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(Some Tech Geek)   A morality tale which more broadly shows the difference in approaches to most things between the Europeans and the Americans, and it demonstrates quite clearly why the American philosophy is more successful. (Somewhat technical)   ( divider line
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2002-10-21 09:03:16 PM  
Grab your marshmallows...there's a fire a-comin'
2002-10-21 09:46:17 PM  
Go banana!
2002-10-21 11:07:00 PM  
What is this Europe thing that SLAYERSWINE talks of?
2002-10-21 11:09:24 PM  
Site does not like opera (at least for me). Have not tried changes they suggest in the ini files yet though.
2002-10-22 01:37:44 AM  
Most animal species that are asexual are also very young. That is, these species have not been around for a while. The consensus is that asexual species just don't last a very long time because every member of that species shares the exact same vulnerabilities. Once a virus comes along that is deadly to one of the species members, it quickly consumes all the remaining members.

Asexual species have many advantages. They can breed and multiply much faster, and they don't have to be vulnerable during mate selection, like sexual species are. But homogenity in the end is what kills the species. For sexual species, diversity breeds success.

There's a point to all of this. And that point is that America likes to have sex, lots of sex. That is all.
2002-10-22 01:49:11 AM  
For people who don't want to read through the whole article, I'm surprised I did, here's a synopsis. I'll try to refrain from editorial comments.

Early on in the cellular world Europe mandated that everybody in Europe would use one particular standard. Then they laughed when the FCC refused to mandate a standard over the U.S. cellular industry.

The European standard was good. But along came Qualcomm with something better. In fact, the Europeans wasted years claiming that it was impossible, and then suing Qualcomm over patent claims.

Now the U.S. has a better cellular system because we use an updated version of the Qualcomm system. The Europeans are trying to upgrade their system, and are in fact using a variant of the Qualcomm system, but haven't gotten it to work yet. They can't use the system the U.S. is using because they've already mandated that they have to use this system that doesn't work yet.

Companies/countries all over the world are implementing the system that we are now using in the U.S. because it is so good. Europeans are falling behind, in an area where they used to lead the world.

Basically, the moral of the story was that by refusing to mandate standards, the market forces pushed the best standard to the top and it now dominates the world.
2002-10-22 02:07:54 AM  
Beers t'Boy Plankton because I'm too damned tired and lazy to read the whole article.
2002-10-22 02:43:21 AM  
this is going to get interesting....

halah- can you save me a marshy toasting spot?
2002-10-22 02:43:59 AM  
Beavosaurus Rex, I'm too tired and lazy to read the whole headline..
2002-10-22 02:45:44 AM  
the server has errored

or it isn't just The_Cisco_Kid and the site really doesn't like opera

but from the comments it seems I'm not missing much
2002-10-22 02:47:17 AM  
No true patriotic American would sit through something this long. Can't we just bomb Europe until they stop being different from us?
2002-10-22 02:47:21 AM  
Fark should start a pool. Pay $5, guess the number of posts in a thread. 48 hours later closest person gets the pot, Fark keeps 15% commission. Make threads like this one more interesting for the 90% of non-biatchers.
2002-10-22 02:48:08 AM  
god, this is going to turn into a "America, you suck" flame war. which will then degrade into a "You guys are so full of yourselves, because we're all American, not just you assholes from the United States". which will then degrade into a "Americans are fat and slobby". which will then eventually degrade into a "Canadian men have less hair than Americans so they're more attractive" which will be countered by "American men have more sex" countered by "Canadians play more hockey and drink more beer". this will all lead to the Quebecois and the Maritimes wanting to seceed from Canada, and while doing so, the rest of Canada will accuse us of wanting to steal our oil while they're at it...

could someone please give me another weeners link, soon?
2002-10-22 02:50:16 AM  
I think I speak for that faction of Farkers who tried, and tried really hard, to make sense of this article, failed about a third of the way through and felt their eyes cross when I say..

2002-10-22 02:53:32 AM  
/me creates shrine to FarmerBob
2002-10-22 02:54:20 AM  
haha hell yeah TheRapy
im stoned.
2002-10-22 02:55:30 AM  
HEY!!!! He doesn't mention Japan ANYWHERE in that article, and let me tell ya, everone and their mother has a cell sticking out of their ear over here. Monstly cuz it's cheaper than having a landline. (Cost me $300/approx to get a phone line for the house).

Oh, And the cell I have now, well, let me tell ya, not only can I do the text message thinggy, but I can use the damn thing here, in the US, Canada, Australia, Korea... (plus I have this really cool game on it)

And yes. It plays an annoying song when it rings, so there!!
2002-10-22 02:55:59 AM  
FarmerBob's analogy is gold.

I certanly hope this doesn't turn into a flame war. the article isn't about the U.S. being better than Europe; it's about homogeny being good, but freedom to choose being better.
2002-10-22 02:57:15 AM  
That was beautiful, FarmerBob. Goddamned beautiful.
2002-10-22 02:58:35 AM  
DaCricket is right. Japan's cell phones are years ahead of the U.S. People were buying soo many new ones they had to start a recyling program for the old ones (they sell them to Americans)
2002-10-22 02:59:01 AM  
I don't even have to load the article to work out that it was written by an American. If - with how strong America is economically, militarily (if that is a word) and how far American culture has permeated the rest of the world - Americans still feel the need to prove they are better than everyone else then that is one hell of an inferiority complex. The word "overcompensation" comes to mind. Just be happy doing what you are doing, what is with this obsession with proving you are number one all the time?
2002-10-22 03:01:04 AM  
From reading the article it sounds more like European corporations didn't execute correctly. He did state that 4 European corps supported the inferior method. He doesn't give any evidence that the EU would have gone against CDMA if those 4 corporations had supported it. A poorly supported argument. I don't think there are many wireless companies in the world making money as it is anyway, although I could be wrong.

Yeah I got through the article, I'm a geek.
2002-10-22 03:01:15 AM  
btw no I didn't read the article coz it wouldn't open :)
2002-10-22 03:01:22 AM  
If FarmerBob's profile is true i'm in love.
2002-10-22 03:02:34 AM  
Don't worry, Doomsday is coming, and all the filthy Americans will feel Allah's might.

Or possibly Buddah's... No, Buddah's non-violent.

But Jesus will save us... Then he will make us burn all of our porn, and will then kill everyone who puts on a Halloween costume.
2002-10-22 03:03:18 AM  
I too applaude the analogy FarmerBob.

All of the asexual organisms can go screw themselves.
2002-10-22 03:03:18 AM  
It's our real state religion, Jellyfish -- worship of money, a.k.a. capitalism. Xianity is just a facade.
2002-10-22 03:03:18 AM  
Americans still feel the need to prove they are better than everyone else then that is one hell of an inferiority complex. The word "overcompensation" comes to mind. Just be happy doing what you are doing, what is with this obsession with proving you are number one all the time?

You contradict yourself. You tell us to be happy with what we're doing, but that we obsess with proving ourselves number one. Obsessing over proving that we're number one is what we're doing, and we're happy doing that.

Damnit man, why won't you just let us be happy doing what we're doing!

2002-10-22 03:03:27 AM  
is it just me or did this headline make no farking sence what-so-ever to anyone else?

i dunno, thats probably jus my 30+ hours of no sleep talking.
2002-10-22 03:04:23 AM  
Wedge: Touche :)
2002-10-22 03:05:25 AM  
DoCoMo's name is mud in Japan? Has this guy ever been there? There is no-one else.
Here's why GSM is good and CDMA sucks. (PS I don't have a cellphone, but if I did, I'd go GSM). If I want a new phone and I'm on a CDMA network, I have to buy a phone and get it programmed for that network. Under GSM, I can just stick my smartcard in it. If my battery dies, or my phone breaks, I can borrow my friend's phone and stick my card in it. I can go to Hong Kong and Europe and take a GSM phone with me and it will work. (Japan requires a tri-mode phone to work). If you never travel outside the US and keep the same phone for ever (essentially the US and Canadian mobile market), CDMA may well be superior, but for the rest of the world where the ground network and the mobile market are VERY different from North America, GSM makes much more sense. The future may hold something different, but right now, GSM is superior, perhaps not technologically, but definately in a practical sense to the consumer.
2002-10-22 03:05:56 AM  

sexual species screw themselves quite often to. Even if they're not hermaphradites
2002-10-22 03:06:59 AM  

what is with this obsession with proving you are number one all the time?

i don't know. good question, though.
2002-10-22 03:07:06 AM  
I travelled 4 continents a few years ago and my phone worked on all of them, except the USA. For the pleasure of having a worldwide (except the USA) standard for the last decade it was well worth any changover that has to occur now.

We've got both GSM and CDMA all over and the choice is as hard as which colour phone you want to buy :)

Also - this guy talks about how Europes 'inflexibility and central decision making' has almost sent many carriers broke, but forgets that plenty of US carriers are also in trouble. It's called the telcom bust (just like the bust) and it's nothing to do with European centralisation.

This guy is thus using unrelated facts to prove his baseless point. All this article says is 'The US got one thing right, and even if it was an accident that must make our way better than everyone elses'.

Sad, really.

ps. Is the USA the only country in the world where you get changed to make _and_ recieve mobile phonecalls ? They aren't charged half price each way either, it's full price for both and very much a rip off. I'll tell you right now, not many of the rest of us would put up with that crap.
2002-10-22 03:07:19 AM  
DaCricket: He mentions that Qualcomm have sold some of their technology to NTTDoCoMo - it that Japan enough for you?
2002-10-22 03:07:52 AM  
DoCoMo's name is mud in Japan? Has this guy ever been there? There is no-one else.

Um.... Actually the new big-kid-on-the-block is Oau.
2002-10-22 03:08:03 AM  

I submitted an article earlier entitled "Fire..good"
2002-10-22 03:09:21 AM  
I was going to biatch that their site doesn't work in Opera. But they had a screen which explains a setting you need to modify for their site to work properly.

Opera Fix. (misprint: opera.ini should be opera6.ini)
2002-10-22 03:10:11 AM  
Can we all just sit around and smoke a doob together?
2002-10-22 03:10:34 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Silly Europeans...
2002-10-22 03:13:19 AM  
Is the USA the only country in the world where you get changed to make _and_ recieve mobile phonecalls ?

In the UK and Australia you don't, unless someone is calling you from another country, then you will get charged for receiving a call.
2002-10-22 03:13:51 AM  
another reason the smartcard system is better for the consumer (and the manufacturer who can sell more phones). In Japan mobiles are cheap and plentiful. The are a fashion statement. you could own 3 or 4 differen phones and take a different one depending on your mood or if it's mauve shell matched your t-shirt. All you have to do is stick your smartcard in it. Here I have to buy one (expensive) phone and stick with it even if I get sick of it or find I don't like it.
2002-10-22 03:14:24 AM  
Dr.Ron ~ Sorry, should have said he brushes Japan off like an after thought. The phones I've seen/used over here are so much better than anything I've seen on trips back to the states. Smaller, way cheaper, and with alot more options. (like the phone with a camera he mentions).
2002-10-22 03:17:17 AM  
Should we consider the amount of time and resources that were wasted pursuing competing standards in the US ? The fact that the US mobile network was, indeed, hell for the last decade So waiting provided a newer and better standard, but the actual consumers suffered the whole time.

Again, this article is saying that the waiting was good for the US telecom corporates, NOT for the US people :) So what if European corporates will have to upgrade, for the last decade they and their customers have had everything US customers haven't.

Nerrny nerr nerr.
2002-10-22 03:18:55 AM  
This undeniably proves, once and for all, that America is superior to Europe.
2002-10-22 03:19:12 AM  
The phones in Finland are also pretty sweet :-)
2002-10-22 03:19:31 AM  
DaCricket: I remember seeing a few of their things when I was in Tokyo this past April, but 6 months is multiple lifetimes in Japanese electronics product lifespans. Oau could well be everywhere by now :). My sister is on DoCoMo, and I think she mentioned Oau was expensive. I don't think Oau had a nationwide network at the time either...
2002-10-22 03:19:51 AM  
Puffy999: Trigger Happy TV rocks :)
2002-10-22 03:20:11 AM  
I couldn't read the article, all my literacy was used up by the headline!
2002-10-22 03:21:04 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

...We Americans know that smaller is better.
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