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(BBC)   After seeing pics of recent Moscow Fark party Scotland decides to ban nudity in saunas   ( divider line
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6474 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Oct 2002 at 2:50 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-19 02:55:43 AM  
Do you want to get all sweaty with another guy? I didn't think so.. Maby a few girls.. add some taquila.. yum.....
2002-10-19 02:56:29 AM  
make that *tequila*
2002-10-19 02:58:30 AM  
i say open a brand new prude sauna if you don't like it. if it's traditional and people still like doing it, then leave it be.
2002-10-19 03:00:45 AM  
The hot dry air bath was reintroduced into the British Isles in 1856 after a break of more than 1400 years.

Holy shiat! They had these in 400 A.D.? That's amazing.
2002-10-19 03:05:51 AM  
yeah Udo, those romans were something else, huh.
2002-10-19 03:13:53 AM  
i fell into your lies once again fark. i don't know why, but i expected to actually read something in the article concerning the fark party. well it's a friday night, and you know how logic works on friday nights
2002-10-19 03:32:48 AM  
Yes Dave, we know.
2002-10-19 04:18:34 AM  
Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies
2002-10-19 04:49:40 AM  
Dave, i also find thinking difficult without my space helmet.
2002-10-19 06:18:56 AM  
What about a link to the photos...if there was nudity that is....
2002-10-19 07:31:44 AM  
After realizing there were actually men who went nude there, the ban was passed. Luckily they still encourage women to go naked.
2002-10-19 08:36:27 AM  
I'm going to violate that ban many, many times... 100 degrees celcius is so hot that you really don't need clothes.
2002-10-19 09:24:11 AM  
Sure, there is nudity, but no quality control.
2002-10-19 10:39:33 AM  
And that, Atomic, is why laws like this are necessary. Do we really need to blind everyone who walks into a sauna?

Sort've like going to the gym and seeing the 400lb woman wearing workout tights with a thong over it sweating on the treadmill.
You're glad she's there putting in the effort, but does she have to do it for all to see?
2002-10-19 01:14:21 PM  
I love how farkers are so full of themselves that they have to pretend to be part of the articles they post.

How pathetic
2002-10-19 01:52:51 PM  
So where are these pics of the nekkid Moscow Fark party?
2002-10-19 02:01:02 PM  
I'm guessing that they're talking about these pics.(watch your eyes)
2002-10-19 03:50:32 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
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