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(Minneapolis Star Tribune)   Sale of NHL "sniper caps" to be stopped. In other news, the word "sniper" to be purged from the English language so as not to offend anyone   ( divider line
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2002-10-18 12:44:28 PM  
The word "purge" also offends me. Please stop using it.
2002-10-18 12:46:20 PM  
that headline offends me....
2002-10-18 12:46:38 PM  
PC thugs are gonna be the first against the wall when the Revolution comes. I'll shoot them myself, wearing a sniper cap too.
2002-10-18 12:46:50 PM  
The word 'offend' offends me.

2002-10-18 12:47:08 PM  
Oh fer Pete and Pete's sake, gas stations are infinetly more frighetening to me right now as a DC area resident than the word "sniper".

Gas stations and strip mall parking lots. Scary shiat, my friends.
2002-10-18 12:47:17 PM  
Snipers in a hockey game? Cool.
2002-10-18 12:47:22 PM  
This is the same idiotic, PC mentality that caused the Washington "Bullets" to change their name to the "Wizards".

On the bright side, I suppose my CCM "Sniper" cap can be sold on Ebay in a few months for some decent $$$.
2002-10-18 12:48:14 PM  
We are the knights that say..."sniper".

Isn't that what it's coming to?
2002-10-18 12:48:14 PM  
"It's the cans! He hates these CANS!"
2002-10-18 12:48:14 PM  
This is so snipery. Things are so snipery these days.
2002-10-18 12:48:14 PM  
2002 List of Taboo Words

-yucca mountain

feel free to add on......
2002-10-18 12:48:17 PM  
i am offended at the use of the word 'sniper' in this headline
2002-10-18 12:48:33 PM  
Image of the snipe
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-18 12:49:40 PM  

Is this more or less retarded than the attempts to remove words and terms like "Twin Towers" and "WTC?"
2002-10-18 12:49:50 PM  
yeah yeah yeah,
shut up and cover me while i pump my gas.
2002-10-18 12:50:02 PM  
I play hockey...sniper is supposed to indicate a great shooter....of the puck hehe. Yeah, I suppose they'd better take the sniping scene out of "Saving Private Ryan", yank "Enemy at the Gates" off the shelves...
2002-10-18 12:50:40 PM  
Sniper caps? Caps offends me.
2002-10-18 12:51:02 PM  
Not to mention that Tom Berenger movie...
2002-10-18 12:51:37 PM  
Also on the way, use of the word offensive found to be offensive for its many offences to offense. Officials find this offensive and offened me when I asked for proof of the offenders obvious offense.
2002-10-18 12:53:42 PM  
I hope this means I have to quit snipe hunting with my friends. I've yet to even find one of those things....
2002-10-18 12:54:14 PM  
soccer moms unite against the evil words
2002-10-18 12:54:28 PM  
Great offensive photoshop opportunity...any takers??
You could take the WTC burning or with a plane hitting it, with a sniper on the top shooting people, and have some priests with little boys, and some Muslims...don't forget the Muslims..and Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson wearing KKK hoods..and yeah...that would be great!
2002-10-18 12:54:57 PM  

I agree, either cover me or find me a Guardian Angel who's willing to be my human shield.
2002-10-18 12:55:24 PM  
Walmart to stop sales of the "Remington Thirty Aught Six Washington DC Long-Distance People Killer" rifle because weenie PC types are offended by the gun's name in light of recent events.
2002-10-18 12:56:05 PM  
I am offended by the phrase "restraining order to stay away from Elizabeth Hurley". I think all orders from the bench should be outlawed.
2002-10-18 12:56:29 PM  
Any word can be offensive to someone.

Example: Sock puppets.
2002-10-18 12:56:59 PM  
I'm offended this wasn't under "Asinine".
2002-10-18 12:57:17 PM  
Somebody needs a lemonema.
2002-10-18 12:57:17 PM  
Oh well, at least I got my Exploding Twin Towers Hat before they took those off the market.And my Waco Texas button. And my Operation Enduring Freedom shirt... oh wait they actually make that one.
On a side note, this getting banned has less to do with PC thugs and more to do with idiots.
2002-10-18 12:57:43 PM  
Pretty soon white vans will be banned as well. Also tarot cards.
"I've been sniped!"
I just bob and weave when I fill my car up. Actually my friend gets gas after every shooting, b/c he feels that the s***** wouldn't be too busy trying to get away to strike again.
2002-10-18 12:57:52 PM  
That's 2 words Goober.
2002-10-18 12:58:14 PM  
Oh oh, they're so right. The word "sniper" is really upsetting to me, even though I live nowhere near Washington and didn't know any of the people killed from Adam, but because the word "sniper" is there it makes me really upset because it reminds me that there is a sniper in washingon and I can't go live in suburban soccer mom oblivion like I always have.
Please take it away.
2002-10-18 12:58:49 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Note that the had neither shows nor depicts a Sniper.
2002-10-18 12:59:29 PM  
I am offended by the term "God" . Everyone knows the sni.. er the crazed killer running amok used it, so it is very offensive...
2002-10-18 01:01:13 PM  
Gratefuldead just gave me an idea. Why not just change the name of the hats to crazed killer hats and everbody would be happy.
2002-10-18 01:01:23 PM  
Well, that makes sense. Hockey is such a peaceful sport, you know.
2002-10-18 01:01:30 PM  
Wait, I thought we weren't supposed to refer to the killer as a sniper, because it puffs up his serial/spree/terrorist killer ego too much?

At least that's what MSNBC told me. And they only tell the truth, all the time.

2002-10-18 01:01:32 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-18 01:01:51 PM  
I'm offended by you pointing out my obvious mistake, Eatcaramels.
2002-10-18 01:02:18 PM  
Sniper joke:

Q: How many snipers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

A: One. See, a sniper is just a guy who shoots people from a distance - it in no way affects his ability to screw in a lightbulb without assistance.

Badum bum. I'll be here all week.
2002-10-18 01:02:18 PM  
When I play Counter Strike, I use the Scout or the AWP. The other guns are spray 'n pray, but using the sniper rifles keeps you on your toes cause you can't afford to miss shots.

My best streak in CS was 43 frags in a row. I'm not sure this guy is good enough to match that. Guess we'll see.

I'm so going to hell
2002-10-18 01:02:46 PM  
a sock puppet once bit my mom on the ankle.
2002-10-18 01:04:14 PM  

Knock it off with the "sock puppet" crap! You're seriously pissing me off when you say "sock puppet". And so close to November 8th, too, I might add.
2002-10-18 01:04:17 PM  
Those PC assheads are the snipiest bunch of snipers that ever sniped.
2002-10-18 01:05:50 PM  
All PC babies and fark themselves!

--Now, I am a bully. I will probably be removed from society.
2002-10-18 01:05:53 PM  
That's retarded and queer.
2002-10-18 01:06:34 PM  

i think LordVger is tryin to oppress us. i'm offended.
2002-10-18 01:06:46 PM  
I'm offended you can't take criticism Goober.
2002-10-18 01:06:48 PM  
Ack the html tirckery:
[image from too old to be available]
Hope this one works
2002-10-18 01:07:13 PM  
JeepGrl99: I have no problem with the banning of tarot cards -- and those who believe in them.
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