   Teen girls like racy panties and bras, France surrenders   ( divider line
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4791 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Aug 2001 at 1:31 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-04 01:49:42 AM  
Comments, Kat?

2001-08-04 01:56:23 AM  
What's thong with that?
France Surrenders!
2001-08-04 01:57:44 AM  
Ok, as long as we are on the subject, what's better 1-virginal whitey tighties or 2-red and skankish? Am getting ready to restock the drawer that holds my under things.
2001-08-04 02:18:43 AM  
No pics? :-(
2001-08-04 02:39:16 AM  
If there's grass on the field...
2001-08-04 02:50:07 AM  
Yeah...I wanted pics damn it.
2001-08-04 02:50:26 AM  
Cannot form objective opinion - need pics desperately.
2001-08-04 03:21:07 AM  
2001-08-04 03:27:59 AM  
All your thongs are belong to us. *ducks*
2001-08-04 03:39:16 AM  
2001-08-04 03:54:26 AM  
Farkers demand pics!
(Preferably before and after)
2001-08-04 04:38:11 AM  
No, we do not demand pics, especially not of underage girls that likely WILL constitute some form of illegal act. Oh, wait, she's got a bra on? That makes it non-creepy, then., however, has plenty of pics of ADULT woman in bras and less.
2001-08-04 06:01:29 AM  
hah you and your adult women, like Mr_Popo said....if there is grass on the field.
So Kat, which do you prefer ?
2001-08-04 06:46:01 AM  
What's this grass on the field thing. No itty bitty ... nah, I can't continue.
Shouldn't we all feel guilty, reading the article with sweaty palms, mental images forming in the mind, wondering how long it takes for to grow out of the ... that wasn't just me was it?
2001-08-04 07:25:06 AM  
I'm not sure if many girls wear non-thong undies anymore. We've come a long way in wearing less and less.

Not that I'm complaining.
2001-08-04 08:05:10 AM  
I don't know, lalala, the women I know, that I know their underwear habits, say non-thing underwear is the norm, and thong undies are strictly for special occasions. Ladies--care to comment?
2001-08-04 08:34:05 AM  
I am available to all 18 year old girls as a lingerie consultant, you model it, I tell you if it looks good. Never mind that camera in the corner, its, uh, broken.
2001-08-04 10:07:34 AM  
No pics...That sux! So i took the liberty and included a url. In Swedish though, but just klick on the numbers to the left for some hot "fjortisar" :)
2001-08-04 10:15:57 AM  
Screw you, ToasterThief! I'm 16 and I WANT PICS!

And if you think that's creepy, well, tough. :P
2001-08-04 10:16:47 AM  
BTW, slang, take the red.

Nothing skankish about looking good down there.
2001-08-04 10:27:29 AM  
It should be labeled obvious.
girls learn from an early age how to control men (and other women) like that.
2001-08-04 10:29:15 AM  
Damn! You mean the days of those big puffy parchute-type panties are over?
2001-08-04 10:32:14 AM  
girls dont control men
vagina controls men BWHAHAHHA!
2001-08-04 10:33:14 AM  
The plain underwear are just entirely boring. Walking into a girls locker room, it's rare to see younger females wearing anything but the 'racy' stuff. Even if we know no one is going to see it, it's just more fun to have pretty underwear than old, plain stuff.
Of course the 12-yr-old doesn't want the loud underwear, when I was 12 all I would wear were sports bras too. But now, when I open my underwear drawer, no longer is it all white that sits there, but a rainbow of vibrant colors that just jump out at you........okay so what?! I like buying bras and panties, and damnit i'm proud of them.
2001-08-04 11:34:21 AM  
That address doesn't work, not that I checked or anything.......
2001-08-04 11:37:45 AM  
Whynot: The general rule of thumb is

Mini skirts - panties
Long skirts - preference
Tight pants - thongs, unless they're white then g-string or Au naturel
2001-08-04 01:08:21 PM  
This world is going to HELL IN A HANDBASKET!
2001-08-04 02:07:28 PM  
The lack of no pics is bad

2001-08-04 02:08:15 PM  
So long as it's a pretty handbasket....
2001-08-04 02:09:14 PM  
Imagine what you could do with a Beowolf cluster of these things!

Hopefully you are a woman(or i am gonna get laughed at).
Pastel shades are my favourite on a babe.

I trust you are also a woman. Could you describe in detail the scenes in locker-room for the males at this forum. Just so we can come to reasoned views. :o)
2001-08-04 02:17:29 PM  
Here you go Asmor, a good starting place:
2001-08-04 03:27:15 PM  
Guess what? I like teenage girls who like racy panties and bras! Imagine that?!?!

My preference is black or metallic on a woman, in underwire and the bottoms must be a thong. Must be because my girlfriend wears those things!

-he who stacks pork
2001-08-04 04:22:57 PM  
Unless teens are doing their own laundry, they'd probably get busted by mom if they bought anything too outrageous.
2001-08-04 05:06:46 PM  
Bongoman, that is one of the most salient points I've heard in the fark comments in awhile. Either that or parents today are so out of it they don't care.

Of course, some teenage girls these days tend to have their racy underwear *off* more often than not.
2001-08-04 05:15:31 PM  
/me notices Kat is conspiciously quiet.
2001-08-04 05:27:39 PM  
kat hasnt been on irc all day either, afaik
2001-08-04 06:36:08 PM  
How about some teenaged boys in thongs?
2001-08-04 06:39:05 PM  
Ummm... or NOT.
2001-08-04 07:03:02 PM  
It's a wonder teenage boys can concentrate in school nowadays. So many distractions.
2001-08-04 07:05:04 PM  
I heard she'd been involved in a bizarre
photoshop incident. Mulder and Scully have
been put on the case. So far,lots of pouting,
but not many clues. :^)
2001-08-04 08:24:38 PM  
We don't concentrate in school.

The damn teachers never say anything important anyway. They just tell us which pages to read and let us figure it out on our own. For the most part anyway, I've had a few good teachers.
2001-08-04 09:11:59 PM  
08-04-01 02:50:07 AM GawdYeah...I wanted pics damn it.
08-04-01 02:50:26 AM EpsilonCannot form objective opinion - need pics desperately.
not that i'm a member , but check this out
only problem is the models are mostly from Russia and latin america and cannot afford sexy undies....
2001-08-04 09:26:09 PM  
Heard a story 'bout a young teenage girl, could even been a pre-teen, wearing hip-hugger jeans and the thong poking out the top, in school. Principle suspended her, and the parents accused the principle of being "intolerant".

Go figure
2001-08-04 09:26:49 PM  
I meant to say Principal.

2001-08-04 11:00:23 PM  
Wait until after your college years and you'll be in awe of how tough you had it during those high school years...:p Perspective is a scary thing sometimes.
2001-08-05 04:55:46 AM  
DAMNIT! Will someone tell me why France Always Surrenders!?
2001-08-05 09:47:01 AM  
As far as I'm concerned, as long as they're high skool age (14-up) I'm not complaining.
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