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(   Soon, we may be able to send each other farts through our phones   ( divider line
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2987 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Oct 2002 at 12:03 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-18 05:50:57 PM  
Just the technology Howard Stern needs to regain his ratings.
2002-10-18 06:11:33 PM  
They can make the smell of the Scottish Highlands which, presumably, must contain the odor of sheep dip, haggus and drunken Scotsmen.

2002-10-18 07:42:59 PM  
Or maybe, the lad can be reminded of his favorite sheep...

*looks for velcro glovbes*
2002-10-18 07:51:10 PM  
Let's just keep our fingers crossed that they don't figure out the formula for New Jersey.

I can only imagine what this technology will do for the phone-sex industry.
2002-10-19 12:05:41 AM  
Would you accept the charges for a "collect fart"?
2002-10-19 12:08:43 AM  
I'd call the neighbor, send 'em some chloroform and then steal his money.

And have my way with his wife.
2002-10-19 12:09:53 AM  
Definately would add a new meaning to prank calling. Imagine someone keeps sending you farts then hanging up. Oh the grief.
2002-10-19 12:11:56 AM  
Smell phones ? We doan need no steenking smell phones.
2002-10-19 12:14:28 AM  
There's all manner of possibilities with this.

Gross out a small child by phoning them with feet.
Bring despair to a seniors' group with a prank home-cooked meal.
Revenge on the neighbor's dogs with other dog's asses.

Oh, endless...

this should be open to voting...what would be the best smell to send over the phone?
2002-10-19 12:15:33 AM  
Ya know how people say "We can put a man on the moon, but we can't yadda yadda yadda" ?

I am now officially changing that too "We can send a fart through the telephone, etc."

I suppose now would be a bad time to point out that there's still no cure for cancer. Espcially since today seems like a very busy day for multi-millino dollar research projects that have nothing to do with the curing of cancer.
2002-10-19 12:16:25 AM  
farter-id would be a big seller and ring tones would take on a whole new "sound".
2002-10-19 12:17:50 AM  
(raunchy chili fart noise) Oh, that's mine...hello?
2002-10-19 12:18:57 AM  
hehehehe...Lets call Saddam..hehehe
2002-10-19 12:25:27 AM  
hey, whats going on in Total Fark? these articles stink!
2002-10-19 12:28:03 AM  
Another solution where there isn't a problem.
2002-10-19 12:30:36 AM  
Just think, soon you'll be able to fart remotely, then stick a THC capsule up your butt!
2002-10-19 12:35:31 AM there was a drug
2002-10-19 01:15:12 AM  
Ah, those god damned telefarters are calling again!
2002-10-19 02:09:17 AM  
*ring ring*
1.Aren't you going to answer that?
2.Hell no.
1.Why not?
2.Because it's my girlfriend sending 'fabric softener meadow scent' to make sure all other women know I'm taken.
2002-10-19 02:37:43 AM  
And be sure to subscribe to Total Fark as many times as you can...
2002-10-19 03:07:18 AM  
Good evening sir or maddam I'm calling you today on behalf of the Mega-telephone Company. If you agree to switch your(PHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht)................ Cough, Gasp, Wheeze.

Hehehe, I can't wait for this to come about.
Hell I'll be happy to take phone calls from telephone solicitors.
2002-10-19 03:17:40 AM  
Don't answer the phone! Its a trap!
2002-10-19 04:22:36 AM  
2002-10-19 06:23:03 AM  
I would be so into that..

I wish I had more to say.
2002-10-19 06:49:43 AM  
You're one classy chick, Bumjube ;-)
2002-10-19 01:07:45 PM  
i always talk to people whilst using the toilet, will that create a problem?
2002-10-19 03:47:35 PM  
Great, now my morning train commute will not only be noisy, it will be smelly.
If people use cell phones in public when it isn't appropriate, the phone should automatically fart in their face and tell them to hang up.
2002-10-19 08:33:12 PM  
Well, this could take crank calls to an unpleasant new level..
2002-10-19 11:18:21 PM  
thats silly, I alreadt fart into the phone when I'm talkin to my buddy.
2002-10-20 11:41:06 PM  
yay farts
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