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(TechTV)   Wil Wheaton to appear on TechTV's "The Screen Savers" to talk about his favorite games and Linux   ( divider line
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2002-10-23 12:09:36 AM  
Will wheat on
the table give a good chi
finish to the atmosphere of your home?

Enter this thread (no caution) and find out how.
2002-10-23 07:04:50 AM  
my life is complete. i can now die happily.
2002-10-23 07:06:35 AM  
Wil Wheaton is pouring hot grits down his pants!
2002-10-23 07:09:06 AM  
I am proud to announce I have played all of his top five RPGs at some point in my long, geeky, unsociable life.
2002-10-23 07:11:26 AM  
I bet he'll be very flattered that they've only been able to find an ancient Wesley photo for the article. We all know that he only wears that red shirt these days.
2002-10-23 07:12:33 AM  
It is well known that porn look 37% better on a Linux box.
2002-10-23 07:13:20 AM  
Sigh, I owned every one of those atari 2600 games... Ahh the memories
2002-10-23 07:18:01 AM  
As a late joiner, I missed the ascension of WW to Farkistan's royal family to stand on the palace balcony alongside Prince Walken, and his subsequent honary "tagging", so can someone give me a run-down on what caused all this greatness ?

2002-10-23 07:22:12 AM  
Xane - in short, he has the best blog on the web. Chech out the FARQ for more detail.
2002-10-23 07:22:28 AM  

Zane dear ~~ Read ~~
2002-10-23 07:25:28 AM  
(but don't read my spelling.... sheesh)
2002-10-23 07:29:09 AM  
Well I never got much into the role playing games, but I had all of the five Atari games that were listed.
Kaboom, and Pitfall were the shiznit!

Going back even farther though I can remember a time when Pong was the shiznit. I must have spent hours a week chacing that stupid little ball of light across the TV screen.
2002-10-23 07:30:48 AM  
Sometimes I even Chased the little ball of light too.
2002-10-23 07:34:45 AM  
DaKrikket dearest, use cut-n-paste to spell my name correctly next time :)
2002-10-23 07:37:35 AM  
Being a tired old fart who didn't get a computer until he was 43, there's a lot about this geekiness stuff that I don't quite get. But a lot of it fits quite naturally, so I guess I belong.
That being said, Xane in the membrane, Wil just fits. He's got a fun and interesting site, he posts in the threads, he beat up Barney, he played harmonica at a fundraiser with porny former teen Tiffany, he's self-effacing but confident, he knows how to get mad, and he's easy on the eyes and in fact...., did I mention he's quirky?
2002-10-23 07:37:53 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

There u go.
2002-10-23 07:40:42 AM  
Mandrake 9.0 is awesome!
2002-10-23 07:45:56 AM  
... did I mention he's quirky?

I thought the same when I saw he rates "Car Wars" above "Illuminati".
2002-10-23 07:46:53 AM  
I meant the otherway round, numbering his top five is reverse order, how quirky.
Rat [TotalFark]
2002-10-23 07:52:55 AM  
wil wheaton?

[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-23 07:53:07 AM  
LOL, Xane (hey I got it right, how bout that), don't mind Hytes, his crush is showing... ;-)

Actually you should probably check out Wil's blog, there's a couple of recent ones about playing with the kids and his Aunts house that are really moving.
2002-10-23 07:57:45 AM  
Ok I have a question,You can make fun of me if you want. What is a blog? I mean whats the diff between that and a regular website? I,ve heard them mentioned all the time but I never understood what they are.
2002-10-23 08:06:55 AM  
Terd_ferguson: Okay, if you say so. Ha ha ha. What an maroon. Doesn't know what a blog is ha ha ha ha ha.

Okay, enough of that. It's short for "web log" - basically a regularly (or fairly regularly) updated diary on line.
2002-10-23 08:07:57 AM  
"blog" is short for "weblogger", from the package/company of the same name, that enables you to easily keep a diary on the public domain.

Real geeks remember the "fingering the .plan"
2002-10-23 08:14:37 AM  
ok cool thanks guys:)
2002-10-23 08:26:29 AM  
Of course, will is just his stage name. His friends call him "Samuel Clemens".
2002-10-23 08:30:46 AM  
Sov-i-et Ru-ss-ia had its day, doo dah doo dah,
"Samuel Clemens" will go that way, doo dah doo dah day.
2002-10-23 09:02:35 AM  
I'm sure there is some Isreali businessman's daughter you can call to come round and doo dah for you ?
2002-10-23 09:06:40 AM  
Doo dah doo dah
Speaks Fat Albert and dem's de facts
All de doo dah day
2002-10-23 09:33:38 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-23 09:39:34 AM  
Having to see Wil Wheaton in anything normally makes me want to gouge my eyeballs out.

However, how could I not watch the delightful Megan Morrone (yes, it's safe for work)?

You will be mine. Oh yes. Come to meeee!
2002-10-23 09:50:42 AM  
I haven't seen Wil around on the fark boards as of late. Has anyone else?

And for the record, any child actor who is forced to go through puberty while on tv has got to have some real guts. Wil is one of the ones who grew up normally despite this, so my hat is off to him.
2002-10-23 10:00:59 AM  

The last (and only) time Ive seen him in the boards was a couple of weeks ago when there was a photoshop contest of him and his classic red shirt.
2002-10-23 10:26:11 AM  
Wil, do me a favor. Tell Megan to drop that do0d she's with and move to Vegas, I'll take care of her.

2002-10-23 10:36:25 AM  
Oh yeah, I'll just be dropping everything I'm doing to watch that show.

2002-10-23 10:43:40 AM  
2002-10-23 10:54:12 AM  
someone explain to me why wil wheaton is so (un)popular at
2002-10-23 10:59:03 AM  
What a dork.
2002-10-23 11:11:01 AM  
Squeezer try reading this.
2002-10-23 11:12:01 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
wil [TotalFark]
2002-10-23 11:21:08 AM  
I was supposed to be in SF for this show tonight, but I'm working on a movie here in LA, so they're just airing the segment that we taped at my house a few weeks ago.

I hear that it's really really funny, and I think that I'm wearing the famous red shirt.

I wonder if I'm going to end up wearing that shirt all the time, like a trademark or something? Nah, that'd be lame.

Oh wait, I am lame, so it works out! =]

Someone asked where I've been: my wife and I were walking from Santa Barbara to Oxnard in the AVON Breast Cancer 3 Day. With the help of Farkers, I raised just over 15,000 dollars, and as a group, the 4600 walkers were able to NET six million dollars for breast cancer research. Hooray for boobies!
2002-10-23 11:24:15 AM  

Speaking of Wil being a child actor. I came across an early movie of his the other day on Love Stories channel for Starz on cable. Check out the link below (with pictures). The movie was called "The Buddy System". The pictures explain it all... *lol*

Also, since when was books/paper/dice considered a video game? If all he plays is Gurps and AD&D... I'm disappointed.

2002-10-23 11:29:42 AM  
Good for you, Wil! Congratulations on making it through a 3 day.
2002-10-23 11:35:35 AM  
When it comes to old games, I actually miss my old C64. I played some of the best games on that thing.
2002-10-23 11:39:06 AM  
Congrats to Wil! I hope the movie goes well!
2002-10-23 11:45:48 AM  

Holy crap...Wil Wheaton was in a child prono? What the fark, I'd kill someone if there were pictures of me as a kid IN MY FRIGGIN UNDEROOS on the web, let alone being shown on Love Stories Channel...
2002-10-23 11:45:56 AM  
Wow, I haven't seen a
img.fark.netView Full Size
post for a while.
2002-10-23 11:51:41 AM  
Now see why I was laughing? The glasses cracked me up the most. Those are the kind you burn ants on sidewalks with.
2002-10-23 11:52:39 AM  
Wil:- as Flamehair said, well done on the movie. Any chance of a smidgen of info, or are we gonna have to wait for it on your site?
2002-10-23 11:53:11 AM  
I havn't seen a Wil post in a
Hey Wil, can you give us details on the movie?
We'll all have to tune in.
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