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2002-10-26 10:26:38 PM  
2002-10-26 10:28:52 PM  
That's a nice pooper he's got.
2002-10-26 10:29:45 PM it safe for work?
2002-10-26 10:53:39 PM  
One word: 'Trainspotting.'
Mmmmmm - nothing like diving into Scotlands filthiest toilet.
2002-10-26 11:02:46 PM  
SweaterGirl: I know you'll be in this thread, COME BACK ;) i lost my net connection last night
2002-10-26 11:05:51 PM  
mmmmmmm.....Yum indeed. Thank you.
2002-10-26 11:06:45 PM  
SweaterGirl: Don't listen to him, it's a trap!
2002-10-26 11:14:06 PM  
here's one they seem to have forgotten, although I see CoolBeans didn't.
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-26 11:15:29 PM  
SweaterGirl: Don't listen to mog, it's a different trap!
2002-10-26 11:17:42 PM  
SweaterGirl: Don't listen to LordCrank, he's just setting you up for Charlie's trap!
2002-10-26 11:17:48 PM  
While it is nice to see more weeners links, how about some more boobies!
2002-10-26 11:19:03 PM  
SweaterGirl: Don't listen to HoldenCaulfield, he's mog in disguise!
2002-10-26 11:19:18 PM  
2002-10-26 11:20:21 PM  
Fuz, yes it's safe for work.

2002-10-26 11:20:22 PM  
SweaterGirl: Don't listen to LordCrank, he's a robot in disguise!

And boo to you, shiathead.
2002-10-26 11:20:28 PM  
...take a look in the 'end terrorism' thread - she's in there.
2002-10-26 11:29:04 PM  
don't listen to blackbeltjones, he's just plain crazy!
2002-10-26 11:33:41 PM  
Don't listen to stubblyhead--

wait, he's on my side. DO listen to stubblyhead!
2002-10-26 11:39:45 PM  
Only trust me, in fact. Everyone else is trying to put you into a trap.
2002-10-26 11:42:22 PM  
wanna see my trap?
2002-10-26 11:44:31 PM  
Don't trust SweaterGirl. She'll shove bread down your throat.

Off-topic: I hear they're making a sequel to Trainspotting, takes place ten years after Trainspotting. When did Trainspotting take place, and when was Trainspotting, anyway?
2002-10-26 11:45:02 PM  
ewan overload..... ewan overload.... *wimpers*

no im all turned on and stuff... and stuck at work


oh the AGONY!!!!
2002-10-26 11:49:08 PM  
Never trust Hytes. He eats paste.
2002-10-26 11:49:21 PM  
trainspotting was made in 96, and as I recall took place at the same time. imdb doesn't have anything listed for a sequel in progress, but that doesn't really mean too much. it could go either way i think, but it would be difficult to improve on the original.
2002-10-26 11:55:57 PM  
Hytes: I think you're thinking of the new Welsh book that came out, 'Porno'. That's the sequel to Transpotting.
2002-10-26 11:55:58 PM  
Porno is the sequel to trainspotting, same characters. came out in september ( the book )
2002-10-26 11:58:48 PM  
Mommy, look what I learned how to do in school today, Mommy, look, it's called googling mommy, look look:
Guardian Unlimited Film | News | Trainspotting sequel should cast ...
... Welsh is currently working on a sequel set some ten years after Trainspotting's
denouement and featuring all the story's principal characters. ...

Goddammit, Hytes, leave me alone!!! And why can't they teach you little shiats useful shiat like how to make piggy banks out of bleach bottles?#@!!@*!! Goddammit, get out of here and go make me a piggy bank out of a bleach bottle!!! Stupid little shiat!!!
2002-10-26 11:59:52 PM  
Porno came out in SEPTEMBER?!?!? What have I been looking at all my life?!?!?!?!?!?!?

(reads rest of message)

Oh... whoops
2002-10-27 12:06:14 AM  
w00t, football is back on! *zoom*
2002-10-27 12:14:30 AM  
Since this is a weeners link I feel compelled to point out that Ewan's little soldier is a prominent character in the movie _Pillow Book_
2002-10-27 12:29:27 AM  
hytes you be crazy.

oh and here is a NSFW naked Ewan.

be forewarned... this picture may ruin many puppy killing fantasies you may have.
2002-10-27 12:53:51 AM  
you joined fark on my birthday, Femme_fatale. you get a gold star.
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-27 01:01:32 AM  
......all i got
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-27 01:02:45 AM  
... excuse me. hmm hmmm. Am I the onlyone who noticed that there are no weeners here?
2002-10-27 01:03:59 AM  
well wouldja looka that. daylight savings time done an screwed with the comment order.
2002-10-27 01:18:54 AM  
what is that from Femme_fatale? Excuse me while I go puke.
2002-10-27 01:18:55 AM  
Hytes, are you all right? I've been sensing a little...tension from you the past few days. Everything all right at home?
2002-10-27 01:24:12 AM  
It's all a trap!
2002-10-27 01:26:48 AM  
Femme_fatale, you spoiled my day...*shudder*
2002-10-27 01:31:34 AM  
Hmm ... show I show this to my girlfriend? Let me see, if I do, then I am almost guaranteed sex. If I don't, it's an early night with no sex.

Well, this was an easier decision than I thought!
2002-10-27 01:35:11 AM  
"Trainspotting" the book was written in and set in the 1980s... the movie was in the 1990s, so they deliberatly left it vague as to when it was set. You'll notice the music in the movie goes from 80s at the start to 90s by the end... pretty cool, that.
2002-10-27 01:56:43 AM  
Wow, for a second there, this was like a #fark thread.

You'd never drag me in here though.

Ewan what army?

grivas hangs his head.
2002-10-27 02:22:22 AM  
How about some more actual *weeners*?
2002-10-27 03:47:15 AM  
"Little" soldier? and it's on prominent display almost as often as not in his the point he was asked about it during Episode One
press junkets, and threatened to "drop my Jedi knickers and show'em my real light sabre"
Thanks for the nice clear Velvet Goldmine stills Femme. I, for one, loved that scene and thought VG is the sexiest movie he's done. but then, i have a fetish for the low spark of high heeled boys
2002-10-27 04:13:06 AM  
One my dirty little secrets is that, despite my attempts at a being a man of cooled emotion and rational mind, I really, really, loved Moulin Rouge.
2002-10-27 07:35:56 AM  

2002-10-27 09:00:42 AM  
I'm not alright; I'm all wrong.

Hey! Sounds like a good C&W tune, eh?
2002-10-27 09:19:21 AM  
Jioreaux- i totally warned you. your bad.

you're welcome to the purve girl who enjoyed.

I love that in every weener thread people are either complaining because they hate nsfw weener pics, or there are no nsfw weener pics. STOP COMPLAINING. Get off the computer complainers and go annoy your lover, parents, friends and siblings. The rest of us don't want to hear it.
Actually, sometimes complaints are heeded.
2002-10-27 09:21:45 AM  
Thank you for cheering me up! Why don't they make American men that handsome?

I think it is the freckles, they make his eyes look all angry and manly.

2002-10-27 11:23:15 AM  
That was nice.
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