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2002-10-25 11:40:53 AM
Hey, nice gloves! She is a cutie but her boobies sure don't look like D's to me.
2002-10-25 01:35:52 PM

Let the cliche's BEGIN!!!!!
2002-10-25 01:35:56 PM
She reminds me of the girl Tara Reid.. But prettier
2002-10-25 01:36:20 PM
I agree with Kylie. Those boobies look more like F's to me. FANTASTIC!

*obligatory I'd hit it remark*
2002-10-25 01:36:27 PM
nice, but should we know who this is?
2002-10-25 01:36:54 PM
They might not be D's, but they're very nice indeed, i've never really been a fan of boobies big enuff to accidentally suffocate you in your sleep anyway. I like the fact that the Sun does make it a point of not using women who have had breast enlargements I have to say, and I bet there's not a lot of glamour models out there with natural D cups so beggars can't be choosers I reckon.
2002-10-25 01:36:57 PM
Handjob reference

2002-10-25 01:37:21 PM
what's 'boffin' mean?
2002-10-25 01:37:22 PM
these page 3 gals are all starting to look the same to me.
not necessarily complaining, but they are pretty generic.

hooray for boobies!
2002-10-25 01:38:21 PM
Mmmm, Boobies. Natural Boobies
2002-10-25 01:38:45 PM
2002-10-25 01:39:14 PM
2002-10-25 01:39:48 PM
2002-10-25 01:40:21 PM
2002-10-25 01:41:15 PM
My eyes!!!! My eyes!!!! Oh, wait ....
My Hands!!! My hands!!!

Hit it? Hello NO, I bury myself in it!
2002-10-25 01:41:18 PM
Mr. Orange a boffin is an intelligent person.
2002-10-25 01:42:16 PM

2002-10-25 01:43:42 PM
2002-10-25 01:44:09 PM
Boy, was *I* ever disappointed...

No death rays, energy transmission towers, Edison slams, or coil designs...

There were pics of a very pretty naked girl, though. Anybody else notice them?

2002-10-25 01:44:19 PM
Booo! Right-click save doesn't work on the pics! Boooo!
2002-10-25 01:44:21 PM
Hit it or not, i'm sick of Sun boobies.

Small-size crap. Gwaah.

But still, nice. A bit bigchested, but ahwells.
2002-10-25 01:44:41 PM
oh where oh where has my kitty cat gone!
2002-10-25 01:45:50 PM
bof·fin also Bof·fin
n. Chiefly British Slang
A scientist, especially one engaged in research.
2002-10-25 01:47:43 PM

I'd hit it
2002-10-25 01:49:47 PM
2002-10-25 01:52:45 PM
I'd like to give her a vaginal harrassment of biblical proportions.

/obtuse "I'd hit it" comment.
2002-10-25 01:52:49 PM
Yowza, yowza...

*still drooling*
2002-10-25 01:54:47 PM
Page3 girls are all nice, they look normal, not like Gauge or other pr0nstars, they look just like the girl next door, or at least the one I see through my binoculars.

I'd hit them all, at least twice each...
2002-10-25 01:56:13 PM
I'd hit the gaz
2002-10-25 01:58:22 PM
Hey, aren't those Nick Nolte's gloves???
2002-10-25 01:59:07 PM
Being at work sucks...

Being at home on dial up sucks as well. Anyone have a sfw pic of her??

Please throw me a gibblet
2002-10-25 01:59:50 PM
I like her long straight hair. I would like to get a handful of it, kneel down behind her and hit it! Hit It Hard!!
2002-10-25 02:02:45 PM
2002-10-25 02:03:45 PM
ideally, a woman should wear gloves, but I've found that it interferes with my social agenda, if you know what I mean...
2002-10-25 02:03:50 PM

Here ya go

2002-10-25 02:04:04 PM

yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep papa hoo mow mow papa hoo mow mow.....
2002-10-25 02:06:06 PM
Mods if the previous one is too much delete it. Here is a better SFW pic

2002-10-25 02:06:06 PM
Thank you Sun for giving us natural beauty to enjoy this fine Friday afternoon. The fakies are great and all, but there's something truly special about a woman who started out looking that good.

Bless you.
2002-10-25 02:08:28 PM
Can someone tell me what the fark this is?

From an ad that I clicked on from the boobies pages
2002-10-25 02:08:54 PM
i mean, this is just me. but the page3 girls seems to usually be too nekid. the gloves are a step in the right direction, but where are the stockings? or the fvck me pumps? the pearl necklace....oh yeah....the mini skirt? not all at once mind you, mix and match like a white castle value meal, but please, if she doesnt have any tattoo's theres gots to be something besides just random hot naked girl.

i love the smell of burnt kittens in the morning, it smells like......i need to get a towel.
2002-10-25 02:12:59 PM
FuzzyGirl18 yeah a boffin can mean a scientist but it's common use here nowadays is as a bit of a derogatory term for clever people, it's said a lot in school, ie kids call teachers pets boffs.
2002-10-25 02:17:30 PM

no frickin thank you. Maybe my standards are a bit high, but I generally don't hit below my average.

Where are the pretty girls or can Fark only provide the extra plain types and Marilyn Manson imitating pop stars?

2002-10-25 02:20:22 PM
o.i.c thanks for clearing that up.. : )
2002-10-25 02:26:12 PM
Watchman: Yes - I noticed that, too. Who knew Miszter Tesla was such a hottie? He could coil around me anytime!
2002-10-25 02:39:26 PM
if you go back and forth from number 151 and 152, shes in the same pose, but one has clothes and one doesnt. Its scary how her smile doesnt change too
2002-10-25 02:44:30 PM

[Groucho-looking duck drops holding sign saying "Tesla" in bill]

Thank you!
2002-10-25 02:50:40 PM
Those are D cups? Yeah, and I'm schtupping Lassie.
2002-10-25 02:54:24 PM
2002-10-25 02:56:45 PM

I'd hit it.
2002-10-25 02:56:45 PM

Or something to that effect.
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