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(CNN)   Man who turned in sniper duo says he isn't a hero, just did the right thing. Plans to give any reward money to victims' families   ( divider line
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2002-10-24 05:50:47 PM  
yup... good use of Hero tag :)
2002-10-24 05:51:26 PM  
Some people have all the luck.
2002-10-24 05:52:41 PM  
So We've sunk to having the media interview themselves?
2002-10-24 05:54:28 PM  
Very cool.

I personally would donate it to the "Hook jumper cables and a Die Hard battery to those sniper asshats tiny testicles" Fund.
2002-10-24 05:54:36 PM  
Now that is a real hero!
2002-10-24 05:55:27 PM  
Are they even sure those guys are the snipers?
2002-10-24 05:56:06 PM  
2002-10-24 05:57:08 PM  
Must be a commie...
2002-10-24 05:57:28 PM  
"you receive 10,000 dollars for your split"

(obvious EQ reference)
2002-10-24 05:57:28 PM  
where does it say he will give the money to victims families? if true then he is deffinatly a hero
2002-10-24 05:57:28 PM  
Good for him.

Sounded like he was mighty religious.

If only everyone bought into the whole 'do unto others...', ' if they've killed all humanity', etc. business, and didn't use it as an excuse to hate infidels.
2002-10-24 05:58:09 PM  
That little boy who saved the puppies is the real hero of the day.
2002-10-24 05:59:08 PM  
gimme some while you're at it, I'll be your friend
2002-10-24 05:59:08 PM  
What a classy thing to do!!!! Give him a big medal!
I think some car mfg. should be lining up to give this guy
a new van.
2002-10-24 06:00:49 PM  
That's pretty cool.
2002-10-24 06:01:45 PM  
Are you allowed to have a headline that doesn't referrence the article?
Where does it say "Plans to give any reward money to victims' families?"
All it says is "Will that person get the reward money?" You know, that reward money is over $500,000 right now. And Greg Shipley, the police officer doing that press conference, said he doesn't know. "
2002-10-24 06:01:55 PM  
Jeez, those dudes had no chance. "They called the sniper task force, and the sniper task force."
2002-10-24 06:01:56 PM  
I usually don't biatch about Fark...but - I thought it was really cool that the guy supposably was going to give the award money to the victims family so I read the whole damn article - no where in it does it say anything about him planning in doing this.

It does say "DAVIS: Absolutely. And in the press conference with the Maryland State Police, you heard a reporter asking, "Will that person get the reward money?" You know, that reward money is over $500,000 right now. And Greg Shipley, the police officer doing that press conference, said he doesn't know. "

...and that is it. The guy may be a hero - but if he IS going to give the $ to the victims family then he is a HERO...misleading post!
2002-10-24 06:02:50 PM  
I wouldn't call him a hero, but I'm Canadian..we've had our "me first" attitudes beaten out of us since Trudeau.
2002-10-24 06:03:32 PM  
Decent folk. They're everywhere, but it sure is nice to be reminded.
2002-10-24 06:03:55 PM  
2002-10-24 06:04:01 PM  
I'm an idiot...
2002-10-24 06:04:46 PM  
people complaining about the headline = funny
2002-10-24 06:04:46 PM  
Kaka -

You and I are the only ones that read the article, evidently.

2002-10-24 06:05:33 PM  
when did they become suspects? in the press conference with the police cheif last night he kept saying that they werent suspects, just people that they wanted to talk to. then he said to consider them armed and dangerous. now cnn is putting suspects in parenthesis. are these guys really suspects and why was the cheif so adamant on not calling them suspects? bah.
2002-10-24 06:06:27 PM  
Honestly this guy is a class act, he is doing everything that should be done, calls the cops, denies being a hero, and plans to give any reward money to the victims.
2002-10-24 06:06:27 PM  
You know, it sucks people died/where hurt...but if the sniper kills someone else, I believe I'm going to laugh.
2002-10-24 06:06:42 PM  
Mmm, hero...
2002-10-24 06:06:46 PM  
OverMuch - acutally it kind of pisses me off - everyone has warm fuzzies about the informant - is the whole - giving the $ to the victims familes just the wet dream of the dork that posted this?
2002-10-24 06:07:36 PM  
Nice to see how many of you Farkers actually read the article.
2002-10-24 06:07:36 PM  
Uh yeah...if anybody has a link to the article that the headline is referring to, please post it up.
2002-10-24 06:08:10 PM  
Get your head out of your copy of Marx, Fb-, and realize that LEGALLY they're innocent, but that doesn't REQUIRE that everyone torturously pretend that they have no opinion as to their guilt.

Hell, I'm pretty sure these idiots are guilty. And I'm damn sure that the guy who put a knife in me in '93 was guilty too - before the trial. But I suppose you'd still give a mugger the 'benefit of the doubt' as he pulled his shiv from your arm, right? Right.
2002-10-24 06:09:20 PM  
um...I read it.
2002-10-24 06:09:38 PM  
wow. i agree with -fb.
2002-10-24 06:09:58 PM

I'd hit it.
2002-10-24 06:10:49 PM  
Whoever wrote the description of this article is a hero for not using the word ASSHAT(S).
2002-10-24 06:10:49 PM  
There was an interview on CNN a little while ago with the guy who called the police. He did say that he was gonna give the money to the people who lost family members.
2002-10-24 06:12:17 PM  
people complaining about the headline = funny"

People complaining about repeats = funny

Farkers who just want the actual facts = understandable

2002-10-24 06:12:52 PM  
Ummm... do you people ever farking READ this shiat.. or just blow hot air as it comes? There is NO mention of giving up the reward money in this link.

Hope it's my imagination, but Fark really seems to be going into the crapper.. bad links, shiat posted three or four times.. descriptions that are nowhere near reality. shiat, if I wanted this level of stupidity, I'd watch network news.
2002-10-24 06:13:24 PM  
Well, you heard it here first. I said "catch him at 13" and they did. :P I even wore a shirt that said "13 mecca" on it yesterday. Heh. Good job, Michael Hoffman, thanks for the tip :)

/collecting $5 bet
2002-10-24 06:13:53 PM  
Uh, Fb-

" A Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle, a scope, a tripod and a "sniper platform" was recovered from the suspects' 1990 Chevrolet Caprice, sources said Thursday"
2002-10-24 06:16:11 PM  
Good points. Have to cautiously agree with all, 'cept the "valid" qualifier.

However, the facts that are not sensationalized lead me to believe that they're probably guilty. And I don't think that the underlying thrust of your prior posting is quite fair - an opinion on someone's guilt should not be REQUIRED to be silenced, just because a trial has not yet been completed. Except, of course, for gov't workers. That I'll give ya.
2002-10-24 06:17:50 PM  
Opinion? What valid opinion could you possibly have? You have no information about the subject.. the only thing you know is the sensationalistic slanderous garbage that the media feeds you.. and as I've said before, the media.. in the name of higher ratings, has already hanged these men.

You set such a good example of being unbiased and objective.
2002-10-24 06:17:58 PM  

people complaining about repeats = wasting time
reading peoples complaints about headlines on FARK = still funny

Penguinista- "sources"? I'm a source. I should make an anonymous call to CNN stating I am a member of the ATF and these two are innocent. Chaos.
2002-10-24 06:18:11 PM  
NEWSFLASH!!! - Christina Aguilera SHOT!!!

Oh...did I mention it was a Rolling Stone photo shoot?


2002-10-24 06:18:15 PM  
"newsflash junior.. this place went to crap when #10,000 showed up.

Sooo... one can only assume that you were #10,000?
2002-10-24 06:18:36 PM  
First of all (not that it matters in the grand scheme of things) but I want to go on record as being the first one to predict that this farker would be ex-military (for which I was duly crapped upon).

Secondly, my only regret is that these dumbfarks were asleep, missed the APB and therefore missed the opportunity to kill themselves to save us the time, trouble and effort.

I suppose Johnnie Cochran's beeper is going off, eh?
2002-10-24 06:18:37 PM  
"Really? I heard those were planted on them by the feds who set them up."

Oh, I see...sorry. Just making stupid remarks to be inflammatory. Forgot that was your usual way. Carry on, then.
2002-10-24 06:18:54 PM  
As far as I'm concerned, whether he keeps the money or not, he's a hero.
2002-10-24 06:19:07 PM  
Most poorly written article. Ever.
Thanks for the inane dribble once again, CNN.
btw, here's a pic of the "white van".
[image from too old to be available]
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