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(Reuters)   Giant Ronald McDonald goes missing in Wales, officials offering a Big Mac for tips on his location   ( divider line
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2002-10-22 06:23:15 PM  
If they REALLY want the information, why are they threatening people with a Big Mac?
2002-10-22 06:39:53 PM  
The FRLF (Free Ronald Liberation Front) is a little known terrorist organization that attacks popular icons of American culture. Their stated goal is to keep McDonalds, MTV and Brittany Spears in the U.S.
2002-10-22 07:57:33 PM  
Maybe he went to Jack in the Box.
2002-10-23 12:22:44 AM  
Are you serious, Eat More Possum?

Probably not, but if so, I have two things to say.

1) Cool.
2) Let me in now, bastard.
2002-10-23 12:23:14 AM  
I'll give it back for a Whopper with cheese.
2002-10-23 12:24:09 AM  
yeah, they're really serious about getting the thing back...a $2 sandwich??? they could at least offer free food for a year or something

2002-10-23 12:24:20 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-23 12:25:24 AM  
I'ld destroy it to make sure that it doesn't corrupt any more innocent minds.
2002-10-23 12:27:09 AM  
in other news several local high school kids started giggling uncontrolably when they heard about it.
2002-10-23 12:27:48 AM  
what did the hamburglar have to say about this
2002-10-23 12:28:30 AM  
robble robble

or whatever he actually says

yeah that was dumb
2002-10-23 12:29:07 AM  
maybe someone's trying to bring down the "Golden Arches Conflict Prevention Plan" in some sort of conspiracy to get Costa Rica to declare war on France
2002-10-23 12:30:09 AM  
I betcha it was some impressionable Adbusters Culture-Jammer wannabe teenagers.
2002-10-23 12:31:01 AM  
Maybe he was shot and killed by a 'Giant Asshat Sniper...'
2002-10-23 12:31:06 AM  
Police have released this sketch of the primary suspect in the theft:

[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-23 12:31:18 AM  
Did he ever have any sniper training? Hmmmm...(I never trusted that flaming psycho fark!)
2002-10-23 12:31:34 AM  
A BIG MAC? Cheap bastards.

Two words, bi-otch.....CASH MONEY....
2002-10-23 12:34:42 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-23 12:34:51 AM  
having my own giant ronald mcdonald balloon sounds much better than a big mac
2002-10-23 12:34:53 AM  
I'd think offering a Happy Meal would be more apropriate.
2002-10-23 12:36:36 AM  
they'll probably give it back after the orifaces are in place
2002-10-23 12:38:45 AM  
Why settle for a life size female blow up doll when you can have a larger than life gay Ronald McDonald blow up doll...
2002-10-23 12:39:22 AM  
Now all they need is a giant, inflatable phallus to win the scavenger hunt!
2002-10-23 12:40:18 AM  
Just follow the smell of K-Y
2002-10-23 12:40:48 AM  
Cut off one of his fingers and send that back with a ransom demand.

They'll pay anything you want.
2002-10-23 12:41:02 AM  
wouldn't the paint already act as a lubricant?
2002-10-23 12:41:13 AM  
Would you like extra special sauce on your Big Mac?
2002-10-23 12:42:05 AM  
Just ONE Big Mac? Sheet I'd be takin' a CASE of them things before I told 'em where I hid 'im. Suckers are GOOD!


psst: I think he ran off with the Sta-Puf Marshmallow Man...
2002-10-23 12:42:40 AM  
Torhathel- how do you think they make the coleslaw
2002-10-23 12:42:58 AM  
Who can resist that big squishy marshmallow ass??
2002-10-23 12:43:52 AM  
"At first our log showed it was a hamburger but it later emerged it was a Ronald McDonald.

I think it was Saddam.
2002-10-23 12:46:08 AM  
mmmm marshmallow ass
2002-10-23 12:54:17 AM  
I'd repaint it, so that when I reinflated it on my own roof, no one would recognise it.
2002-10-23 12:54:26 AM  
Hey, don't ask me. Inflatable clowns all look alike.
2002-10-23 12:54:51 AM  
Down with the Clown!!!
2002-10-23 12:55:06 AM  
I'd grind out the chassis number, too.
2002-10-23 12:58:35 AM  
oooh! a big mac. that's incentive
2002-10-23 12:58:54 AM  
i'll bet a big mac that it ends up at a rave somewhere.
i don't condone raves or anything, but that would be a fun thing to have around while tripping out.
p.s. stinking big mac? if i had this thing, id buy someone a few big macs to keep it quiet, and i'm not even a multibillion dollar corporation. oh, generosity, mcdonalds be thy name.
2002-10-23 01:04:04 AM  
Something's bad wrong with me and I'm not sure all the Ronald McDonalds in the world including Wales can help me: I just drank an entire bottle of banana soda without thinking to relish so much as a single sip. Just gulped it down. Like it was water or some shiat. Farking. Not paying attention to life because I was too friggin busy Farking. This is what you people do to me. This is why I can't hang around here. Trouble. Capital T.
2002-10-23 01:06:30 AM  
Man, I haven't had a banana soda since I was in Honduras about 13 years ago.
2002-10-23 01:06:30 AM  
Twenty minutes after eating a Big Mac, I feel like I've swallowed a stone. For hours, I walk around with a big rock in my chest.

If you ever wanna see that clown alive again, it's gonna cost ya a slab of prime rib, medium rare, with a side of asparagus, and a bottle of Robert Mondavi Merlot.
2002-10-23 01:08:22 AM  
Hytes Xian how in the hell do you get a bottle of banana soda? First off I didn't even know they made it. Second why in god's name would anyone buy it?
2002-10-23 01:11:34 AM  
"A eight-metre (25-foot) tall inflatable Ronald McDonald is on the loose in South Wales after it escaped from its roof-top home."

And in other news 3 men claiming to be members of Al-Queda were slightly injured after attempting to fly a giant blow-up Ronald into the side of Buckingham Palace. The Queen refused to comment.
2002-10-23 01:14:30 AM  
Don't know if this is the Banana Flavored Soda that you'd want, but it could be. It doesn't appear to be available, currently.
2002-10-23 01:19:41 AM  
I bet he went to a non extradition country. Ronald McDonald has recieved CIA training and speaks 8 different languages.. he can blend in anywhere.

Bananas? I used to like bananas.. until the day I went to a friend's birthday party, and there was this banana eating contest. You couldn't use your hands, so I chomped down on the banana and thrashed my head around to break the skin. It turned out that the 'naner was not filled with firm, yellowish banana goodness, but rather nasty, rancid and black bananastiness.

I keep tasting foul banana every time I try to eat anything banana flavored.
2002-10-23 01:20:15 AM  
Nobody wants him
He just stares at the world
Planning his vengeance
That he will soon unfurl
2002-10-23 01:20:31 AM  
Then there's this site for the McDonald's Worker's Resistance.
2002-10-23 01:20:51 AM  
Must know more about the banana soda... and did you want to relish the taste?
2002-10-23 01:24:09 AM  
I'm still laughing my a55 off at the image of a run-amok, twenty-five foot tall, psycho-clown terrorizing the Welsh countryside.
2002-10-23 01:24:22 AM  
I bathe in banana soda, I so relish it.
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