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(Portland)   Police applicant admits to making pipe bombs during interview   ( divider line
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1862 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Aug 2001 at 2:09 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-02 02:12:56 PM  
I would have liked to have seen

"Police applicant admits to making pipes and bongs during interview"
2001-08-02 02:26:14 PM  
Did he get the job?
2001-08-02 02:36:55 PM  
Er... OK, I'm nonMerkin... what's illegal about making pipe bombs?
2001-08-02 02:42:19 PM  
I can just hear this guy now, as the put on the cuffs, "Does this mean I don't get the job?"
2001-08-02 02:52:35 PM  
Labberdasher: A pipe bomb is classified a weapon of mass distruction and therefore illegal to posess. My friends and I did it all the time when we were in our early teens. I can't believe the idiot was stupid enough to admit it in front of a cop much less at a job interview to be a cop. You might as well brag about the huge crop of pot growing in your back yard.
2001-08-02 03:12:38 PM  
"Mass ... distruction". Hmph. Pipe bombs are not items I would have associated with that term up until now. ("Extreme Fishing", perhaps)

Thanks, Highrider.
2001-08-02 03:24:43 PM  
I live in Portland and saw this story on my local news last night. I immediately thought of FARK when I heard the story being reported. The segment as reported by the TV anchor was a bit different, as he said that the man went outside DURING the interview and produced a pipe bomb from his car. The Portland Press does not report it as having happened that way. Too bad. I was really impressed by this guy initially because I thought he had the balls to bring a pipe bomb to an interview at the Sheriff's Department. But if he had to go home, grab a pipe bomb, and then drive all the way back to the interview, I am not nearly as impressed. I was considering giving him a call for a date--after his release of course--but now I am reconsidering. *Sigh* Where have all the good men gone?
2001-08-02 04:49:51 PM  
I lik pip bom "wher is My THum"
2001-08-02 06:40:42 PM  
OOOH my i Live in Belgrade maine and i heard about this. Just comes to show some people really think about what they say. Good thing i moved to belgrade now even farther from portland. No big loss if portland was lost to us..
2001-08-02 06:44:43 PM  
Yep, those are the kinds of dumbfarks who apply to be cops!

-he who stacks pork
2001-08-02 11:52:03 PM  
Maybe he was applying for a job on the bomb disposal unit. The pipe bombs could have been part of his resume perhaps?
2001-08-03 12:20:58 AM  
Fusillade: Excellent point. I think it was a good idea. Certainly helps you stand out above the other applicants. Perhaps everyone should begin to carry bombs to job interviews. Maybe the suggestion should be added to lists of interview tips. Right between 'Speak clearly' and 'Maintain eye contact' could be added 'Be prepared to produce a pipe bomb upon request'.
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