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(ESPN)   Giants win game 1 of World Series   ( divider line
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2002-10-20 12:56:30 AM  
2002-10-20 12:57:04 AM  
Yawn. Wake me when there's an earthquake.
2002-10-20 12:57:42 AM  
I have no opinion.
2002-10-20 12:58:18 AM  
TheCharmerUnderMe, there have been plenty of earthquakes.

oh, you mean a big one? ok.

2002-10-20 12:59:21 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-20 01:00:53 AM  
/sign from god
feh, two west coast teams playing the world series on the west coast. Ya know, last time that enormous earthquake hit during one of the games.
/sign from god
2002-10-20 01:03:42 AM  
This game could have gone either way, the Angels just needed to get a few more runners home. IIRC they outhit the Giants 9-6. I guess it shows that even though pitching wasn't teh key to getting to the series this year, it still doesn't hurt to be able to get that crucial out when it's needed.
2002-10-20 01:04:23 AM  
A car just passed by my house.

I think that event holds more national importance.
2002-10-20 01:04:43 AM  
Misspudding: Gotcha. Of course, I was reffering to the nasty one in '89

[image from too old to be available]

That was the last time I gave a rat's ass about baseball...

2002-10-20 01:05:05 AM  
Baseball? World Series? Does anybody care anymore?
2002-10-20 01:05:08 AM  
Misspudding - That is cool.
2002-10-20 01:05:36 AM  
Baseball sucks. Next sport to take 3 hours to get through what should take 1 hour, at most....
2002-10-20 01:05:43 AM  
Somewhere in East Asia, a potential Rally Monkey is crying.
2002-10-20 01:06:52 AM  

2002-10-20 01:07:17 AM  
Should anyone really care? Anyway that you look at it, California wins. Blah.
2002-10-20 01:07:39 AM  
if anyone wants to follow along and bookmark the seismic activity in the U.S., go here:

you can click on stuff there and find other useful information.
2002-10-20 01:07:40 AM  
I'll just die if Portugal doesn't win.

2002-10-20 01:07:42 AM  

w00t! Go Braves!

2002-10-20 01:08:51 AM  
I thought the world series was football.
2002-10-20 01:08:59 AM  
I thought it was a damn good game. The Giants definitely dodged a lot of bullets tonight, but that's part of the game. And Bonds didn't suck. Hopefully the rest of the series is as good as this game was.
2002-10-20 01:09:30 AM  
I'm not much of a baseball kind of girl, it always runs over time, and ends up playing over some cool show on tv. but the season is almost over since they are having a world series, right?
2002-10-20 01:10:25 AM  
It was a very good game. I think this should be a pretty good series. Rally Monkey couldn't work his magic one more time :(
2002-10-20 01:10:53 AM  
Charmer, no prob. i figured that's what you were referring to. :) i hope the earthquakes don't freak you out too much.
2002-10-20 01:13:44 AM  
I assume your average Farker is a White Liberal male who hates both baseball and PeTA?
2002-10-20 01:14:20 AM  
Mushi056 That wasn't the Giants dodging bullets you were watching on tv. That was live coverage from FOX of the latest sniper shooting.

not funny, huh? ok, i think i'll have another beer and a few bonghits.
2002-10-20 01:15:47 AM  
Fuzzygirl18 the season IS over, this is the post-season.

also, what's with the anti-california world series sentiment? and if you don't like baseball, why do you bother looking or posting on a baseball thread?
2002-10-20 01:15:53 AM  
Yes, I suspect most Farkers hate baseball because the games preempt the episodes of The Simpsons that they've seen 400 times.
2002-10-20 01:17:02 AM  
And Bah-bu-RA. We also hate Bah-bu-RA. Don't forget Mecha-Streisand.
2002-10-20 01:17:41 AM  
Hey, baseball haters: SHUT THE FARK UP! It is like the Strongbad emails, alot of people like it and just because you don't doesn't mean you have to cry like a little girl about it.
2002-10-20 01:17:45 AM  
Oh, i should ask this: does anybody know an internet radio station i can listen to for the world series? I don't have a cable line going into my tv since it's going into my modem, and my stereo doesn't work :\
2002-10-20 01:17:53 AM  
Not to be vulgar, but I'd really like to wipe my arse with the rally monkey.


A Twins fan.
2002-10-20 01:18:23 AM  
oh okay... well that shows you how much I know about baseball. : )
2002-10-20 01:18:29 AM  
What? The World Series is going to preempt The Simpsons? biatch!
2002-10-20 01:18:49 AM  
I hate baseball because my Cardinal's lost.
2002-10-20 01:18:59 AM  
P.S. MisspuddingThank you for forseeing my request for the site wherein you acquired that lovely, lovely data.
2002-10-20 01:19:41 AM  
The big question is, What does Barbara Steisand think?
2002-10-20 01:20:27 AM  
Since last year, when the Mariners won 116 games and couldn't even get to the Series, I've had very little interest in baseball. Still, I'm rooting for the Giants.
2002-10-20 01:20:43 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-20 01:20:50 AM  
Babs says that she doesn't care who wins the Stanley Trophy.
2002-10-20 01:21:47 AM  
fark bonds he is an asshat at best
2002-10-20 01:22:04 AM  
if the angels lose the world series will Rally monkey be put down???
2002-10-20 01:22:40 AM  
10-20-02 01:17:53 AM Sphinx16
Not to be vulgar, but I'd really like to wipe my arse with the rally monkey.


A Twins fan. least you're on topic.
2002-10-20 01:24:26 AM  
Which teams wons the users of the most steroids contest?
2002-10-20 01:26:10 AM  
2002-10-20 01:27:30 AM  
She thinks baseball is an extremely violent sport, and since Bush once owned a baseball team, he supports violence, which would explain his position against Saddam Hussein and Iraq.

In other words, I have no idea.

That would be the Dallas Cowboys. (I know it's not baseball, but they are America's (Most Wanted) Team, right?)
2002-10-20 01:27:31 AM  
What's with those thunder stick things everyone's got. The only concievable use for them I can think of for them is to be used by small children to annoy their parents in the car on the way home.
2002-10-20 01:28:41 AM  
Bigpeeler, aye, i hear ya. don't worry, though, it's hockey season. now we can both cry over the fact that the wings have all of the former good blues (shanahan, hull, now they've got cujo...). and of course, the rams have won at least 1 game this season, right?
2002-10-20 01:29:26 AM  
Eeep... I forgot to mention "hates organized religion" to the general Farker description. Sorry.
2002-10-20 01:29:33 AM  
"The only concievable use for them I can think of for them is to be used..."

you know you're drunk when you begin to repeat yourself. you know you're drunk when you begin to repeat yourself.
you know you're drunk when.....aww fark it.
2002-10-20 01:29:38 AM  
Sphinx16, no prob. anytime!
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