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(Yahoo)   Cat starts fire, then saves family by waking them up. Cat then returned to its normal state of indifference   ( divider line
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351 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Oct 2002 at 1:33 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-21 04:30:31 PM  
One of my cats, suckles on my earlobe at night while I am sleeping. He has done it ever since he was a kitten, he is now 2. And no, I don't enjoy it, sickos.
2002-10-21 04:31:24 PM  
You cat isn't cleaning your hair, it is tasting you.

Cats are intelligent - they are trying to single out the most idiotic of the human race (like, for example, those with 'vampyr' in their name. I can see you now, angsting over why your 800-year-old immortal self has to work overtime at Target) and eat them.

Here's a tip - fall asleep by the cat more often. Perhaps the cat will tear into your neckflesh, and give you the 'exquisite pain' I am sure you write bad poetry about.

Phew. I'm CHOCK FULL of love today.

(PS: Ferrets? Do you have snakes, too? Perhaps a pewer dragon named 'Algosythynnthmayl'?)
2002-10-21 04:31:47 PM  

10-21-02 04:23:13 PM Tobychubacca
So....Zzeuss....where's your other hand...

I'm an asshole

Holding the camera. I tried holding it in my teeth but it just didn't work out.
2002-10-21 04:35:04 PM  
Just messin with ya Zzeuss. i'm in a weird mood. Good looking cat.
2002-10-21 04:42:36 PM  
Crtinoutloud; The rule is "It possesses no apostrophe..." If everyone followed this simple rule, stopped writing about "alot" of anything, and took naps as a regular part of their day we'd all be spiffy.
2002-10-21 04:43:56 PM  
Post some more pics of pussy!
2002-10-21 04:57:58 PM  
Odd cat question.....

Does anyone have their cat CLEAN their hair?

Only when I'm sick, and then I get "mothered" by mine.

Yes, cats do "taste" you to remember you -- the same reason they lick their fur right after you pet them or they rub up against you -- but mine will just lick my fingers for a couple of seconds. It's only when I'm sick or "down" that they get carried away.
2002-10-21 05:03:24 PM  
I dunno...did they do catpaw prints? Nothing in this story actually CONFIRMS the cat started the fire...
2002-10-21 05:16:34 PM  
My cat goes mental licking my hands. Sometimes my feet. Not often my hair. Does that funny cat spitting thing where they try to get something out of their mouths.
2002-10-21 05:32:54 PM  
My cat licks my hair all the time. Never does it to my wife, even though she doesn't use funky hair products or anything.
2002-10-21 05:50:32 PM  
10-21-02 04:13:37 PM Blackvampyr
Odd cat question.....

You're not alone. My cat licks my hair, too. I don't understand it, either.
2002-10-21 06:20:18 PM  
Blackvampyr & Vaginal_Phlegm, do you own tabby cats? I have an orange tabby that loves to clean my hair. It's gross as hell. Also, I woke up one morning with him licking the inside of my ear. It appears he likes the taste of earwax.
2002-10-21 06:50:32 PM  
Cats are weird.

I had a cat when I was a teenager that would try and take my headgear off with his paws. (Headgear being the coat-hanger like appliance some unfortunate people have to wear to bed that helps their braces torque their teeth into place.) Lemme tell ya, having a 15-pound cat stand on a piece of wire that's attached to your already-sore molars is NOT a pleasant way to wake up.

Also, my last cat (as in final cat ever) used to *very gently* try to remove the little gold hoop from my nose using his teeth. And he also licked my hair on occasion.

Yeh, cats are weird.
2002-10-21 08:08:12 PM  
Yeah I had a cat too. It was like furry and then it died. I remember we had another cat and like ot died too....
2002-10-21 08:25:34 PM  
My cat does more of the normal cat things, although he is extremely playful, not so indifferent, but if you want to pet him or play with him, it is entirely on his terms. Also, if he's feeling ornery, he will out of nowhere take a chomp out of you, and I'm not talking about one of those little love-nibbles cats are known to give, I'm talking about a full on bite with intent to tear flesh.
2002-10-22 02:24:50 PM  
Oh wow, a troll. How shocking!

To everyone who responded with useful information, thanks. To the troll, have fun trolling. Your post made me chuckle a little, thanks.
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