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(Something Awful)   The "Blade Mistress" forums get all bitchy after SA reviews them   ( divider line
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1620 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Oct 2002 at 8:45 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-17 08:47:31 PM  
I'm sure as hell not becoming a member...
2002-10-17 08:47:34 PM  
'This forum is for members only.'
or something like that.
2002-10-17 08:47:37 PM  
Serves 'em right, the bloody Welshmen.
2002-10-17 08:49:02 PM  
Never mind, NOW it lets me on when i reload the page.
2002-10-17 08:50:13 PM  
Good link asshat
2002-10-17 08:51:36 PM  
Gee... I couldn't have predicted that people would EVER disagree with an SA review.

Someone needs to do something about that damn ad. It takes 25 years to load... On my multi-T3 here at work.
2002-10-17 08:52:14 PM  
Go play Neocron, they have REALISTIC looking strippers.
2002-10-17 08:55:33 PM  
NO ONE FARKING CARES. God, stop posting these SA links. Maybe if we stop paying attantion, they will go away.
2002-10-17 08:57:51 PM  
Worst link ever.
2002-10-17 08:59:29 PM  
Well if SA reviews a game made by a 'garage' company then what did they expect? They slammed a game obviously in mid production, i.e. beta download. If they would have read the FAQ they would see that they have achieved most of teh goals they have set for, for this game. They are not making their own Diablo, with a hundred people or so working with/for them. Oh and I only read SA for their photoshops.

SA = Sorry Asses
2002-10-17 09:02:13 PM  
Login: Fark
Pass: Fark

2002-10-17 09:03:51 PM  
Login: Fark
Pass: Farkyou

Sorry about that.
2002-10-17 09:04:10 PM  
Spazholio: That no worky.
2002-10-17 09:05:42 PM  
So we endorse trolls now.
2002-10-17 09:06:24 PM  
Works fine.
2002-10-17 09:08:04 PM  
I liked the part where it wouldn't let me log in.


who screens this ? I starting to believe the "theory of random fark threads".

so many observations. so much crap.
2002-10-17 09:09:15 PM  
As I read more deeply onto this mock of a review, I become more and more preplex as to what response would be appropriate.
My first was to beat this stupid brat.

Is he referring to "masturbation"?
2002-10-17 09:12:43 PM  
hmm, works now... and I didn't do anything.
2002-10-17 09:13:22 PM  
Jimmy: first one or second?
2002-10-17 09:15:40 PM  
What can you do, what can you do, with the brat like that always on your back, what can you do
what can you do, what can you do with the brat like that always on your back what can you do.

Beat on the brat, beat on the brat, beat on the brat with the baseball bat oh yeah, oh yeah, oh oh.
Beat on the brat, beat on the brat, beat on the brat with the baseball bat oh yeah, oh yeah, oh oh.
2002-10-17 09:16:06 PM  
Drew loves Something Awful.

I love it too, but I think Lowtax and Emily are hispanic.. And they dont admit it! Sad.
2002-10-17 09:19:26 PM  
"Garage" = a few kids who ride the short bus to school and just figured out Visual Basic and are REALLY EXCITED about it.

Also, they read the FAQ, which is why they described it as "unintentionally hilarious." But if you had actually read the article, I_B_OTAY, you would know that.
2002-10-17 09:19:29 PM

it seems to work fine?
What kind of fark is this?
Nice link! (sarcasm)
2002-10-17 09:19:56 PM  

Why is it that links that are for members only get posted on Fark. Does no body check the links?

Man.. funk dat. Read the link. Funk dat.

2002-10-17 09:20:02 PM  
haha, blade whatever is fagots!
2002-10-17 09:20:14 PM  
CACA!- If you read the candy reviews, it shows pictures of them. Lowtax is a fat bastard (well, in a good way, because he reads the comments here). Emily's pretty hot. Neither are hispanic, AFAIK, unless they went the route of Michael Jackson
2002-10-17 09:20:34 PM  
I love this quote from an upset Blade Master player:

"I'll call upon the holy might of the subspace vet thralls and swarm them with an army the such of which has never been seen before, stupid punk thinks he can mess BM with his lack of gaming IQ? I'll tear him to shreads, easily enough, he has done half the job to proving his idiocy already."

They've obviously never experienced the overwhelming power of Fark.
2002-10-17 09:22:39 PM  
Bisifinity: I know hispanic people who are waaaay whiter than those two. SO in my research I concluded that hispanic people= Dark hair and eyes and WHite people= Blonde hair and light eyes. It just makes sense.

And Emily is too hot for that freak. I love her.
2002-10-17 09:23:01 PM  
This link sucks dick.
2002-10-17 09:23:44 PM  
so the game sucks, most games made by a couple kids at home do. Ive made a ridiculous number of horrible games in my lifetime. At least they have a multiplayer game with reasonably recent graphics. Beats the hell out of the snake game i just wrote for my palmpc. Everyone starts somewhere.
2002-10-17 09:24:27 PM  
Something Awful has every right to make fun of "Blade Mistress". After all, we all know Blade Mistress real name is actually Samuel Clemens.

No, I didn't read eaither article.
2002-10-17 09:26:14 PM  
candy reviews?
2002-10-17 09:27:41 PM  
I'd like to call for a halt to anyone using the catchphrase 'Worst Ever'. If you're going to criticize at least be original, at the least the 'This link sucks dick' guy had some pizzazz!
2002-10-17 09:27:45 PM  
Beats the hell out of the snake game i just wrote for my palmpc.

Is HE referring to "masturbation"?
2002-10-17 09:29:30 PM  
clever, but no.

you know the shiatty game that comes on nokia cellphones where a little dot eats other dots and gets longer and cant touch itself. My games titled Monkey Eating Robot Space Snake.
2002-10-17 09:29:36 PM  
As I read more deeply onto this mock of a review, I become more and more preplex as to what response would be appropriate.
My first was to beat this stupid brat.
Then I started to feel pitty on his patheticless.
Now I am simply laughing my butt off on this moron punk and squirting milk outta my nostrails.

Obviously, only mental giants play this game.
2002-10-17 09:31:05 PM  
The mall roxxors. Let's have a fark party at the mall! Meet up next to the EB World!
2002-10-17 09:33:22 PM  
Looks like they just deleted the thread. I tried to go to the 'next page' and it vanished.

Guess they realised that they were looking like buffoons with their overreacting to SomethingAwful's review. Wussies.
2002-10-17 09:33:38 PM  
Wow, I think these guys deleted the thread. Kind of a shame, it was pretty damn funny.
2002-10-17 09:34:47 PM  
Awwww. Message board get broken.
Grog angry.
2002-10-17 09:36:21 PM  
2002-10-17 09:36:59 PM  
dammit i want to know what the candy reviews are!! nerds are da bomb!! :)

feh, got kinda boring by the 7th page...
2002-10-17 09:40:24 PM  
Alright, the thread is gone so I'm going to reproduce it in its entirety for those who didn't get to witness its unique brilliance.

"SA did an unkind review of our game"

"I'm going to kill people who don't like this game and make them eat shiat"

"you spelled something wrong, I feel superior and I have a larger penis"

"The mall rulez d00ds!"

"stupid foreigners, why can't you learn english"

"the mall is awesome"





You're welcome.
2002-10-17 09:42:14 PM  
Go here:
2002-10-17 09:43:23 PM  
mr. balls, ya forgot the "i ar supor hacker network dood, feer shinobi" guy...
2002-10-17 09:43:58 PM  
The whole idea of SA reviews is that they're fakes which could be identified as fakes by a 5-year-old with ADD... although, oddly enough, not by certain Fark readers...
2002-10-17 09:45:25 PM  
I believe that and all other comments after the first page are effectively summarized by the "penis" statement.
2002-10-17 09:45:59 PM  
User: MotherFarker
Pass: fark

Enjoy, kiddies.
2002-10-17 09:45:59 PM  

The Blade Mistress review was not fake. Something Awful does do 'real' reviews, typically on bad titles but occasionally on good games (Deus Ex received a very positive review on SA). Only the TruthMedia reviews are fake.
2002-10-17 09:46:17 PM  
You forgot MC 900 Ft Jesus!
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