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11234 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Jan 2008 at 10:52 AM (9 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2008-01-29 07:51:19 AM  
"America kann nicht eher zur Ruhe kommen, bevor die Erdöl Frage ausgeräumt ist. Die Welt hat Siedlungsraum genügend, es muß aber endgültig mit der Meinung gebrochen werden, als sei das Erdölinhaber vom lieben Gott eben dazu bestimmt, in einem gewissen Prozentsatz Nutznießer am Körper und an der produktiven Arbeit anderer Völker zu sein."
2008-01-29 08:34:15 AM
2008-01-29 08:37:31 AM  
"This way I only see the standing applause side ... heh-heh-heh "
2008-01-29 08:44:05 AM  
"Wooo weee! Looks like the surge worked on my undies."
2008-01-29 08:46:20 AM  
"Oops! There was a follow-through on that last fart. Looks like I'm in the shiat - again."
2008-01-29 08:56:06 AM  
...and its great to have Stevie Wonder in the audience tonight

winks at Stevie
2008-01-29 09:03:57 AM  
"How YOU doin', Senator Craig?"
2008-01-29 09:30:23 AM  
"And the middle class lived happily ever after. The End." *wink*
2008-01-29 09:41:29 AM  
Camera one, camera two, camera one, camera two...

/now VE
2008-01-29 10:00:07 AM  
Sorry Dick and Nancy...I'll call my biffs the next time.
2008-01-29 10:18:24 AM  
I changed Cheney's diaper last time. Someone else do it.
2008-01-29 10:28:23 AM  
I yam what I yam! Ar ar ar ar ar!
2008-01-29 10:46:57 AM  
"If I squint like this it makes the teleprompter say 'nipple'."
2008-01-29 10:55:25 AM  
President Bush, amused by the farting noises coming from Cheney's hands.
2008-01-29 10:55:46 AM  
Next time, Dick, cum on my tits.
2008-01-29 10:57:56 AM  
2008-01-29 10:57:58 AM  
Wait for it, wait for it. Ahhhh
2008-01-29 10:58:13 AM  
Pelosi's mouth open? Great. Watch this drive.
2008-01-29 10:58:32 AM  
I'm rich, biatch.
2008-01-29 11:00:28 AM  
Dick loves it when I eat White Castle
2008-01-29 11:00:36 AM  
"...I want to be a real boy!"
2008-01-29 11:00:48 AM  
"Where was I going with this? Uh Oh, there're about to stop clapping."
2008-01-29 11:01:04 AM  
"Man that shiat burns the ol' nostrils"
2008-01-29 11:01:09 AM  
Oh crap! That wasn't a fart.
2008-01-29 11:01:14 AM  
With an amazing sleight of hand, Dick Cheney is able to clap and work his ventriloquist dummy, Georgie, at the same time.
2008-01-29 11:01:42 AM

During his last State of the Union address, President Bush reveals that when his term of office is over, he will embark on a new public career as a Penis Impersonator.
2008-01-29 11:01:52 AM  
"...and thanks for all the fish."
2008-01-29 11:02:14 AM  
I swore to uphold the Constitution. nudge nudge
2008-01-29 11:03:42 AM  
i fart in your general direction Nancy pew lousy...
2008-01-29 11:05:14 AM  
"Nancy, is that you? How did you get under...(ZZZIIIIPPPP) oh, oh yes, OK, that's a girl..."
2008-01-29 11:06:16 AM  
Hey Condi, how about that blow job in the Oval Office after this is over?"
2008-01-29 11:07:31 AM  
Remember that drive from Wortsborough? (snapping his fingers) I was spotting those raccoons.

Hey look a dime.
2008-01-29 11:09:36 AM  
"I'm Georgy the sailor man,
I'm a rich ass American,
It don't matter what I say,
no one listens anyway,
I'm Georgy the sailor man."
2008-01-29 11:10:42 AM  
"I want all Americans to have a job and to.... How you doin' sexy cutie."
2008-01-29 11:10:51 AM  
2008-01-29 11:11:43 AM  
Psst.. is that dick still sitting behind me?
2008-01-29 11:12:22 AM  
Madam Mayor, Mr. Speaker... His Holiness the Pope, the King of Norway.. and our other honored guests ..... {zip}
2008-01-29 11:14:06 AM  
"If I squint just right, Henry Kissinger looks just like mom"
2008-01-29 11:14:20 AM  
You know, it's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye!
2008-01-29 11:20:47 AM  
"Who farted, y'all?"
2008-01-29 11:21:19 AM  
"... there's no place like home. There's no place like home. Damn, didn't work, again."
2008-01-29 11:21:23 AM  
President Bush is seen here in one of his last photos, apparently trying to show his discontent with his VP by making his face slant in the opposite direction as Cheney.
2008-01-29 11:22:39 AM  
After a long night watching Police Academy movies, Dick decided to re-enact the "BJ hooker in the podium" gag...
2008-01-29 11:25:01 AM  
Fark off, America! I got away with ALL of it. (wink)
2008-01-29 11:26:28 AM  
Applause meter guy’s manager: OK, he just winked. Quick, queue the applause sign
2008-01-29 11:26:52 AM  
They keep saying you can see a unicorn jumping over a spaceship if you try to look past the picture. What the hell do they mean "look past the picture"?
2008-01-29 11:31:38 AM  
In an Executive Order to be released following this speech, I will declare the pronunciation of "Nuclear" to be "Noo-ku-lar". Part two of the Executive Order will declare that you will get over it.
2008-01-29 11:32:13 AM  
"Excuse me, I need to use the restroom......................Thank you."
2008-01-29 11:33:19 AM

Hey Moe! Nyuk, Nyuk!

2008-01-29 11:39:43 AM  
I just left a little present the next President.
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