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(SFGate)   San Francisco woman willing to trade her World Series tickets for sperm   ( divider line
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3410 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Oct 2002 at 3:38 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-16 03:46:54 PM  
I wonder if she sccepts direct deposit.
2002-10-16 03:47:39 PM  
Hoo boy, I betcha this will attract the guy from the library that is ejaculating all over the backs of the female students !
2002-10-16 03:48:16 PM  
Is the plan to do the trade in the parking lot?
2002-10-16 03:48:31 PM  
Would she like it handed to her in a cup, or would she like a sample straight from the tap?
2002-10-16 03:48:36 PM  

Obviously this isn't a very attractive woman or she could go to any bar any night of the week and end up keeping her tickets.

What kind of Giants fan would give them away, anyway?
2002-10-16 03:48:43 PM  
Let me be the first of many to say: she can have mine when she pries it from my cold dead hand.
2002-10-16 03:49:09 PM  
I'll give her a couple of doses for $2.00 coupon to Arby's.
2002-10-16 03:49:30 PM  
That's what I call taking one on the chin
for the team
2002-10-16 03:49:37 PM  
Just tell me where to shoot ^_^
2002-10-16 03:49:46 PM  
Oh come on, there's plenty of fine heterosexual men in San Francisco... right? Right?
2002-10-16 03:49:50 PM  
There's got to be a reason I'm at the top of the list...'s Jane Swift. I knew that'd be back to haunt me.
2002-10-16 03:49:53 PM  
Let's see, at the rate of one ticket for a sperm, I should get every ticket for every Giants home game next year in one good shot.
2002-10-16 03:50:56 PM  
what kind of red blooded american woman WOULDN'T trade her world series tickets in for a good dickin?

ignore the fact that only pvssies watch baseball.
2002-10-16 03:51:04 PM  
Does she want to just forgo the table treatmens?
2002-10-16 03:51:20 PM  
Is it per ticket?
2002-10-16 03:52:30 PM  
There's a typical Giants fan...what an idiot.
2002-10-16 03:53:01 PM  
You really have to wonder what kind of woman would go on record saying that she'd trade in her tickets for some spermies. I agree with Omegacerberus. I wouldn't even wast time considering it. But then again, I don't watch sports, and I gave up the art of bartering years ago.
2002-10-16 03:53:04 PM  
she must really love to suck cock
2002-10-16 03:53:39 PM  
And all this time I've just been given the stuff away. Plus I have enough tissue paper to get an entire section.
2002-10-16 03:53:50 PM  
Greatest tradeoff ever, ever.
2002-10-16 03:54:33 PM  
You you too can be like a MLB player! Leave a fatherless child in another city you will never know...and go to the World Series! AWESOME
2002-10-16 03:54:53 PM  
She has to be artifcally inseminated(I cant spell). She could be hot but there is something farked up inside of her.
2002-10-16 03:55:02 PM  
One sperm sample for two tickets? I have a towel in the corner that should be worth season tickets.
2002-10-16 03:56:00 PM  
This was my submission, and they posted my link, but the headline got edited. It orginally had a second part to it: "For it's one, two, three strokes, you're there, at the old ball game!"

Anyway, it sounds to me like thousands of Farkers suddenly have an opportunity to sit in the upper deck at Pac Bell Park to watch the World Series. Spank it yourself, then watch the Giants spank the Angels! Somebody hand me a paper cup--I'm gettin' myself some World Series tickets.
2002-10-16 03:56:05 PM  
JihadJoe if you are only getting next year, and not the next 100,000 years, you have a rather low sperm count. A low sperm count is considered less then 20,000,000 per milliliter. If yours is 82, you ain't never having kids.
2002-10-16 03:56:54 PM  
Free Facial for the 100 women to signup.
2002-10-16 03:57:36 PM  
Moth: That's cold, sticky hand.
2002-10-16 03:58:21 PM  
well, it would definitely depend on how good the seats were.
2002-10-16 04:00:53 PM  
Question is, is she willing to scare it off her back ??
2002-10-16 04:01:01 PM  
Giants in 5.

Sperm in three....two.....uhhhhhhhhhhhhh
2002-10-16 04:01:03 PM  
Sure, if its on her face.
2002-10-16 04:05:23 PM  
I wonder if the woman's name is Rosie 0.

or maybe R Odonnel...

2002-10-16 04:07:15 PM  
She's a Giant's fan? I thought the mentally retarded weren't supposed to reproduce.
2002-10-16 04:07:36 PM  
2002-10-16 04:12:04 PM  
The child's real name will be Samuel Clemens
2002-10-16 04:12:38 PM  
scare ?? SCARE ?!?! wtf?

scrape !
2002-10-16 04:13:57 PM  
Didn't she already get screwed when she paid for her tickets?
2002-10-16 04:16:03 PM  
Come on...killing kittens, helping out a person in need, and scoring World Series's perfect.
2002-10-16 04:18:22 PM  
No thanks lady, Let me know when you get some Superbowl Tickets.....
2002-10-16 04:20:37 PM  
don't worry the child will grow up a Giants fan

in other words: completely retarded and absent of real human interaction skills
2002-10-16 04:21:16 PM  
THis thread is farking hilarious....Giants in 6, if Cali isn't quaked into the ocean first.
2002-10-16 04:25:37 PM  
Sounds like we have a lot of willing sperm donors on Fark. Maybe we should set up our own sperm bank, all profits to go towards future Fark parties and Total Fark for the impoverished.

That's assuming anyone wants Fark sperm.
2002-10-16 04:27:13 PM  
I once trade a chick a value meal from BK and movie tickets for some of my sperm. (in case the sentence structure makes it unclear, I gave the sperm way in exchange for nevermind).
2002-10-16 04:31:20 PM  
No mention of Fb? Huh.
2002-10-16 04:34:21 PM  
So this means that the kind of man she wants to be the father of her child is too poor to afford tickets to the game but responsible enough that he'd become a father in order to go.
2002-10-16 04:38:35 PM  
Bottle or Draft?
2002-10-16 04:41:49 PM  
Cum gurgling whore.
2002-10-16 04:43:40 PM  
Techmaniac: In other words, this chick could hook up with any random FARKer and get just the right sperm.
2002-10-16 04:54:52 PM  
I'll send her a bucketful for Superbowl tickets. World Series? They still play that?
2002-10-16 05:02:18 PM  
So is this woman stupid because she's a giants fan or vice versa?
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