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3312 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Aug 2001 at 4:56 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-03 05:02:55 PM  
" "
2001-08-03 05:07:42 PM  
hey! I KNOW I closed that tag...
2001-08-03 05:09:17 PM  
motherfarker! It's just too much for, I suppose...
2001-08-03 05:12:27 PM  
They wanna make it more interesting, take off those damn roof flaps. I haven't seen a decent barrel roll in years
2001-08-03 05:12:54 PM  
2001-08-03 05:15:41 PM  
Norad, maybe it wasn't a barrel roll, but Tony Stewart's wreck at the Daytona 500 was pretty damned cool.
2001-08-03 05:19:00 PM  
the rule change is needed because the Dodges are at an aerodynamic disadvantage.
If Dodges are at an aerodynamic disadvantage, then maybe they should drive a Ford.
2001-08-03 05:19:59 PM  
my ex bf has a Tony stewart stock car
2001-08-03 05:20:00 PM  
Waaaaa! My clam aches! Waaaa!
2001-08-03 05:20:20 PM  
workin on the tag thing. Don't keep trying to close it because it won't work. Ignore it and it'll go away later.
2001-08-03 05:20:45 PM  
Close, dammit.
2001-08-03 05:21:50 PM  
whats a "Chew Chief"???
2001-08-03 05:25:39 PM  

Thanks, Mersault.
I was sweatin' for a few...

I won't keep repeatin' myself...but I KNOW I closed the "i" tag...ah well...
2001-08-03 05:39:10 PM  
I am none to happy either!

Isn't NASCAR already the WWF of the auto-racing world anyway?
2001-08-03 05:46:23 PM  
what they really need is a dodge "dartre"
2001-08-03 05:48:10 PM  
"the rule change is needed because the Dodges are at an aerodynamic disadvantage.
One would think that that would be a good pointer that your company makes crappy cars, and you should redesign them.
2001-08-03 05:54:44 PM  
Non-Dodge drivers: Wahhhhh we want the same people to win all the time and have it be really boring, wahhhh!!!
2001-08-03 06:00:57 PM  
The best part of stock car racing is that they don't race stock cars.
2001-08-03 06:05:24 PM  
farking southern whiners! Just be happy you get to drive in a big circle at all, you inbred white trash!

-he who stacks pork
2001-08-03 06:06:55 PM  
Mme.Mersault - actually your Honda would more than likely slide out of control. It would roll if you hit something though at high speed. Now SUVs on the other hand - they roll like doughnuts.

-he who stacks pork
2001-08-03 06:12:41 PM  
Why aren't there any black Nascar drivers?

1. They only drive that fast if there is a cop chasing them.

2. They can't get the seats to lean back far enough.

3. They can't find anywhere to hang their pine tree air fresheners.

4. They aren't used to driving with both hands on the wheel.

5. They are too used to having their white girlfriends drive them around.

6. Cadillac and Lincoln don't sponsor any cars.

Boy will I get in trouble for these. Oh well. 1st amendment!! 1st amendment!!! Hey, it works for everyone else.
2001-08-03 06:14:13 PM  
Hey xprez, watch that stuff or me and mine will come and get you. You're in ourbackyard now!!

(#2 was pretty good though.)
2001-08-03 06:26:07 PM  
No first amendment here.
2001-08-03 06:31:37 PM  
Every 20 laps they should stop everybody and all rotate by 3 cars. And dump the restrictor plates; give them all the horsepower they can squeeze into them and put big-ass spoilers on them to make them less slippery. That makes the race much more fun to watch. Drafting is certainly part of the race, but it shouldn't BE the race.
2001-08-03 06:39:02 PM  
Too damn bad the rules have changed so much in the past 30 years; Being a Mopar man myself, I'd kill to see the return of the Hemi-Charger. Now THAT was a car and a half.
2001-08-03 06:46:30 PM  
The problem with the Dodge's isn't the cars fault....look who's driving them!
2001-08-03 06:59:29 PM  
I'm not watching nascar until they start providing the crowd with mortars or bazookas or something to make it interesting.

WWF circus? nascar is still like watching paint dry to me.
2001-08-03 07:31:27 PM  
Nice to finally see an intelligent response from someone who has a clue what is going on in NASCAR.
2001-08-03 07:38:55 PM  
Everyone critizes the WWF. Why? What in hell is wrong with the World Wildlife Fund?
2001-08-03 07:42:44 PM  
I hear that to make NASCAR more exciting they are going to eliminate drivers all together, and hire a team of heroin addicted monkeys to race soap boxes backwards. I'd pay to see that.
2001-08-03 07:44:37 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-08-03 07:55:23 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-08-03 08:05:53 PM  
I like hearing the Ford supporters whining. I remeber when they were allowed to completely change the design of the back of their cars even though the "stock" design looked nothing like it because they were at a disadvantage. They need to go back to using off the lot cars with any trick they can put in them to make em fast. Who the hell cares what brand the car says it is, they are all made by a few companies, same frames with different fiberglass
2001-08-03 09:23:20 PM  
My grand-daddy used to drive stock cars back in the day when they were stock cars from a dealership, with tuned-up suspensions and engines, and a roll cage "just-in-case". No whiners there. My mom has an awesome picture of his car, the 'ole "Eight Ball," flying through the air, upside down.
2001-08-03 09:44:13 PM  
I might start watching NASCAR when they do more than turn left thousands of times and call it a "race".
2001-08-03 10:12:44 PM  
Fark you Leo. Don't dis Southerners, it pisses me off. Just in case you didn't know it wiseass, NASCAR is nation wide.
2001-08-03 10:31:15 PM  
Dodge was out of NASCAR's top division for many years until this season. Basically the Intrepids they run in Winston Cup this year are based on the "Ford" body template which has been in use for several years, with a few aerodynamic updates and cosmetic changes...of course, non-Dodge crews really considered this an advantage already ("it's an improved Ford"), so they are *doubly* pissed now about the new rule ("I want mine in Doubly, please").

The Dodge program wanted to start off big, so they concentrated on the first race (the Daytona 500) and diverted most of their attention to the restrictor plate engines used there. Problem is, there are only four plate races a year, and they've struggled at quite a few of the other tracks. Plus, the Dodges *can* go fast--they usually qualify well--but they seem to lack stamina in the long run. They stick up front but then often they fade towards the end.

NASCAR wants to see them succeed, of course, so they're gonna give 'em some juice. I don't feel that improving their aero package with this new rule is gonna do anything for 'em in an endurance race like Indy this weekend, but you *will* see a bunch of Dodges starting in the front rows.
2001-08-03 11:19:22 PM  
Oh, and this thread is unusual because, invariably, any NASCAR discussion in a non-NASCAR forum brings out the "rednecks driving in circles" posts as well as the F1/CART/open wheel snobs' "NASCAR isn't REAL racing" posts. We have the former but not the latter--strange.

For those who can't understand the appeal of NASCAR, think of the chariot race in "Ben-Hur" (wouldn't have worked on a road course with "chicanes" and whatnot) and consider it as an antecedent to something like, say, the night race at Bristol.
2001-08-04 04:04:30 PM  
Everest has a good idea. That might actually make Nascar interesting!

-he who stacks pork
2001-08-07 02:21:07 PM  

I'm with Fuh_Q. 1- Where the hell can I buy a rear-wheel drive, 2 door, Dodge Intrepid? Or a the same type of Ford?
This sport is a joke now and I think they should go back to the way Fuh_Q says. It would be way more fun.

Better yet, Don't allow any modifications at all. Let them try to compete with cars right out of the dealer's lots.

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