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(BBC)   Yawsserpxe no selim 5 rof yaw gnorw gnivird htiw degrahc nam dlo-raey-08   ( divider line
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2008-01-21 02:04:34 PM  
I was eating outside at a restaurant when we saw an elderly women come out and start to get in her car. Her car had a million dents and scrapes in it so we all watched and commented on what a mess it was.

She proceeded to SLOWLY back out of a spot without even bother to look around as she could not see a thing out of the back or sides because of how small she was. A few moments later she hit the car that was parked a good ways behind her. She didn't even flinch. She simply put it in drive and went forward until she hit another car. Then she backed up and hit the first car again.

Now having enough room, she went forward again and proceeded to leave the parking lot. We ran her down and it became clear that THIS IS HOW SHE ALWAYS DRIVES. She used the sad little old lady technique and the hit-car owners let her go, off to ding more cards somewhere else.
2008-01-21 02:05:00 PM  
ho' D!
2008-01-21 02:08:57 PM  
A woman calls her husband who is on his way home from work, "Be careful, there's a guy driving the wrong way on the expressway!" "One? There's hundreds of 'em!"

/here all week
2008-01-21 02:14:06 PM  
Oh, thanks a lot for the backwards talk. Sure, the succubus next door has been banished to the fires below, but now my eyeballs are bleeding.
2008-01-21 02:16:56 PM  
Maud Dib: WTF is that, Inner Qwghlm-ish?

Since there are vowels, I assume not.
2008-01-21 02:18:34 PM  
Actually there is a bona fide HTML way to reverse text. Fark input boxes will only pass a limited set of HTML markup. Reverse text is primarily meant for languages like Hebrew and Arabic.
2008-01-21 02:19:02 PM  
Hmm, let's see. I don't have my reading glasses with me but I think I can figure out that headline...

What's this??? How does something like this happen in modern society? I don't care how old Rachel Ray is, she has no business harming Puxatawny Phil like that just for her own amusement! He's an icon for crissakes!

Thank you for bringing this to light, FARK!
2008-01-21 02:26:09 PM  
There was a rather old guy that did this in my state. He went about thirty miles before the state police finally stopped him. He said that he thought everyone else was going the wrong way.
2008-01-21 02:26:18 PM  
Oh thank god, I thought you were speaking Welsh.
2008-01-21 02:35:34 PM  
I think she was close to 90 at the time, and they just took her license and sent her home.

Did they give her a ride in a $150,000 squad car?
2008-01-21 02:37:14 PM  

When somebody finally figured it out, she was ordered to turn in her license at a certain police station. She drove the wrong way down a 4-lane highway to get there, causing mayhem. I think she was close to 90 at the time, and they just took her license and sent her home.

How? On foot? Taxi? Bus? Railway? With a relative in a car? Police car? Box?
2008-01-21 02:37:56 PM  
mad8vskillz: and your name is from dune (kinda)

doofusgumby: it's a gross misspelling of the shadow of the mouse in the second moon, maaaaan.

Yeah, the proper spelling was taken...shoulda went with "Maude Dweeb". : /
2008-01-21 02:40:20 PM  

Yawegairrac Yawsserpxe no selim 5 rof yaw gnorw gnivird htiw degrahc nam dlo-raey-08
2008-01-21 02:53:25 PM  
Sgt. Expendable: dynobot submitted links approved: none


that's right, i forgot to judge my life based on how many fark headlines i've had approved. although that might be kind of hard when i don't submit any in the first place.

i love how people jump on these negative comments so fast, as if i'm ruining everyone's day here. all i said was that the headline wasn't funny. i didn't insult the guy, i didn't go on and on about it. obviously subby was man enough to just ignore it. aren't you guys the ones who should lighten up here?
2008-01-21 03:09:19 PM  
People kept tell him he was going the wrong way but he kept saying "Oh, you're drunk. How would you know where I'm going?"

/surprised nobody made a PT&A before now
2008-01-21 03:12:04 PM
2008-01-21 03:12:04 PM  
Great headline Subby!!!! +1

I thought this was a new texting language I was too old to understand and then it hit me....

Nice Jorb!!!
2008-01-21 04:13:37 PM  
This is like that joke:

An old man is driving. His wife calls him on his cell phone and says "Honey! Watch out for a crazy man driving the wrong way on the freeway!"
The man replies "No its not one, it's all of 'em!"
2008-01-21 04:24:57 PM  
2008-01-21 04:43:51 PM  
Rob1855x: ɹnǝʇɐɯ∀

show off
2008-01-21 05:04:58 PM  
U:\>perl -e "print reverse split(//,'Wow---that was a LOT of work! Congrats on the greenlight, subby!');"

!ybbus ,thgilneerg eht no stargnoC !krow fo TOL a saw taht---woW
2008-01-21 05:10:17 PM  

.backwards words say to used I. again go I there. shiat oh
2008-01-21 05:20:21 PM  
Rob1855x: ɹnǝʇɐɯ∀

Wow, there's a Turn-A symbol on the character map?

/mecha nerd
2008-01-21 06:21:38 PM  
You know, all of you typing stuff backwards... one is bothering to read what you typed.
2008-01-21 10:09:45 PM

Mr. Anderson approves.
2008-01-22 01:10:00 AM  
Hmoob lubneej tseem tswj cov raug tsimtxom.
2008-01-22 02:50:20 AM  
Oh I get it it's Bulgarian.
2008-01-22 04:20:19 PM  
Ashnar: Oh I get it it's Bulgarian.

A.) I can't believe it took this long.
B.) Fark you for beating me to it.
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