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(RTCC)   Right Field Sucks takes on The World Series   ( divider line
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6157 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Oct 2002 at 7:33 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-18 01:02:04 PM  
2002-10-18 11:38:09 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-19 08:06:22 AM  
A World Series that sucks, geographically and otherwise.
Well put.
2002-10-19 08:53:51 AM  
Johnny_wadd , would you rather it bet geographically somewhere else ? Say New York ? Spreading it around (geographically) makes for a better look at baseball and you don't see the same 'ol ,one sided view of the sport , like playing in NY where all the players are millionairs anyway . . .
2002-10-19 09:40:31 AM  
So why do you call it the world series when only american teams can play in it? Is that cos you're afraid that you might not win it if if was actually a world series and not just an american series?
2002-10-19 09:53:55 AM  
CommieSheep are you a real troll, or do you just play one on TV?
2002-10-19 10:07:33 AM  
It is called the World Series because over half of MLB players are from either Japan, Puerto Rico, Mexico or Cuba.
2002-10-19 10:10:31 AM  
The rally monkey will prevail.... I think.

If anyone is more unbearable than Southern Californians, it must be San Franciscans...
2002-10-19 10:39:31 AM  
CommieSheep---cause people from all over the world play in the league
2002-10-19 10:50:55 AM  
Any world series where the Yankee's can't win is a good one in my book.

Gotta go with the Angels in this one, despite the Disney connection. They were a lot of fun to watch in the playoffs.
2002-10-19 11:00:41 AM  
Hey, OF, maybe next year for Your team...

Oh, you live in Eastbummfark, Maine?

Well, there's always Bahston...

Okay, maybe not next year.
2002-10-19 11:01:43 AM  
Angels will win in 6. Take the first 2 at home, win 1 out of 3 in SF, and win game 6 with a 12 run 7th or 8th inning.
2002-10-19 11:11:12 AM  
If anyone is more unbearable than Southern Californians, it must be San Franciscans...

really now .... if anyone is more unbearable than trolls in a world series link it should be justified by that comment

my son's football game is right near the big ed today, should take a friggin month to get there
2002-10-19 11:46:02 AM  
Go giants.
2002-10-19 12:06:18 PM  
great, an article about how the world series sucks by cubs fans.

2002-10-19 12:17:33 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-19 12:21:57 PM  
O.K., ....maybe that was uncalled for....but I happened to see some interview sound bytes of several Cali's commenting on each other's bailiwick on FOXCNNABCMSNBC,Inc. or somewhere....

Perhaps I painted with too big a brush, but these folks were really classy (sarc).

For the record, several years of my youth I passed in South Gate.


I usually refer to Bahston's beloved and venerable ballclub as the "Red Sux."

Peace out.
2002-10-19 12:52:17 PM  
The first series was sponsered by The World, a newspaper. So it was called The World's series, and the name stuck.
2002-10-19 01:02:07 PM  
I thought the headline read "Right Said Fred Takes On the World Series".

That would have made my day!
2002-10-19 01:40:55 PM  
another fine example of someone WHO HAS WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON THEIR HANDS. Who cares, either you watch the series or you don't, end of story. The only one who will care are the advertisers who will be spending beaucoup bucks hoping people will watch the series.
2002-10-19 01:58:06 PM  
hey i live in SF and i am not much a sports guy, but I am hopping SF will win and we all aren't bad out here. "what about the children??? whould someone think about that children ?!!!?!?!" ( simpsons )
2002-10-19 01:59:09 PM  
Giants in 6.

The Angels are screwed by having to face the best left fielder ever. If you pitch around him, my boy Benito will make you pay. If you pitch to him, it'll probably go out of the park!

2002-10-19 02:58:22 PM  
I hate the Disney corporation, but I was a fan of the Angels long before Michael Eisnerhitler and friends bought them.

BTW, has any of the so-called "experts" picked the Angels to win this thing? Everyone I've seen is saying it's the Giants.

Go Angels. If you don't win, at least bean Lofton with a fastball.
2002-10-19 03:40:32 PM  
To be a baseball fan means you have to pull for the Twins.
Like fun. I think that whole organization, especially that sorry ^ssed excuse for a stadium, are a blight on the game. I could more easily tolerate, for example, Don King monopolizing all of pro sports for the next 25 years than have to endure another single game of the series being played in that friggin' joke. And Ken Hrbek can lick my sack.
2002-10-19 03:42:59 PM  
It sucks because it's not in your area?

fark off twits.
2002-10-19 04:37:43 PM  
GOLOG: How about Chicago? Being that it hasn't seen one for over 40 years (and a subway El series in almost 100), I think it's about farking time.
2002-10-19 04:47:23 PM  
The Angels are screwed by having to face the best left fielder ever.

I would have to disagree. He might be one of the greatest home run hitters ever, but he's hardly a great left fielder. If the DH existed in the NL, I'd bet Barry wouldn't even need to bring his glove to the park every day...
2002-10-19 04:55:31 PM  
Uh, Barry Bonds has five gold gloves. What the hell are you talking about?
2002-10-19 04:57:20 PM  
Pardon me. Make that eight.
2002-10-19 05:01:07 PM  

Right. In his speedy prime. His last Gold Glove was back in '98 and he hasn't looked too good in the field since then, having gained a huge amount of weight and devoted most of his time to his hitting. Not that that's a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination... he's a clobberer (not to mention a future HOFer) for sure, but his sprightly, nimble days in the field are pretty much over.

That being said, go Giants!
2002-10-19 05:06:05 PM  
I still think he's a good fielder. For an old man, he's still got some good speed, and he really knows where to play. He rarely even has to run. He couldn't earlier in the season when he hurt his hamstring, but he got his legs back. His arm has never been the best, but he gets to the ball quickly and gets rid of the ball even faster. I've seen him turn quite a few doubles into singles. And he can still reach over the fence and steal a home run. I guess he can't compete with the young'uns for the gold glove anymore, but he's certainly no slouch out there.
2002-10-19 05:09:45 PM  
It may be geographically lame, but it sure is a blessing to us West-coasters who have grown weary of the yearly ECWS (East Coast World Series).

On the other hand, swallow your farking sour grapes. If any other teams were worthy, they would have turned it up a notch when needed and they would be still be playing.
2002-10-19 05:17:30 PM  
See OF, we can agree on Something, so Best Coasters aren't all bad.

Virtual beers all around, and

2002-10-19 05:52:04 PM  
Part of what makes Barry the best ever is the fact that he recognizes his speed isn't what it was ten or fifteen years ago. So he was able to adept into a powerful slugger.

I can guarantee you that you won't see the Giants lose the World Series because Barry decides to steal a base in the 9th inning, unlike that other famous outfielder from 75 years ago!
2002-10-19 07:13:29 PM  
Barry Bonds may be somewhat arrogant, and I'm not saying he's not. However, I had the chance to meet him last year and he's actually a pretty nice guy. Also recall he stuck it out with the Giants to try to get to the world series and didn't sell out to the Yankees or someone almost as evil. So give the guy a break and stand in awe of his clobbering prowess. Hum baby, Go Giants!
2002-10-19 07:19:19 PM  
Despite the fact that they couldn't buy their way into a Series, I'm still pulling for the Mets.
2002-10-19 07:22:40 PM  
Cubs in 4. Oh...wait...nevermind.

2002-10-19 07:56:28 PM  
I am so apathetic to the entire game of baseball.

Perhaps it's because they represent the epitome of greed in all of sports.

/flame on
2002-10-19 08:04:58 PM  
one question... will bonds' steriod needles make it past stadium security?
2002-10-19 08:10:02 PM  
BTW, has any of the so-called "experts" picked the Angels to win this thing?

only a little out of the way place in the middle of nowhere... i think they call the place las vegas .

Odds to Win Series
Anaheim -120
San Francisco +100
jbc [TotalFark]
2002-10-19 09:38:53 PM  
What the hell? Cubs fans have an opinion on the World Series? That's like Carl Everett having an opinion on dinosaurs.
2002-10-19 09:43:50 PM  
Victoly , Anywhere other then NY or Texass
2002-10-19 09:56:31 PM  
Oh, to have seen Bud Selig presenting the World Series trophy to the Minnesota Twins...and now we won't, damn you, Anaheim!

That being said, I'm pulling for Anaheim in this year's Series. Why? So Barry Bonds doesn't get his ring, that's all. Whattajerk.


2002-10-20 05:46:48 PM  
Hairy: Nice use of the apostrophe, but -5 points for "steriods."
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