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(Some Guy)   ISU students protest university protest guidlines   ( divider line
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46 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Oct 2002 at 1:18 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-23 01:21:30 PM  
"Don't you hate pants?"
2002-10-23 01:23:14 PM  
No Boobies here... Move along ...
2002-10-23 01:24:10 PM  
I want to protest the fact that the school newspaper was scooped by the community newspaper on this story.
2002-10-23 01:24:34 PM  
Suggestions for guidlines:
1. guidelines
2. godliness
3. guideline
4. godlings
5. gaudiness
6. goodliest
7. godling
8. godliest
9. godless
10. Godolphin

Godolphin, it's your birthday, go, go!
2002-10-23 01:25:11 PM  
We have a "Free Speech Alley" populated with free speech muggers and religiots and of course a free speech zone outside the gates. Tards.
2002-10-23 01:26:22 PM  
Students protesting. How gay.
Getting drunk is more fun.
Spanking it on some chick's back in the library is even better.
2002-10-23 01:27:15 PM  
So basically protesting is fine as long as you're quietly standing in a bucket of Jelly, in a closet, on your own, with the light out.
2002-10-23 01:27:17 PM  
Go Redbirds!
2002-10-23 01:27:46 PM  
Signs... signs.. Everywhere there's signs!!
2002-10-23 01:28:25 PM  
"NO FAT CHICKS" /homer
2002-10-23 01:28:46 PM  
We're not gonna protest...

2002-10-23 01:29:02 PM  
"I promised I wasn't going to do this, but if we could just once say this, if only to ourselves, that we're not going to protest... that we're not going to protest. WE'RE NOT GOING TO PROTEST!" "WE'RE NOT GOING TO PROTEST! WE'RE NOT GOING TO PROTEST!!! Gutter is a tool! WE'RE NOT GOING TO PROTEST!" (its from a cool movie incase anyone was wondering)
2002-10-23 01:29:06 PM  
A meta-protest.
How Post-modern.
2002-10-23 01:29:10 PM  
2002-10-23 01:29:47 PM  
Quite ironic. Ironic indeed.

Any protest of the use of the Ironic tag on this one?
2002-10-23 01:31:15 PM  
I really hope that they do not go through with the creation of protest zones. I don't want that bo-shiat coming to my university, so I hope they keep protesting protest zones.
2002-10-23 01:32:03 PM  
Protesting is for nerds. The cool crowd joins Fraternities and Soroities and parties all night with pigs until they are very tired and sunburned.
2002-10-23 01:32:17 PM  
2002-10-23 01:32:52 PM  
too. much. recursion. and. nag. champa. oil.

pressure. building.

/head explodes
2002-10-23 01:33:34 PM  
Over the years, the ISU administration has made some decisions that students (and other) have been highly critical of. To not allow protest near the administrative buildings is to basically say, "You can protest against us, just not where we'll notice it or hear it."

They force the annual "Vesha" celebration to become dry (no alcohol) after someone crashed a frat party, and stabbed someone. Previously, there was a riot because, if I remember correctly, the police decided to close down the bars early during Vesha. So instead of the normal dispersement of people as the bars close (some leave shortly before last call, some leave even earlier so they can buy their own booze so they can keep drinking), you have a FOOD of students and others pissed off because the police arbitrarily closed the bars early.

What an asshat administration.
2002-10-23 01:34:18 PM  
Haha, PCU. It's really not that funny, but I watch it every time it's on. "Can you blow me where the pampers is?"

Good thing I skipped college to join the real world, I couldn't put up with that crap every day.
2002-10-23 01:34:37 PM  
PCU - best college movie ever.
2002-10-23 01:34:42 PM  
48-hour notice would stifle spontaneous demonstrations


no shiat.
2002-10-23 01:35:27 PM  
Yea thats ISU for ya (from the town where that is college)

Thats why i goto U of Arizona, where the kids are really diluted!

they are west coast, and stupid
2002-10-23 01:36:40 PM  
That would be moonburned Farkeater. Unless it involves flamable substances..
2002-10-23 01:37:07 PM  
hmm... what about spontaneously protesting the protesters?
2002-10-23 01:37:49 PM  
Those guidelines sound reasonable.
2002-10-23 01:37:50 PM  
"PCU - best college movie ever."

Ah yes, I regularly hear that in ads for the new crop of teen college movies..."The PCU for the next generation" (as opposed to some other crazy movie from, like, the 40s, that's in black & white with prim and proper guy named Belushi)
2002-10-23 01:38:29 PM  
"I'm positive it wasn't meant to be prohibitive," said Groves, adding that students and faculty were involved in authoring the plan. "It was meant to be organizational."

I'm not prohibiting you from protesting in certain areas, I'm just organizing.

Homer: It's not UN-delicious.
2002-10-23 01:38:45 PM  
farking hippies
2002-10-23 01:43:08 PM  
I would hate to go to college today. Everyone's ass is so tight and all of these retard radicals protesting everything. And what is up with everyone wear both straps of their backpacks? I was walking on my old campus the other day and everyone had their backpacks on with both straps on both arms. I thought, "what a bunch of fags!".
2002-10-23 01:48:56 PM  
Why, back when I was in school (a whole 4 years ago) wearing both straps was grounds for getting a beatdown, and then being ostracized for a year or so. Now, as for using the word "ostracized", I'm just glad my vocabulary was much worse in those days.
2002-10-23 01:49:45 PM  
I'm an ISU alum...ah, it brought back memories when I picked up a school newspaper (The Daily Vidette, for inquiring minds), and the headline read "House haunted by oppression". Ahh, to be liberal and naive again...
2002-10-23 01:51:03 PM  
By the way, since this is a Bloomington-Normal thread, WHEN are enough people going to get off their keisters and come out to the FARK meetup? Come on, people!!
2002-10-23 01:53:06 PM  
Bloomington Illinois and Normal Illionois "twin Cities" that are home to this campus have to be the most uptight place on the planet I was born and raised in that whole and jumped ship right after my daughter was born so she would not have to be around such closed minded hillbilly jerks. Also is the corporate HQ for state farm if that tells ya anything.
2002-10-23 01:57:40 PM  
shiat I spelled alot of shiat wrong I = SUX
2002-10-23 01:59:59 PM  
Anyone heard of "Time, place and manner" restrictions on free speech?

The gub'ment (or in this case the university) can reasonably place restrictions on speech, as long as there is a legitimate concern for safety, traffic, etc. That's why many cities require you to have a permit before you can protest and potentially block streets, etc.

ISU spokesman Jay Groves described the proposal as "a discussion document" open to compromise after its recent passage by the Academic Senate's administrative affairs and budget subcommittee.

Sounds like some students are jumping the gun here. The college is actually asking for input from them before instituting a policy.
2002-10-23 02:04:09 PM  
Hey Psychonaut

The bars in normal close early, that's why everybody now goes to Bloomington, cause the bars are open an hour later. Not to mention so many more bars. And if you don't feel like going to bloomington hit a keg party. That's what i did at ISU.

Go RedBirds.
2002-10-23 02:06:12 PM  
Hey Byort
2002-10-23 02:07:49 PM  
I'm currently a student at ISU. The amount of bullcrap that students have to put up with is immense. The admins are full of it and this is just another chapter.
2002-10-23 02:08:35 PM  
man, i miss avanti's bread. can i get a witness?
2002-10-23 02:08:46 PM  
Good ole Bloomington. Where are you Bloomingtonians and Normalites? I'll be venturing down there from Naperville on Friday to Daddio's for HBB. Come party!

2002-10-23 02:13:09 PM  
DRFS Rich:

That would be a great time, but I gotta work. AHHH, at ISU the weekend before Halloween. The best parties ever are on Halloween at ISU. I want to go.
2002-10-23 02:13:47 PM  
ISU alumni. Former Vidette columnist. Former Pantagraph reporter. Former State Farmer. Now working for a newspaper in Dallas.

B-N bars I miss the most: Lizards Lounge, Fat Jacks, The Cellar, CII East and Mugsie's.
2002-10-23 02:14:33 PM  
How about a burrito as big as your head from La Bamba's after a night of hard drinking.
2002-10-23 02:18:41 PM  
Drinking was never hard back in college...

As for late-night favorites: $3.99 small pizza from Grogs. I know they got a bad rap, but I seriously liked their pizza.
2002-10-23 02:20:44 PM  
Nasty Pizza, Ahhhhhhhh!

Hey I hear the Cellar is no longer with us. As Rocky's, Shanagins and the Gallery will be gone soon too.
2002-10-23 02:28:58 PM  
The ISU in this story is Illinois State.

I have noticed some people refering to Iowa State though.

Just a little FYI.
2002-10-23 02:32:30 PM  
Iuse to go to all the "punk Rock" shows at the Gallery back when I was in high school like the late 80's and early 90's damn I feel old.and I will say Avanti's has the best bread and torpedo sandwiches. ROck on MOTHER MUPHEYS
2002-10-23 02:35:15 PM  
For no good reason, the bookbag "cool thing to do" has swung back to both straps. It's been that way for a couple years now, at least at the places I've been.
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