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(The Cannabist)   Poll reveals that 72% of Americans believe in UFOs   ( divider line
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101 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Oct 2002 at 5:31 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-17 12:29:32 PM  
That's not so strange. UFOs definitely exist. Whether they're spacecraft flown by aliens is an entirely different matter altogether.
2002-10-17 01:19:21 PM  
I've seen two. The first was definitely military: two huge, silent black triangles flying in the night sky. They had a light on each apex or I wouldn't have seen them at all.

The other was a chrome colored sphere that hung in the sky for over and hour without moving. Several smaller objects came out of it and whizzed off. It was June 21st, the first day of summer, and it was a clear blue sky. Eventually, it slowly moved towards the east horizon and disappeared. I have no idea what that thing was.

Witty "tin-foil hat reference" in 3...2...1...
2002-10-17 04:45:10 PM  
Eraser8 - Semantics. No one doubts that there exist flying objects that are unidentified, but in popular usage "UFO" means an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

Glenlivid -
Not to doubt your story, but the trouble with sporadic eyewitness accounts is that they are terribly unreliable. Remember, we also have eyewitness accounts of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, and all kinds of other nonsense. It is less of a stretch to suppose that the mind plays tricks on people than to suppose that aliens travel many light years just to buzz around our sky. Photographs and videos are also unconvincing, as they are easily faked or just show an out-of-focus blob. The only convincing evidence would be physical: an actual spacecraft, or the little green men inside. That would be pretty hard to argue with. Until I see this, I will remain a skeptic.
2002-10-17 04:51:45 PM  
Alien mindwaves are interfering with my html.

Someone please put up the "I want to believe" picture.
2002-10-17 05:34:03 PM  
Oh wait, I just changed my mind, make that 71%
2002-10-17 05:34:31 PM  
They're not here... they're not coming.
2002-10-17 05:34:46 PM  
[image from too old to be available] Poll reveals that 72% of flailing Cable TV channels will make up stuff to stir interest in their rather uninteresting channel!
2002-10-17 05:35:09 PM  
holy shiat. @_@
2002-10-17 05:35:55 PM  
I poll that Drew is a "DUMBASS" for being closed- minded.
2002-10-17 05:36:34 PM  
Dal: reminds me of Rickey Henderson talking about steroids. Someone asked him about a comment by (I believe) Jose Canseco, which was that 50% of ML Ballplayers are on steroids. Rickey replied "Well I ain't, so make that 49%"
2002-10-17 05:36:35 PM  
of course people believe in UFOs... all UFO means is 'unidentified flying object'.. I thought everyone knew THAT...
2002-10-17 05:36:52 PM  
2002-10-17 05:37:08 PM  
Sure! I've got a freezer full of "unidentifiable, foiled objects."
2002-10-17 05:37:10 PM  
I want to puke.
2002-10-17 05:37:32 PM  
and potential encounters with extraterrestrial life (58 percent) when national security is not an issue.

National security not an issue? You've got something that can build a spaceship and travel millions of miles to land in your back yard and you don't think it represents a threat to your national security?
2002-10-17 05:38:24 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-17 05:38:53 PM  
Fortunately only 8% of Americans place any credence in polls from
2002-10-17 05:39:20 PM  
Don't be silly. UFO's were invented by Hollywood to help a sagging, uh, industry.

/I want to believe!
2002-10-17 05:39:42 PM  
Revrendjim: I left out something: I witnessed the second one with 12-14 other people, 3 of whom were aviators. I'm not saying what it could be because I don't know...thus the term unidentified flying object
2002-10-17 05:39:42 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Since BigPimpin beat me with the "I Want to Believe" pic.

2002-10-17 05:39:45 PM  
This is not really strange since about the same number beleive in Jebus or some of the other gods out there.
2002-10-17 05:41:17 PM  
"The poll-sponsored by SCI FI"

Was this poll done through the sci fi channel or star trek conventions? I want to know who these people are that believe in UFOs. If people can gamble on anything like elections then I'm going to start up my own casino and allow these farkers to put down money that UFOs indeed to exist.
2002-10-17 05:41:34 PM  
*is too lazy to photoshop an "I want to believe the poll results" picture*
2002-10-17 05:42:17 PM  
68% believe in extraterrestrial life. This is not surprising. Most people are idiots.

And if there were aliens visiting Earth, the gov't has every right not to tell us about it.
2002-10-17 05:42:26 PM  
My religion and stance on extraterrestrials are the same: agnostic...never seen proof that there is, can't say for certain that there isn't.
2002-10-17 05:44:47 PM  
What's E.T. short for?

Because he's only got little legs.
2002-10-17 05:45:23 PM  
I am always irritated with the with the question "Have you seen, or do you believe in UFOs?".

Of course, I saw something flying, I'm not sure what it was. It was an object, it was flying, can't identify it= U.F.O.

Was it space aliens? Hmmm..... More likely a plane, maybe a bird even.
2002-10-17 05:45:58 PM  
And 100% should believe in reading the farking article before commenting or making up a headline.

It stated: A new national poll found that 72 percent of Americans believe the government is not telling the public everything it knows about UFO activity, and 68 percent think the government knows more about extraterrestrial life than it is letting on, the SCI FI Channel reported.

That's not "72% believe in UFOs".
2002-10-17 05:46:59 PM  
undeniable proof of our ancestors ability to carve stuff into rocks

[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-17 05:47:29 PM  
Only 72%? Geez, over 90% believe in an invisible, omniscient father-figure that controls the fate of the universe. Why only 72% for unidentified aircraft?
2002-10-17 05:47:30 PM  
To whomever posted this with the dumbass tag and also sirskeptic: GO fark yourselves.
2002-10-17 05:47:37 PM  
I'll bet 72% of the people who watch Home Shopping Network believe that the products they sell aren't crap. Thanks for the biased, worthless poll results.
2002-10-17 05:47:57 PM  
man....ive seen 2 things in the sky i could not identify. One was about this time of year when i was 12 over the airport in Hall Co. Georgia. It was green-yellow neon looking and it was in the shape of a super rounded cresent moon. It looked like it was a mile in the air and it made the first 2 part of a letter "Z" (moved over and then down) and then it paused for like a milisecond then it made another full "Z". It did this appearing out of no where and dissapprearing into no where. ANNNNDDD...there were 3 other people in the car that also saw it. The second i saw all by myself. It was a green ball the same color about the size of a quarter if you hold it arms length with a line thin halo around it. I saw it go down behind some trees i guess about 5 miles away. Didn't hear a sound.... Im not saying just saying i dont know what the hell they are.
2002-10-17 05:48:22 PM  
Misleading headline.

The survey question was whether they thought the government was telling everything they knew about UFOs. Of course the government isn't. But that doesn't mean that UFOs exist.
2002-10-17 05:48:29 PM  
This is nothing more than marketing copy for Taken, the crappy remake of every 'Grey Abduction' movie ever made, they start shoveling it onto the airwaves in December. Steven Spielberg had his errand boy's assistant sign off on the script so it's called "Steven Spielberg Presents: Taken". It's SciFi's last desperate choking gasp for ratings before they emit their final death rattle.

They cancelled FarScape, which was their last original science fiction show. Now they're nothing but tabloid mindrot--talking to dead pets and reruns of crappy straight-to-video movies you didn't care to watch when they came out.
Fsck 'em. May they smoke a turd in hell.
2002-10-17 05:48:30 PM  
That's not "72% believe in UFOs".

It's pretty much the same thing though. If they didn't believe in UFO's they wouldn't believe the government could be withholding information.
2002-10-17 05:49:16 PM  
2002-10-17 05:50:33 PM  
This could be a Sign........
2002-10-17 05:50:37 PM  
haha, everyone is making assumptions one way or another when noone can really be sure of anything. and gofarcureself is an asshat, our government is a democracy (or says it is), based on peoples say which is based on their perspective and wisdom. If you obscure peoples knowledge of what is going on you are taking away their say of what is going on and that is not democratic.
2002-10-17 05:50:45 PM  
It's a big universe, really big. so alien life probably exists, intelligent alien life probably exists.

are they building vague primary-solid-shape craft and coming millions of light years across the void of dead space to make brief appearances to just enough earthling strangers to keep their existence ambiguous ? It tries a rational mind to its' limit to accept that.

even if I saw a very convincing craft with my own eyes hovering over me. It is more sensible to doubt my sanity than to accept the previous supposition.

which all goes to say I'm agnostic, but very close to atheist on this one.
2002-10-17 05:51:30 PM  
Big Al

thats an interesting concept you got there
2002-10-17 05:54:57 PM  
Life exists beyond Earth. thats much is certain. In what forms, and where, now thats the mystery.

As for UFO? I'd say maby 1 in a thousands reports might actually be or a real alien ship, but its probably more like 1 in 10,000. If there here, its most likly for scientific research, and not to make any sort of philosophical reverations to us or anything. We're probably just labrats at this point. Smart labrats perhaps, but still just things to be observed or studied.
2002-10-17 05:55:59 PM  
I for one welcome our new alien overlords.
2002-10-17 05:56:18 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Attention Human:
You have been selected for our cross-breeding program. To put you at ease, we have recreated the most common spawning locations for your species. You may choose either: The back seat of a Camero, an Aeroplane Bathroom, a friends wedding, or the alley behind a porno theater.
2002-10-17 05:57:48 PM  
Yes, but four out of five dentists recommends UFOs for their patients who chew them.
2002-10-17 05:59:22 PM  
Maybe we need this, then.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-17 06:00:10 PM  
There's a greater chance that someone else has the exact same songs in their iPod as I do than the Earth ever being visited by aliens.
2002-10-17 06:00:46 PM  
I've never seen a UFO or the Loch Ness Monster but I believe in both
2002-10-17 06:02:02 PM  
Who the hell cares about UFOs?

I want to know when the government is gonna do something about robots stealing our luggage?

/end sarcasm
2002-10-17 06:02:33 PM  
Patients who chew their dentists are recommended UFOs?
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