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(Thisweeksnews)   Police search for a man who not only exposes himself, but also takes photos of victims' reactions   ( divider line
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78 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Oct 2002 at 7:57 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-25 05:32:12 AM  
i wonder if this has anything to do with the "JACKASS" movie..
2002-10-25 07:55:12 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Hahahahahahahahaha....I didn't know they came that small!
2002-10-25 08:01:18 AM  
If they ever catch him I bet he uses an "It was a creation of performance art" defense. That being said, some folks have weird hobbies for sure...
2002-10-25 08:01:23 AM  
hehe, this guy is cool.
2002-10-25 08:04:48 AM  

Followed by *Flash!*
2002-10-25 08:10:46 AM  
I've already got pictures of women laughing.
2002-10-25 08:14:23 AM  
I know this girl who was sitting in McDonald's late one night when some crusty old dude flashed at her through the window.

Without missing a beat she pointed, laughed, called the entire restaurant's attention to the guy in the window with the tiny dick.

I still kneel in her presence.

Best. Reaction. Ever.
2002-10-25 08:17:59 AM  
Fox said the descriptions are nearly identical in each case.

NEARLY identical. . . . depending on the temperature, I guess.
2002-10-25 08:18:27 AM  
that would be so funny, if like it was chris pontius or steve-o (though i doubt he would be pushing his luck at the moment , court case and all) or even better wee man doing this...imagine the head lines then, "the dwarf flasher" or maybe the midget flasher.....damit I just wanna see the jackass movie I wonder if its even coming down under...
2002-10-25 08:19:33 AM  
Ah, I'm so proud to be living in the great city of Columbus, ohio.
2002-10-25 08:20:19 AM  
MasterYoda: I saw it on a poster in a cinema, i dunno when it comes out though.
2002-10-25 08:21:06 AM  
It comes out today (25th) in the US
2002-10-25 08:21:08 AM  
All women in the area should have some pepper spray with them, and when NUDE MAN approaches.. they should spray his NUDE MANHOOD.... i bet that would teach him a nice leason.. or maybe a stun-gun.... ZAP!!!
2002-10-25 08:21:42 AM  
What is so strange is the way this is reported like the sniper shootings.

after the third incident, police had established the flasher used a .223 weapon of military specifications

2002-10-25 08:22:27 AM  
How about a taser, you'd like to see that you sik bastard! wouldn't you? dammit i know i would!
2002-10-25 08:25:27 AM  
With pics? Where's the evidence?
2002-10-25 08:27:35 AM  
A taser....

Nice idea! I bet that Farker would jump so high!

Having a nice twisted sense of humor has always done me good.
2002-10-25 08:33:43 AM  
What exposure time was he using?
2002-10-25 08:35:12 AM  
She reported the nude man walked up to her, snapped her picture using a camera and fled um....... what else would you use to "snap" a picture ?
2002-10-25 08:35:17 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

(Damn you Nodhg!)
2002-10-25 08:40:15 AM  
I think you would need a range weapon of some kind...i mean the thought of getting near someone's crusty balls, and the fact that this dude gets off on it all....hmm..maybe one of those taser thingies with the dart and wire..a prick for the prick.
2002-10-25 08:42:27 AM  
I really want to see the pictures. There's got to be some HILARIOUS expressions there.
2002-10-25 08:42:40 AM  
10-25-02 08:35:12 AM BdMcGee
She reported the nude man walked up to her, snapped her picture using a camera and fled um....... what else would you use to "snap" a picture ?

these days you can snap pictures with your mobile phone.
2002-10-25 08:42:41 AM  
Flasher- `Hey baby, check out my wide angle lense'

At least the man found a way to combine two hobbies.
2002-10-25 08:43:27 AM  
The suspect is described as white, 25 to 35, 5-9 to 6-2, 170 to 200 and with dark hair...

...and carrying 1/2 dozen Krispy Kreme chocolate cake donughts. With a cup of coffee in each hand.
2002-10-25 08:44:37 AM  
The suspect is described as white, 25 to 35, 5-9 to 6-2, 170 to 200 and with dark hair

oh we'll definitely find him with such solid police profiling

i mean does he look like this:

or like this:
<img src=" stories/prez.roles.html" width="200" height="300"
2002-10-25 08:45:16 AM  
at almost 200lbs he should be an easy target to hit from any close range.

I guess this could also be considered sexist or descrimination: If the flasher was a woman, do you realy think anyone would call the cops? As long as she only flashed men. And if she tried to touch someone (even a young (mid-school to high school boy), I bet they wouldn't mind that much.
2002-10-25 08:45:16 AM  
Well that gives me something to try this weekend...!
2002-10-25 08:45:31 AM  
2002-10-25 08:46:29 AM  
CheeseEatingBulldog yeah, you know your right about that, but I just can't fathom the Idea of a nude guy on the phone saying "please hold" taking a picture and then running away. Although it does make for a funny image.
2002-10-25 08:48:06 AM  

nice HTML skills... it looks as though you forgot something...
2002-10-25 08:49:17 AM  
talking of sexist i submitted this to fark, hopefully it will come up, read and enjoy even if it is a little long

If men have all the power, then why do women make all the rules?

come my brothers, wake up and smell the nailpolishremover!
2002-10-25 08:51:27 AM  
Kind of a twist on the old line:

"Let's go into a dark room & see what develops."
2002-10-25 08:51:42 AM  
Did Nick Nolte film his own rape?
2002-10-25 08:52:59 AM  

yeah and then more spring to mind, ..let me dip my print in your fluids.
not to mention the kinky red lighting in darkrooms.
2002-10-25 08:53:19 AM  
Positive proof of what he looks like.
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-25 08:57:42 AM  
i was trying to think what the reaction photos would look like so i figured emotion eric would have the answer

the best i could find there were flirtatious...
[image from too old to be available]

and reserved...
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-25 09:00:55 AM  
MrVeach.. you never, ever seem to be able to post HTML properly. This leads to anger, which leads to hate, which leads to us laughing at you a lot because you are a tard. I suggest giving the glue-sniffing a slight break in order to manage this (for you) extraordinarily difficult task in future.

Your Pal,

2002-10-25 09:02:52 AM  
In two of the incidents in Columbus, he wore sunglasses and in four of the incidents, he has worn a hat or ski mask... the descriptions are nearly identical in each case.

Well... there's one obvious way to identify this guy. Should make for an interesting police lineup once they catch him.

(Future headline: "In other news, a radio DJ was fired after pulling a series of what he thought were funny on-air stunts involving nudity...)
2002-10-25 09:12:32 AM  
The flasher then touched the woman and fled to the north.

Tag you're it!!
2002-10-25 09:12:49 AM  
"window in the basement"? I didn't know basements had windows?

Athor-- no one would mind it much unless it were some old saggy crone that had no teeth and crooked eyes. Then they'd probably complain. ;)
2002-10-25 09:33:59 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

This came from Pavement Terror.... the guy who rigged a camera in the back window of the van he could make backfire whenever he wanted to.

2002-10-25 09:37:49 AM  

Then...the giggling...
2002-10-25 09:48:45 AM  
25 to 35, 5-9 to 6-2, 170 to 200 .... that's quite a range... basically they don't know shiat.
Fox said the descriptions are nearly identical in each case.
2002-10-25 09:53:42 AM  
I wonder if Ballbricker is looking for his tallywhacker.
2002-10-25 09:54:44 AM  
I submitted this story several days ago. Guess it's all who you know ...

They like you better.
2002-10-25 10:20:27 AM  
*****10-25-02 08:43:27 AM WickedWanda

The suspect is described as white, 25 to 35, 5-9 to 6-2, 170 to 200 and with dark hair...

...and carrying 1/2 dozen Krispy Kreme chocolate cake donughts. With a cup of coffee in each hand.*****

BBBWWHahahahahaha... Who says you aren't funny Wanda. You owe me a new keyboard
2002-10-25 10:20:28 AM  
Stinkhead - Classic!
2002-10-25 11:10:11 AM  
He'll be fine. All he has to do is write the national academy of the arts, asking for a $5000 grant to create "a photographic exhibit that outlines the attitudes of american society when expose to the hideous, grotesque appearance of its fast food culture" and suddenly it's not crime, it's a masterpiece.
2002-10-25 11:48:24 AM  
During the Oct. 15 Broadmeadows incident, a man reported his 26-year-old wife was getting out of her car in the parking lot when the naked man approached her and grabbed her. The man pulled the woman close and took three pictures, police said.
The flasher then touched the woman and fled to the north.

He had already grabbed her, isn't that touching? I think they need to be a little bit more discriptive.
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