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(Some Guy)   New spam software causes pop-up ads on your screen even if browser is closed   ( divider line
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5626 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Oct 2002 at 5:23 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-20 05:25:16 PM  
just what we all needed...
2002-10-20 05:25:57 PM  
Looks like it's time to go to war against the ad agencies.

*loading for bear*
2002-10-20 05:27:39 PM  
So that's what that was...
2002-10-20 05:27:57 PM  
Oh lovely. I can't wait till' the day that opening ANY software blows open a bunch of porn pop-ups and ads for consumer electronics.

You'll shoot someone in Quake VII or something, and a flag will pop out of the corpse offering you debt-relief.
2002-10-20 05:29:12 PM  
It's called net send. Anyone who knows how to do command line in Windows can do it. The people buying the software are getting ripped off.
2002-10-20 05:34:29 PM  
Its mostly microsoft's fault... by default, this shouldn't be enabled since it is only helpful on a corporate network.

Anyone notice the so-called "security engineer" complaining about getting the messages?
2002-10-20 05:37:03 PM  
This stupid thing has happened to me for the last two weeks or so. Is there a place in windows I can change this?
2002-10-20 05:38:24 PM  
Thecooley: I'm sure it's a little more complicated than-

NET SEND * Buy my shiat
2002-10-20 05:43:34 PM  
The software costs $700, but any geek could write a script to do it in under 20 minutes. Why didn't I think of that shiat. I've been using NET SEND to harrass coworkers for years.
2002-10-20 05:46:33 PM  
This was mentioned here a few weeks ago. If any idiot has their netbios port open to the internet, they'll be getting a hellava lot worse than spam messages.
2002-10-20 05:47:35 PM  
hah - It only works if you're [image from too old to be available] enough to use Windows!
2002-10-20 05:47:35 PM  
It probably basically is Net Send, but it most likely has some sort of list where you can input many Ip addresses to batch send. Ive been receiving these messages lately..

Under Control Panel, select Administrative Tools.
Select Services.
Double-click on Messenger.
In the Messenger Properties window, select Stop, then choose Disable as the Startup Type.
Click OK.

Have a nice day advertising agency!
2002-10-20 05:49:09 PM  
Does this run on a Mac? I thought not.
2002-10-20 05:49:11 PM  
J0n: How can you get NET SEND to work outside the LAN and out to the internet? It seems like it would create quite a mess if it were something easy to do.
2002-10-20 05:50:21 PM  
yea, i've done this to my friend, the script is out there if you google.

Gator already does something like this. I hacked the data registry and screwed them over, because some sites auto-install Precision Time/Date Manager, and removing them don't remove spyware/adware. I AM TEH UB3RL33T!!!!!111111
2002-10-20 05:50:44 PM  
We're doomed.
2002-10-20 05:50:51 PM  
Or you can completely remove it by typing RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove in the run box
2002-10-20 05:52:54 PM  
Optikeye: Yeah, it doesn't run on a Mac. Most things don't for that matter;)

(runs a mostly Mac network at work)
2002-10-20 05:53:03 PM  
B0rg9, I've been able to net send using IP addresses that were totally not on my LAN.
2002-10-20 05:53:41 PM  
My OS surrenders.
2002-10-20 05:57:39 PM  
10-20-02 05:52:54 PM B0rg9
Optikeye: Yeah, it doesn't run on a Mac. Most things don't for that matter;)


I don't normally take sides in these stupid little OS wars, but that was damn funny! Take that MacOS!
2002-10-20 06:00:41 PM  
Thecooley: I need to review exactly how NET SEND works, but if it is a function of netbios and you can enter IP addresses than that makes total sense. I was only aware of either the * or \\computername syntax. I've never tried it using an IP.
2002-10-20 06:00:46 PM  
Netsend works on NT, XP, and 2000.
The spammers send to a range of IPs and if the Netsend port is open on one of those machines, it gets a "popup".

A useful tool being exploited by spammers.

All you gotta do is AsTnBoMB's solution or configure your firewall to block the netsend port. You're probably never going to use that feature anyway.

But I'll leave it up to you chumps to figure out the port #. You gotta do SOME work.
2002-10-20 06:02:44 PM  
btw B0rg9 I didn't get your handle until I looked at your profile. My montior needed cleaning anyway, thanks!
2002-10-20 06:03:05 PM  
...scratch that about netbios.
2002-10-20 06:05:32 PM  
Geez, B0rg9, if you're going to burst a vessel to figure this out, maybe THIS will help. Which, incidentally, was posted here about a week ago.
2002-10-20 06:05:38 PM  
rhiannon - is advpack.dll like the windows adventure pack or sumfin??? cos it certainly seems to make using my computer a lot more exciting! :-p
2002-10-20 06:06:19 PM  
farking html

this is what I was talking about.
2002-10-20 06:09:25 PM  
Thanks, Mruttan, that "paper MCSE" gets a little stale when I don't apply these things everyday in my current job.
2002-10-20 06:20:28 PM  
Aaaah, I love being on a mac... Command Q, and the adds disapear! Because my OS doesnt have a web browser built into it!

2002-10-20 06:24:56 PM  
Why should I feel sorry for people who are too stupid to secure their machine? Survival of the fittest, I say.
2002-10-20 06:39:15 PM  
"Does this run on a Mac? I thought not."

What does run on a Mac anyways? Can it tell you why it only has 3.5% of the global market share?

*starts useless PC/Mac war*
2002-10-20 06:39:23 PM  
if your admin is "puzzled" (wired) over how this thing works and how to avoid it, fire him.
2002-10-20 06:42:29 PM  
I've been doing this since 1995 at LAN parties.
I always wondered why it took spammers so long to use this, I thought they were always on the ball about new ways to spam.

Tip: Use your UPS software to send a broadcast message to everyone during a LAN party that the power went out, and knock them out of their games of Counter-Strike :)
2002-10-20 06:46:10 PM
2002-10-20 06:52:12 PM  
I had this spam problem on a couple of win2000 boxes at work.

If you go to the services applet
start>settings>control panel>adminsitraion tools>services and disable the messenger service (it's not related to any IM application) this new and annoying form of spam will stop.

You should be able to do something similar on a win98 PC but I don't have one in front of me to check.

Friggen spammers.

Anyone else here using the cloudmark spam filter?
2002-10-20 06:52:20 PM  
Yes, I know this is a repeat, but I didn't get messenger spam when this first came out. Now, I'm getting 1 or 2 a day. Pulls me out of Warcraft 3. Annoying. Someone post a link on how to remove it please.
2002-10-20 07:34:02 PM  
die, evil spammers, die!
um... yeah.. i feel better now.

(and uh... using linux, anyways)
2002-10-20 07:36:32 PM  
Gee, SkullOne, you sure must be fun at LAN parties:) Try running the at command and launching random processes on the other computers at a given time.

Death_Zero: See the 10-20-02 05:47:35 PM AsTnBoMb post.
2002-10-20 08:42:33 PM  
I've never received one of these popup messages before, but 10 minutes after viewing that article I got one from "University Diplomas" (I've seen this in my junk mail before). I didn't check my e-mail or do anything else between the time I read the article and the time the popup appeared. Coincidence?

Btw, I'm blocking it now :)
2002-10-20 09:13:13 PM  
Some assclown called my unpublished home number last night at 9:30pm. Left a message on my machine identifying himself as "White Chocolate", and said that I had an overdue account balance on some porn website. Either (1) it was a prank (I didn't recognize the voice, though), (2) somebody else gave my number when signing up for this website, or (3) some lame attempt to get me to go to this website, which is probably loaded with banner ads.

Either way, ick.
2002-10-20 09:13:27 PM  
I don't read no fark'n popup, except once then that address is added to my HOSTS file. Including those on Fark. Warning... your links to

Learn to use it.

# localhost: Needs to stay like this to work localhost

# KaZaA related

# Adservers and other crappy sites AdSubstract adsubstract
2002-10-20 09:26:34 PM  
Next shut down the MESSENGER service.

Install a router for about $50 and sit behind it with a non routable IP i.e. or other wise use your router as DHCP to give these to ya these addresses...

NO Noetbios ober TCPIP.

This whole discussion is lame.

Security it is no that difficult. Does ya know how to lock your house and car and turn on the security systems in them? Duh?
2002-10-20 09:32:54 PM  
And the next thing ya do is get a spell checker so you don't look like an illiteral horse's pitout on Fark or maybe read before you click "send".

S/B NO Netbios over TCPIP

I'm so mad at this discussion... I have to put up with this fark'n shiat all day... At least I get paid to bail their silly arses out of trouble and then go back to my associates and make fun of these wanker clients. Bblack humor let's ya come back for more shiat like this tomorrow, the pay it good, there is job security because a wanker is born and connects to the internet every minute. every m
2002-10-20 09:48:15 PM  
Double_tap What the fark is Netbios doing open to the net over a corporate network? Close the freaking ports. If they must be open, over a VPN only.
2002-10-20 10:33:28 PM  
And yet still no cure for cancer.
2002-10-20 10:35:40 PM  
Tsunami: Would a link to that hosts text been out of the question?
2002-10-20 11:08:30 PM  
This isn't just another (among millions) of security holes in windows, it can be unbelievably annoying to everyday users.

Just one more reason (among millions) to use a non Microsuck OS.
2002-10-21 12:54:47 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Tsunami in action
2002-10-21 12:54:56 AM  
Idiots who don't use firewalls with windows should be shot.
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