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(Some Green)   Everything you didn't care to know about asparagus   ( divider line
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42 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Oct 2002 at 9:32 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-21 09:35:31 PM  
I like asparagus. Add that to your collection of usless trivia.
2002-10-21 09:35:35 PM  
why? whyyyy? (sobs)
2002-10-21 09:35:53 PM  
2002-10-21 09:35:57 PM  
2002-10-21 09:36:05 PM  
Good with some butter and pepper.. makes a good side to any meal.
2002-10-21 09:36:31 PM  
Girls tell me it makes guys' cum taste horrible. So, if you want head, don't eat asparagus. Don't buy into the pro-asparagus propaganda.
2002-10-21 09:36:32 PM  
i know it makes your pee smell funny! what else is there to know?
2002-10-21 09:36:50 PM  
2002-10-21 09:37:23 PM  
No shiat? I think I am going to write a novel now... Lol...
2002-10-21 09:38:12 PM  
Asparagus is not all that. Now broccoli mind you, now that's a happening vegetable.
2002-10-21 09:38:26 PM  
My dad ordered something from a eerily similar blueberry site that came out of Michigan.

*Puts a paper bag over his face.*
2002-10-21 09:39:44 PM  
i'm kindo fond of beetroot and I also like corn in a can
2002-10-21 09:39:54 PM  
I heard taco bell makes your... oh wait, wrong thread
2002-10-21 09:41:43 PM  
That does NOT have everything I want to know about asparagus. I have a small patch in my garden, and I would like tips on how to grow and harvest it, and this site only gives a brief outline of that.
2002-10-21 09:43:38 PM  
They have a FAQ. How frequent can asparagus questions really be?
2002-10-21 09:49:35 PM  
How weak, they didn't even mention white asparagus.
2002-10-21 09:53:01 PM  
Everything, that is, except Why does my pee smell after eating it?
2002-10-21 09:55:32 PM  
This article reminded me that I hate asparagus almost as much as I hate brussel sprouts.
2002-10-21 09:55:36 PM  
Asparagus sucks! Apples rule! Linux is best!
2002-10-21 09:56:02 PM  

It reads like the Kama Sutra.

How do I pick the best asparagus?
Look for firm, fresh, spears with closed, compact tips and uniform diameter, so that all spears will cook in the same amount of time. Larger diameter spears are more tender.
2002-10-21 09:59:42 PM  
Toss in olive oil, salt & pepper. Grill. That is all.
2002-10-21 10:07:53 PM  
"nature's most perfect food"? I'm sorry, but that is watermelon.
2002-10-21 10:12:39 PM  
Call any vegetable
And the chances are good
That the vegetable
Will respond to you
2002-10-21 10:18:51 PM  
Allow me to be the first to say...who farkin' cares?
2002-10-21 10:25:31 PM  
i don't know, this doesn't look very appetizing to me
[image from too old to be available]

my mother has one of these plants hanging right next to her back door, i hate it, always walk into it.
2002-10-21 10:26:23 PM  
actually it doesn't look quite like that, apparently there are several varieties of asparagus
2002-10-21 10:32:56 PM  
i usually think ppl are idiots for posting their thoughts without actually reading the link first, but there is only one think i really know about asparagus, and that's that i don't like it. i tried to like it, eating it in a few different pasta's and such, but i found that food just tastes better without it.
2002-10-21 10:37:34 PM  
Asparagus is great... provided you drown it in enough butter to take away that nasty taste of asparagus.
2002-10-21 10:53:16 PM  
Baby field greens salad with balsamic vinegarette.
Rare Filet Mignon avec (that's Frenchie talk) steamed asparagus with Bernaise Sause with warm Italian bread and a glass of Merlot!!!

(tonight I ate hummus and celery again. sigh)
2002-10-21 10:53:44 PM  
First bit of information that I looked for:

Why does my urine smell funny after consuming asparagus?
Most authorities feel that the compound that causes the odor in urine after consumption of asparagus is methylmercaptan, which is a sulfur-containing derivative of the amino acid, methionine. This is disputed by a few individuals who claim that the odiferous compound is asparagine-amino-succinic-acid monoamide, which is derived from the amino acid, asparagine. In either case, the product is formed as a derivative during the digestion and subsequent breakdown of beneficial amino acids that occur naturally in asparagus.

and HonchoGrande I agree 100%
2002-10-21 10:56:26 PM  
Oops, menat to say...

and HonchoGrande I agree with your recipe 100%.
2002-10-21 10:57:16 PM  
C64: same explanation was in the FAQ. -5 points.
2002-10-21 11:24:55 PM  
hehehehe...from the FAQ...

The larger the diameter, the better the quality!

i'll second that!
2002-10-21 11:42:53 PM  
For the record, guacamole made with avocados doesn't have any cholesterol, either.

Plus it doesn't taste like a malnourished leperous Nazi pissing in your mouth and dancing on your tongue then putting his cigarette out on there and punching you in the stomach.

That's what Aspera-mole or whatever would taste like. Yuck-o
2002-10-21 11:50:26 PM  
10-21-02 10:25:31 PM Backgroundnoise
i don't know, this doesn't look very appetizing to me
10-21-02 10:26:23 PM Backgroundnoise
actually it doesn't look quite like that, apparently there are several varieties of asparagus

A: I would hope not- that is a fern.
b: yep.A few. and of course, other things using it pre (other word).

I read it, a good take for Michigan types.
I grew up in Idaho, i *had* to go pick that stuff-
bushels at a time mind you, got so sick of eating it raw 'cause we were like 20 miles from kuna or caldwell or bflandtown, etc and there are not alot of 711s in that part of the state.
Oh, i was frelling hungry so i kept eating was filling.
i still like asparagus, but i do not think if i ever go back to idaho to pick it wild i would not have a cooler full of food and brews.
2002-10-22 12:10:44 AM  
It works like a charm for my girl as a very serious aphrodisiac. I'm not kidding. She can be dead to the world and I shove a couple in her yapper and SHAAAAZZAAAM!
2002-10-22 12:33:47 AM  
here ya go
[image from too old to be available]

this one looks just like what she has, yes i was talking about a fern, it was a joke, apparently a poor one at that obviously noone goes around eating ferns (well maybe garfield)

and yes its called asparagus, thats where the joke came from
2002-10-22 12:34:25 AM  
its annoying as hell, needles from it get everywhere because she brings it inside her kitchen in the winters
2002-10-22 01:38:20 AM  
can grow 10" in a 24-hour period hmmmm
2002-10-22 09:18:26 AM  
Commodore64 - Take a look again in the site's FAQ's.
2002-10-22 11:50:37 AM  
Still, better than most websites I've seen.
2002-10-22 02:07:22 PM  

Best asparagus recipe I've ever tried: Asparagus Casserole

16oz cream cheese (light or regular), 1 can cheese soup, 8oz shrimp (pre-cooked, rinsed), 45oz canned asparagus (drained), 6oz can French-fried onions

Mix cream cheese and soup til no lumps. Add shrimp. Cut asparagus into bite-size pieces and arrange in 9x13" casserole. Pour cheese/shrimp mixture on top, spreading evenly.

Bake, covered, @ 35mins in 400-degree oven. After 35mins, uncover and crush French-fried onions on top. Return to oven & cook, uncovered, for another 10mins.
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