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(Some Guy)   How to make a tazer out of a disposible camera.   ( divider line
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5407 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Aug 2001 at 12:24 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-03 12:29:04 PM  
Cool, I've always wanted a taser.
2001-08-03 12:29:33 PM  
I like this!
2001-08-03 12:31:56 PM  
Yeah, but how do the pictures come out?
2001-08-03 12:35:28 PM  
Too bad it doesn't end up still looking like a camera.
"Say cheese!"
2001-08-03 12:35:34 PM  
fark the pictures, think of the possibilities! Oh the possibilities!! Note to my enemies, Don't piss me off...
2001-08-03 12:37:53 PM  
Are there laws against having a Taser.
Seems to me you can have one, but if you use one over a certain voltage you are breaking the law. Sounds right?
2001-08-03 12:39:33 PM  
Boy, between this and the swizzle-stick-date-rape-drug detector, it's a rough day for frat boys across america.
2001-08-03 12:46:23 PM  
What is it? I looked it up at but nothing came up for it.
2001-08-03 12:46:51 PM  
News you can use. Time to update the Anarchist Cookbook...
2001-08-03 12:47:36 PM  
I built one of these back in 1965, or so.
I used two water guns and a model t coil (jc whitney's).
Standing with a gun in either hand, I had a friend flip the big switch.
I don't really recall what happened next, but I don't think it quite worked as expected.
2001-08-03 12:49:20 PM  
It is a small (hand held)box with which you can give someone a large dose of electricity. Enough to incapacitate them.
2001-08-03 12:55:32 PM  
This works.

I used to work at a one hour photo and people would end up bringing these things in and we would have to crack them open.

A couple of times i got a pretty damn good shock from them! Felt it for a couple of days
2001-08-03 12:56:35 PM  
When I was in electornics class we built these. Walmart will usually just give you the electric circuit part of the camera -- if you say its for a school project -- because they just throw that away (I think). The sting of this is pretty weak though. You need to add several capacitors so the charge is more powerful/shocking.
2001-08-03 12:56:36 PM  
Hisey, look up "stun gun"...same difference
2001-08-03 12:59:56 PM  
The sting may be weak cuz of a stupid 1.5V AA battery. Swap it with a 9V then say the sting is weak.
2001-08-03 01:05:58 PM  
You can add a special feature that will remove red eye - except it replaces them with little Xs.
Kat [TotalFark]
2001-08-03 01:26:41 PM  
playing with fire. tsk tsk.

anyone every see the jackass where knoxville pepper sprayed himself, then tazered (is that a word...?) himself, and did something else, i forget what.

pretty funny shiat.
2001-08-03 01:27:58 PM  
Darn stun gun's only about 20 bucks, and, is continuous. Maybe with higher class water guns and SOMEONE ELSE HOLDING THEM?
2001-08-03 01:29:25 PM  
Can I use a 24V 1.5 Farad Capacitor in this?
2001-08-03 01:29:33 PM  
The battery size has nothing to do with what comes out of the capacitor other than giving it a base charge. The capacitor is built to discharge at a certain voltage and won't go any higher. This is just an easy-to-build little toy to give someone a more or less harmless zap.
2001-08-03 01:30:35 PM  
I did this to a guy my senior year in high school... funny shiat.
2001-08-03 01:32:19 PM  
I've got it!
For the sake of being stupid nonetheless!

I wonder if it's possible to take a small engine found in a weed-whacker to crank an alternator to charge the mega-capacitor to... well, you get the idea...

Someone should do this.
Hrmm, an internal combustion stungun.
2001-08-03 01:32:22 PM  
If you watch the Landspeed CKY video he shoots himself in the chest with a handgun while wearing a kevlar...I doubt they showed that on MTV but if you watch closely while he has everything lined up on that little wall behind him you can see it...he also used a stungun which is pretty wimpy, I love to blast myself in the arm with one just to make sure I am still alive...
2001-08-03 01:37:09 PM  
ZZZ-ow! yup, still alive.
2001-08-03 01:37:33 PM  
holy bat-shiat robin,

i cannot wait to get home from work and start on this. towmorrow at work, guess what i am going to hook up to the door knob.
(place evil laugh here)
2001-08-03 01:38:19 PM  

Yeah I did get to see that one. He got knocked on his arse by the tazer. Then they showed him trying to take the barbs out of his chest, man that looked like it hurt.

On another note, I did something similar except much for fun to unsuspecting (read annoying) classmates. Find a nice fairly large capacitor (maybe from an old TV, make sure it's uncharged first!). Charge it up with a 9v battery or similar, hold the capacitor by one of the leads, then as you walk down the hallway toss it to someone you really don't care for and watch them get zapped as they catch it and touch both leads. Fun and REALLY cheap, although these days you'll probably get arrested.
2001-08-03 01:39:26 PM  
Just a note for those of you who want to upgrade it. Remember capacitors add in parallel, not series, and also remember capacitors store charge for quite a while if they're not connected to a circuit (That's why TV's are dangerous to take apart for years). Also keep in mind you don't want the current going too high. 1 amp can kill you, a 750 mA shock will make you feel it for quite a while.

Just a friendly reminder from somebody who's seen freshman screw these up big-time
2001-08-03 01:42:10 PM  
Forget that. I want to know how to make a disposable camera out of a taser.
2001-08-03 01:42:59 PM  
ZZZ-ow! That's the juice!!
2001-08-03 01:51:23 PM  
I've built one of those before. I didn't bother with the fancy shmancy box though. It makes really cool sparks and is very loud.

I haven't used it on anybody though. A friend shocked himself with one once, says he threw it across the room. Hehehe.
2001-08-03 01:58:06 PM  
I think Knoxville was sprayed, tazered, and shocked with a stun gun. That was great, hehe.
Kat [TotalFark]
2001-08-03 01:59:46 PM  
a few weeks ago my dad made me hold a "dysfunctional shock collar" to my arm asnd walk down the driveway to make sure its range was still good. GOD DAMN. he musta shocked me 15, 20 times!
2001-08-03 02:03:11 PM  
Yeah man! I had one of those cameras and it broke so I pulled it apart and touched some do hickey in there and it sent me to the floor!
2001-08-03 02:05:06 PM  
2001-08-03 02:10:18 PM  
a woman's best defence is her knee or shoe....there are steel tipped shoes...why not steel knee jeans...

btw, this formula below will make ANY man cry

angry pms girl + steel tipped boots + 3 years of soccer + you pissing her off = pain like no one has ever felt. i was on the floor for what seemed like 4 hours...

i think after i survived that hit, i can survive anything
2001-08-03 02:15:31 PM  

I do hope that collar is for the dog....
2001-08-03 02:18:48 PM  
My chem teacher told a story about how he and his buddies in high school would heat quarters up in the bunsen burner, cool them off for a second or four, then roll them down the hall and listen for the screams...

Twisted. (In my head, this relates because I camera/tasered a guy in school, so school+hurting people... it all fits, I swear!)
2001-08-03 02:19:51 PM  
I saw another version of that Jackass bit on the internet. It showed what MTV would not show (suprise, suprise).

After the pepper spray, tazer and what not, he then put on a bullet proof vest and was shot with a 9mm handgun. Not particularly suprised MTV wouldn't show that, they get enough crap about that show as it is.
2001-08-03 02:26:03 PM  
It's from a skateboarding video called Landspeed CKY, if you can find it definitely watch it, you'll laugh til you shiat yourself, let me know if you can find it...
Kat [TotalFark]
2001-08-03 02:33:46 PM  
soupgoblin- Yes of course its for dogs. it was broken, and instead of needlessly hurting a dog, he hurt me instead. it doesnt really hurt that much of course.
2001-08-03 02:40:28 PM  
Well, you could make a tazer out of a camera, or you could ask Q to make you one himself, if he wasn't dead.

Maybe they'll tell you how to make other painful appliances, like a refrigerator that kicks you in the nuts, or a coffee maker with a secret Spill-Onto-Crotch button.
Sounds like fun.
2001-08-03 03:12:12 PM  
Well gee Kat, I guess that shows you're the Omega animal in the family "pack"... ;-P
2001-08-03 03:21:05 PM  
can wait to get a camera! Here's the plan, seduce the ex bf and shot the living shiat out of him

2001-08-03 03:21:37 PM  
shock* ma bad
2001-08-03 03:26:20 PM  
Demo: You can shock me if you like...
2001-08-03 03:44:56 PM  
That's why TV's are dangerous to take apart for years

YEARS?! Stay away from Microwaves. Those things WILL kill you if the capicator discharges across your chest.

I wonder if Camera stores recycle those cases, or just pitch them? Time to do some dumpster diving..
2001-08-03 04:13:54 PM  
Yeah my career as a x0dicx The mistress of pain is beginning. Any more clients?
2001-08-03 04:25:45 PM  
ZZZow! Oh Yeah!
2001-08-03 04:41:17 PM  

x0dicx the goddess

Legitimate daughter of Zeus
2001-08-03 04:43:37 PM  
That is pretty weak-ass. Not nearly enough voltage to be considered a "tazer". When I was 9 or 10 I figured out how to hook up 9 volt batteries to the outputs of 120VAC - 3VDC stepdown transformers. But I hooked them up in reverse and added a mechanical relay switch with a small capacitor, which would provide about a 12Hz continuous shock cycle. The end result was a shocker that put out somewhere near 300 volts or so, although the battery wore out pretty quickly. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I used to go around shocking my friends and in turn, making enemies. It would make some of them fall to their knees if I got them in the gut just right. Was entertaining indeed.

-he who stacks pork
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