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(St. Louis Post-Dispatch)   Missouri man converts engines to run with used cooking oil: "Nine times out of 10, the exhaust smells like french fries... but every once in a while it smells like Chinese food."   ( ) divider line
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2002-10-23 12:25:54 PM  
"The most complicated thing I'd done previously was change the car's headlamp," White said.

Headlamp? Since when does a car have a headlamp?
2002-10-23 02:34:13 PM  
"Nine times out of 10, it's an electric razor...but every once in a's a dildo."
2002-10-23 03:20:17 PM  
Better than, "Sometimes it smells like tuna."
2002-10-23 03:23:46 PM  
"Welcome to McFillup's. You you like regular cooking oil, or Wesson. And for .39 cents more, your order can be supersized.
2002-10-23 03:24:26 PM  
London police (I think) give people tickets for doing this and avoiding the gasoline (petrol) taxes. I know that some european country does it. Almost sure its England.
2002-10-23 03:25:05 PM  
I guess nobody ever told him about bio-diesel. Oh well, this should be a big seller in Wales.
2002-10-23 03:26:51 PM  
What an awesome idea! Too bad Chrysler is going to buy the patents off of him for a couple million, then take the idea and destroy it.
2002-10-23 03:27:09 PM  
But will this car run on McDonald's new `healthy', peta-approved, bunny hugger french fry oil? (I tried the new fries - yuck - animal fat worked much better)
2002-10-23 03:29:04 PM  
It's called "BioDiesel" and it's been in use in CA for quite a while. I wonder who gets to sue who over it :)

The garbage trucks in Berkeley smell like donuts :)

(Who discourages the use of pronouns to describe the dildo, it's _not_ YOUR dildo)
2002-10-23 03:29:27 PM  
2002-10-23 03:30:10 PM  
This isn't really "new" or even "news", but it's interesting. Unfortunately, the business is limited to "how much grease we can produce", which, while an exorbitant amount per day, is probably not enough to keep even the streets of a moderate size city going. For those wondering, when I worked at Wendy's, I sometimes had the "fun" task of taking out the grease to the special dumpster (apparently some place came by to take it and made candles out of it)...most days it was about 2 bucket's worth, although much of that was mixed with water. It's great if some people can use it, but it's not feasible on the whole unless there is a huge resource we can tap.
2002-10-23 03:32:39 PM  
Headlamp? Since when does a car have a headlamp?

They have two, actually. Look for them on opposite sides of the front of the car. At night, they light up so you can see where you are going. Isn't technology wonderful?
2002-10-23 03:34:17 PM  
Carl Conrad: Yes, it's England.
2002-10-23 03:34:39 PM  
this is my Boobies, or my Boobies. not the greatest, but i'll take it where i can get it.
2002-10-23 03:35:03 PM  
2002-10-23 03:36:31 PM  
Missouri man converts engines to run with used cooking oil: "Nine times out of 10, the exhaust smells like french fries... but every once in a while it smells like Chinese food."

Quick informal pole here: Does anyone else notice that certain foods make your exhaust smell funny(er)?

Whenever I eat Sugar Puffs®, Deviled eggs or ramen noodles, I can smell it in my pee/wolf bait. Maybe it's just me....

Can you hear me now???
2002-10-23 03:36:35 PM  
wow, f"1"rst post is filtered too.
2002-10-23 03:37:31 PM  
Bart: Smell that, Ralph? It's the smell of justice.
Ralph: It smells like hot dogs!
2002-10-23 03:40:36 PM  
Franksass: well, screw you too buddy!
2002-10-23 03:44:11 PM  
Back in 88 or 89 there was a guy driving around the country in a Diesel VW Rabbit powered by seed hemp oil. Which is probably one of the real reasons it's illegal.
2002-10-23 03:49:39 PM  
Is the car stainless steel? Can it fly? Does it time travel?
2002-10-23 03:54:59 PM  
"...the inventor's idea has begun to pick up momentum. At lease one other company..."

arrrrrg - who wrote this crap. /rant
2002-10-23 03:58:50 PM  
Nothing new, Veggie van
2002-10-23 03:58:50 PM  
This stuff is different than Biodiesel.... biodiesel has to undergo an extremely complicated process before you can use it in your car and requires no modifications to the engine. The stuff he's talking about is just hot oil right out of the fryer. With all the onion ring pieces filtered out of course.
2002-10-23 04:00:38 PM  
Diesel engines were designed to run on peanut oil, but they found it was cheaper to use diesel. in fact most (i dare to say all but am not certain) diesel engines will run off peanut oil with minor modifications. You can actually mix just about any precentage of vegi oil with diesel and the car will still run to factory standards.
2002-10-23 04:07:01 PM  
Carl Conrad England is correct.

They actually have patrols that keep an eye and a nose out for any diesel cars running on recycled cooking oil. Then they ticket them for tax evasion.

All the roads and bridges are paid for largely by fuel tax and it looks like they want to prevent this renewable alternate fuel source from becoming popular enough to hit them in the pocket book.
2002-10-23 04:10:26 PM  
See that's funny 'caused I noticed that "grammer" => grammar; however, I guess it posted anyway. Aaaarrrggg. Who wrote this post? The joke is on me I guess.
2002-10-23 04:12:30 PM  
come again, Hexedl?
2002-10-23 04:13:32 PM  
Good news: Oil alternative is a cheaper source.
Bad news: Engines now need angioplasty after 50K miles.
2002-10-23 04:15:57 PM  
refer to this
2002-10-23 04:25:52 PM  
Does it really burn cleaner? Just because it is "natural" doesn't mean it won't pollute.

If it is cleaner, thats awesome. Buses run on clean burning gas--is that what biodeisel is? Where do you get it?

OH, and if you're putting discarded oil in your car, what happens when there's chunks of potato and water in it? Shouldnt this mess up your engine?
2002-10-23 04:34:35 PM  
MisterMike: Yup. You got that right.

Of course, it makes perfect sense really... They need to raise money to keep the roads working, so they tax fuel. it works out well, there's a pretty good correlation between the amount of fuel tax you pay, and the amount of wear and tear you put on the roads.

It's the same reason that in Canada for farm vehicles and generators and the like you can buy dyed or coloured diesel, which is exactly the same stuff, but it's cheaper because it doesn't have the road taxes on it. But if they catch you with it in your fuel tank on the road they'll come down on you hard.

If you didn't have to pay taxes on fuel, they'd either have to just tax everybody the same to pay for the roads, which I wouldn't like because I don't drive much and I'd end up paying more, and some heavy users would end up paying less; or base it on the number of Km's on your odomiter and the weight of your vehicle or something. Just having a tax on fuel is the easiest for now though.

Anyway, I heard something interesting about Bio-Diesel the other day... It turns out that with the current technology, it's a losing proposition, as in it takes more fuel and energy to grow and process the bio-input materials than you get out of the process... Perhaps in a few years it'll be better, who knows.

2002-10-23 04:35:51 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"Agh! Me retirement grease!!"
2002-10-23 04:37:37 PM  
They filter the biodiesel before it goes into the car. It's actually a fairly efficient means of fueling vehicles. A guy from my college did his senior thesis project on biodesiel including a conversion of an RV.

check it out

and if you're interested in the college
2002-10-23 04:40:26 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"This diesel fuel tastes like fishsticks."
2002-10-23 04:41:16 PM  
"Argh...they're stealing my retirement grease!"
2002-10-23 04:46:02 PM  
oops...Adm_crunch beat me to it.
2002-10-23 04:46:02 PM  
Sorry for the huge gif. i ran across it, and it just fit so perfectly.....
2002-10-23 05:05:58 PM  
Now this car is automatic...
it's systematic...
it's hyyyydromatic...
Why, it's Greased Lightnin'!!!
2002-10-23 05:14:17 PM  
So, you'll look like you're driving . . but you'll smell like you're wokking!

Thank you! Thank you! You're a beautiful audience. I'll be here all week. Try the gazpacho.
2002-10-23 06:07:40 PM  
im hungry all of a sudden
2002-10-23 06:22:35 PM  
sounds like they oughta run the snowcats on it at our ski
area- talk about subliminal advertising for the fry kitchen...
2002-10-23 06:59:22 PM  
2002-10-23 07:41:43 PM  
With the internet and all why don't news folk actually research before they jump up and down like they have some new scoop on a new "invention" Running diesel engines on oil is not new and as usual a ever increasing option in europe and germany. As posted repeatedly in this discussion this in not new and in fact the greasel kit is one of the most simple and cheap but not the best way to go. One good site is

Back to work.
2002-10-23 07:44:56 PM  
The story claimed it was a Welsh frying patrol.​m/200210 09/od_nm/petrol_dc
2002-10-23 07:59:21 PM  
Replacing world dependancy on petroleum with a clean, efficient, agricultural-boosting fuel source?

Careful... people have been added to the Axis of Evil for doing such things.
2002-10-23 08:46:26 PM  
I'm from St. Louis. I really like the idea.
But there is small problem...
In the spring of 2001, Missouri Senator Kitt Bond (R) had a photo op of him pumping biodesil (desil ethenol gasoline) for one of our MetroBus run by the back stabbing Bi-state Development Agency (BSDA).

(There are 5 levels of backstabbing, 5 being the most maacob: 1) Jack the Ripper; 2) Johnny the Homicidal Maniac; 3) Repubican Missouri Senator Kitt Bond; 4) Democratic Majority Leader DICK Gephart (also from MO); 5) Bi-state Developement Agency!)

On August 31, 2001, BSDA terminated the Biodesil program, discontinued services to Northern, Western, and Southern sections of St. Louis County, terminated services to St. Charles County, and divided major routes into smaller limitted services for new routes and expanded Metrolink (train) services into Madison and St. Clair Counties in ILLINOIS!

Illinios Governor George Ryan who declaired that he would retire in the spring of 2001 is now running for reelection this month for governor.

Illinios is also vying to move the St. Louis Cardinals to Illinios while Busch Stadium is torn down for a larger capacity field. (By the way ticket prices look and from the smaller number of seats in the sketch drawings, the Illinios-based contractor means more box seating for the people with the LARGER PAYCHECKS.)

I managed to save up enough money to do something that I have not done in two years this summer: Go to a Cardnial Baseball Game. (Once a yearly ritual, now bummed down to every other year.)
The people in my community once took the bus to the game.
The bus now is limited and run with TERRIBLE services.
I went to the mall to see a movie over the summer and pick up some stuff to wear, THE SAME BUS AND THE SAME DRIVER DID NOT MOVE FROM THAT SPOT ALL DAY! A wasp nest now lay on the back side of the waiting pavilion where a crowd of homesick shoppers, local communters, and mall employees waited for the lollygagging bus driver (who took her damn time though she was on the clock) came back. (Did I meantion that it was 104 degrees that day or the 75 y.o. lady with a cane sitting in the glass pavilion for the past two hours?) The outragous wait in the blazing sun also cost me my PDA (which it dawned on my that my computer never once synchronized with my PDA). Currently, BSDA is building a Busport in West St. Louis County. (But their are no buses in that area, and after the busport is constructed there are no plans for any routes!)

I went Busch Stadium. (This contractor must be Adrian Monk.) The building is 30 years old. Or as old as the St. Louis Arch or the school I graduated from high school two years ago.
Achitect (Monk): "The building has cracks in it."
My Observation (Eyes): Where? All the beams had no fractures?
Monk: "The employees are happy and well paid."
Eyes: The lady at the consession stan REALLY NEEDS TO SEE A DENTISTS!
Monk: "Fan want to get up closer to the action."
Eyes: Then why does the plan for the new stadium have no seats in the outfield? (Thats where most balls, foul and fair, are caught!)
Monk: "There needs to be more seats."
Eyes: We added more seats along the foul lines. Most never fill due to high ticket prices, or some rich fark bought 10 seats and never showed up for the game!
Monk: "We need more people to come to the game!"
Eyes: More RICH people, or are you looking at the nosebleed section?
Monk: "We need to lower ticket prices..."
Eyes: In the BOX SEATS?
Monk: "We need to raise ticket prices..."
Eyes: In all the sections where rich farks want to distance themselves from middle class people? (Since when could people buy quesidillas at the ball park?)

The Mob is back to steal St. Louis!
Illinois Farkers vote NO for Gov. Ryan!
And get your damn hands off of my Missouri turf!
2002-10-23 09:19:05 PM  
Hasn't a grease-mobile already been done before? I swear I remeber hearing a few years ago about a couple of kids from Hampster College making a Volkeswagon Van that ran on grease. I think they even drove it 'cross country. They'd stop at random fast food restaurants to fill up. Ehh, I quit.
2002-10-23 09:26:47 PM  
I'm sure the oil companies will buy out the technology before any economy of scale can develop out of this.
2002-10-23 10:02:34 PM  
George Ryan is linked to the Mob.
The Mob runs a construction business.
Osama bin Ladin's dad was in the construction business and gave it to OBL.
OBL farked the business for terrorism!

George Ryan is a domestic terrorist!
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