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(Chicago Sun-Times)   Worker fired for having MP3 files on her work computer.   ( divider line
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2879 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Aug 2001 at 7:39 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-03 07:53:24 AM  
...or perhaps it was the 4+ gigs of p0rn cookies she had in her cache (ahh, the other side of the story is fun to make up in your head)

-I have to laugh
2001-08-03 08:10:27 AM  
Mmmmm, porn cookies...
2001-08-03 08:22:42 AM  
HR sez that Georges people traced downloads to her computer? Behind a firewall, directly to only her computer? We must watch those cunning english more closely.
2001-08-03 08:43:41 AM  
I say we burn that biatch at the stake. Everybody knows that mp3s are hell spawn that make baby jesus cry. Use mp3 and go to hell!!!
2001-08-03 09:10:27 AM  
funny, i'm doing right now what she got fired for.
2001-08-03 09:19:12 AM  
Me Too Flux!

Audiogalaxy! Port 80 --- bad people can't see me...heheheheheheheheheeheheheheheheheheheheee
2001-08-03 09:21:38 AM  
Jeez...If I had to report all of my users that have MP3s stored on their machines, my client would go out of business and I'd have to fire myself...

Although the time one of the sales offices called to ask how to get all of the gay porn off of their laptops was pretty damned funny.

2001-08-03 09:31:50 AM  
As if George Harrison didnt have enough money, he is getting people fired for copying his songs. Well he goes to the top of the MP3 "kick the greedy musician in the head" list above Metallica
2001-08-03 09:33:17 AM  
I used to work in a computer shop several years ago. When systems would come in for service the first thing we would do is a find for *.jpg, etc. Well, one day this hot chick came in (very consertive) and needed some upgrades, etc. I told her (while hiding my boner) that it would be ready tommorow. Put it on the bench, *.jpg, BAM! theres like 160 pics of her and different guys screwing all over the place. You name it she was doing it (no crapping), I called every tech over to my bench and we were admiring the pics. Just for a joke I set one of her farking pics as the wallpaper on the machine and was gonna switch it back later.

Well, i did the upgrades, etc. and headed home for the evening. Next morning I come into work and she is waiting out front of the shop in the customer area with about 5 or 6 other customers. I bring her machine up front and set it up to show her the upgrades we did, the machine is on the check out bench booting up, gets into windows and BAM! Here she is still on the desktop wallpaper with a huge cock in her ass with this great look of pleasure on her face. The other customers see this b/c I was talkin on the phone, this one biker looking guy says to the chick" damn man, is that you?" I was like wtf b/c I couldn't see the screen so i walk around the counter, then she sees it. She freakin FLIPPED out and ran screaming out of the shop, jumped into her car and took off!

And that my friends is how I got my free computer!
2001-08-03 09:35:18 AM  
Flux, Albert - me three. Yesterday our main server disappeared just as I had finished trying to burn a CD from the network (I knew it wouldn't work; one of my co-workers was trying to prove a point) - talk about adrenaline!
2001-08-03 09:36:27 AM  
sorry about the writing skill, I was a math major.
2001-08-03 09:48:16 AM  
Um, let me guess - it costs the university 59 cents a second to store these MP3's....
2001-08-03 09:51:04 AM  
I love when panicky employers/service providers/etc. drop user rights because of fear of corporations. Adelphia is booting users that use file trading services without question whn a corporation asks them too... No investigation, no mention of the fact they could easily be downloading songs for which they own the CD... instant criminal.

While this woman shouldn't be storing such things on an employers computer, a less spineless employer would have issued a warning.

And as for George Harrison's producers tracking her computer... that is a load of crap. The only way they could have traced her is if they were sharing the songs and logged her IP address as she downloaded directly from them (entrapment?). Besides... Most likely Northwestern is set up so they would only have traced it to the firewall, not an internal computer...
2001-08-03 09:52:49 AM  
hahaha that is the funniest thing i have heard in a long time Albert ;D bad part is you lost a customer. good part is you have a cool story now, new computer and a load of hot pr0n pictures hehe.

you wouldnt happen to have them up an a website now would you? that would jsut make my day ;]
2001-08-03 10:00:20 AM  
I'm kinda amazed by the number of people who apparently use work computers for downloading pr0n. I mean, what's with these folks? What do they think home Internet connections are for?

2001-08-03 10:00:25 AM  
Naw...sorry man..this was years ago.
2001-08-03 10:04:29 AM  
Good story Albert... I used to work as a tech, and we did the exact same thing :)
2001-08-03 10:06:51 AM  
Hey, don't start picking on poor George, he's going to die soon.

no I'm not!

yes you are!

no, I'm not!!

yes you are!!
2001-08-03 10:10:08 AM  
albert, there's only one way you're going to get us to believe that story : UPLOAD THE PICS.
2001-08-03 10:44:26 AM  
I repair macs part time, I have a portable hard drive that I carry to service calls that I use just for copying porn from people, The thing that amazes me is that people are so trusting, I sit down and tell them this may take awhile.
99% of the time they leave the room and it takes 10 minutes to fix the problem. It usually takes 20 minutes to copy all the porn. Some of them have that nervous look on their face, trying to decide if I know they have porn. I never say anything about it.
2001-08-03 10:45:32 AM  
Thank god George Harrison is dying of brain cancer.
2001-08-03 11:12:16 AM  
She should go completely ballistic on them, and turn in all and sundry who were doing the same thing. Wonder how the University would get by on quarter staff. Sheesh. Eeejuts.
2001-08-03 11:25:39 AM  
I think the George Harrison stuff was pure bs made up by the administration to make it sound as if they had a good reason to fire her. Harrisons people got to her computer behind a firewall and checked for mp3s? That's something you tell a 10 year old to scare them. And if that's the case then the network admin should be the one that's fired because his security sucks shiat.
2001-08-03 11:29:20 AM  
Did the university at least give her her mp3's back?
2001-08-03 11:32:45 AM  
That's a hilarious story Albert. You shoulda saved those pics and put 'em on a website.

But how'd you get the free computer out of the ordeal? She NEVER came bacK?
2001-08-03 11:46:32 AM  
ROFL Albert! BTW, this really should have had an Asinine label on it...if she was using her OWN CD's and copying them for PERSONAL, I copy my favorite CD's onto tape so I can listen to my favorite songs in my car!

If it wasn't allowed, they could at LEAST have given her a warning!
2001-08-03 11:58:27 AM  
This sucks, this is the third time I tried to post here.
2001-08-03 11:59:26 AM  
I get it now, unclick HTML Enabled!!!
2001-08-03 12:00:17 PM  
I take it all back, it works OK now. Nevermind :-)
2001-08-03 12:00:54 PM  
Great story man. Upload? Photoshop one of 'em? haha
2001-08-03 12:01:50 PM  
It wasn't the MP3s. It was the fact that she wasn't using FARKING HEADPHONES!!!!!
2001-08-03 12:01:55 PM  
As a Northwestern University student, as well as employee who downloads mp3's on her work computer, I can say that, for whatever reason, "the man" seems to be cracking down on illegal downloads. My office got audited last week, and one of the tech people kindly warned me so that I could delete my mp3's before being found out; I think all this new investigation was spawned by the firing. Reeks.

We were also one of the first schools to have Napster blocked. As they say in our fight song, "Go U Northwestern!" (I've never actually heard the song, because I've never been to a sports game of any kind. Heh.)
2001-08-03 12:05:14 PM  
The real reason she was fired is that she was listening to crap doo-wap music. Load up some Tool baby and keep your job.
Plus she had small boobies...
2001-08-03 12:13:15 PM  
Tool? bah.
2001-08-03 12:48:28 PM  
I'm sorry...but Albert, even if that isn't a true story, it was still funny as shiat! Thanks...I needed a good laugh today.
2001-08-03 01:03:04 PM  
mojo monkey is right! They say that old georgy tracked back to her pc thats behind a firewall. there are probably 50 computers all behind that same firewall, which means they are all going to show the same ip #. someone else may have been downloading beatles mp3's, but she was the one at the front desk who got caught. hella weak!!!
2001-08-03 01:59:55 PM  
I SWEAR THAT IS A TRUE STORY...It happened 4 yrs ago in Colorado when I was a PC tech. We tryed to call the lady several times but she would not answer her phone. We left a message stating that we would UPS it to her. After 90 days still no reply from her, my manager (w/ a great sense of humor thank god) allowed me to keep the PC. The pictures were burned to a few CD's with the rest of my PRON collection which were later stolen from the trunk of my car along with my stereo.

We used to do this alot (not the wallpaper stuff) but this one stood out because of the way it ended. She was a very atractive 40 yr old accountant type which made it very sweet. IF I had the photos I would share them with all you FARKERS.
2001-08-03 04:27:02 PM  
2001-08-03 06:41:21 PM  
people who listen to their music at work and don't use headphones need to be taken out and beaten. i worked with this woman in the same lab. she had a HUGE country music collection (the "achey breaky heart" kind not the cool old stuff) which she would BLAST. everyone asked her to turn it down, but she refused. i even bought her a nice pair of headphones, but she wouldn't use them. at last i managed to get her out of the lab and into the same room with our network guy. he brought in a 100 watt receiver and some home made speakers and BLASTED industrial metal whenever she played coontry music. she started using her headphones.

at that job we had an entire server just for mp3s. i think we had about 80 or 90 gigs of just music. when i was at microsoft they had gigs and gigs of not just music but movies too.

albert, at a previous job i had a couple of managers who were real pricks. i was able to easily get into their computers over the network (nobody knew shiat about computers except me there) and scan for .jpgs. it was fun to see their faces when i mentioned their visits to their favorite porn sites at work or put some pic they downloaded up on their computer. i never did it to get them fired, but just to fark with 'em (along with some other harmless pranks).
2001-08-03 07:27:34 PM  
2,000 farking mp3s?
2001-08-06 12:13:49 PM  
I have 6,000
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