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(AZCentral)   Asshat father reports child missing after leaving kid at a crackhouse for 11 hours to go buy crack   ( divider line
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4651 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Oct 2002 at 1:11 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-16 01:13:12 AM  
Crack Baby!
2002-10-16 01:14:56 AM  
poor parenting seems to be catching lately.
2002-10-16 01:15:50 AM  
Wait, so where was he going to buy his crack then, if not at a crackhouse?
2002-10-16 01:16:51 AM  
Well really crappy anyway. Bad parenting never seems to go away.
2002-10-16 01:17:26 AM  
what other kind of parenting is there?
2002-10-16 01:18:18 AM  
It just sucks that the kid is the victim.
2002-10-16 01:18:40 AM  
On a different subject, the "hacked site" probably wasn't hacked..

See for yourself by checking this earlier version of the site courtesy of

Click here
2002-10-16 01:18:50 AM  
ok let me get this straight, he goes to a crackhouse, drops off his kid, then procedes to go look for a place to buy crack?

ahh BizarroTonyDanza beat me to it i guess, ohwell i get to get up in 5 hrs, i'm allowed to be incoherent wooo!
2002-10-16 01:18:55 AM  
He's a sperm donor; not a father
2002-10-16 01:19:50 AM  
So that who that kid at the house was. Damn.
2002-10-16 01:22:02 AM  
was it the same kid that got shot out of a tree?
2002-10-16 01:22:46 AM  
Seems like the dumbass tag might be better here....
2002-10-16 01:22:55 AM  
Michigan representin'. I had no idea crack houses were in the grand rapids area.
2002-10-16 01:23:48 AM  
You smoke your crack at the crackhouse.
You buy the crack from a dealer.
Duh, doesn't everybody know that.

Uh, I mean, I think I saw that on the news or somethin'.
2002-10-16 01:23:57 AM  
Boy that must be the worst crackhouse EVER.

That's like going to a Chicken Salad House...but they don't have any Chicken Salad. That sucks butt.
2002-10-16 01:24:23 AM  

click on a link from that site and you get virii=]

not all links but most links are to bad scripts
2002-10-16 01:27:45 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Did someone say crack?
2002-10-16 01:28:09 AM  
Smoke: farking duh! Would you trust a link from someone named "KFPenis" or "tubesock"?
2002-10-16 01:29:44 AM  
Begoggle: Now I've seen the Grand Canyon.
2002-10-16 01:30:47 AM  
ok, so he leaves his son at a crackhouse overnight, and the maximum penalty is 90 days in jail or a fine?? WTF?
2002-10-16 01:34:02 AM  
90 days of jonesing for crack?

Okay, that might be just.
2002-10-16 01:41:56 AM  
Nah, the kid'll probably get taken from his custody. Actually probably better off for the child. I work with delinquents (some from that area) who get locked up for selling crack after their parents pass the family 'business' on to them at the age of 13. At least this kid may get the opportunity live with less of an idiot.
2002-10-16 01:45:59 AM  
i sure as hell hope the kid is taken from the father...but still, 90 days?? and he's only charged with contributing to the delinquency? how about child endangerment? and where the fark is the mother in all of this?
2002-10-16 01:51:31 AM  
Anyone else notice about 10 of my posts, and around 80 others were deleted tonight? Not that anyone cares but like 4 ppl....

It's the Fark Nazi's hard at work.

I hope Cliff Yablonski wins the bullshiat 400 dollar Mod. for a month gig...
2002-10-16 01:51:42 AM  
2002-10-16 01:51:50 AM  
She's probably worse than he his.
2002-10-16 01:53:09 AM  
At least the crackheads were kind enough to take the kid to a church.
2002-10-16 02:00:25 AM  
Crack costs 100pp on my server.


OK, I was just informed this isn't EverQuest.
2002-10-16 02:06:05 AM  
sow plz
2002-10-16 02:08:06 AM  
so he calls police to tell them that he was at a crack house and couldn't remember where it was...
2002-10-16 02:10:33 AM  
Send all our asshat drug users to Afganistan.

Or let them clean reactor rods for crack.

Or make them go to continuous AA meetings.

No child deserves a father like that!
2002-10-16 02:13:20 AM  
If the father has custody, I wounder how farked-up the mom is?
2002-10-16 02:19:14 AM  
90 days in jail will be enough. People in jail tend to be disapproving of child abuse. I think he'll check in but not check out.
2002-10-16 02:25:50 AM  
crack crack crackity crack crackalacka crack crack crack
2002-10-16 03:49:05 AM  
Mama, I smoked the TV.
2002-10-16 05:14:03 AM  
It's not a crackhouse, it's a crackhome.
2002-10-16 08:08:25 AM  
Perhaps I'm missing something here, but I thought that a crackhouse was the place to go to in order to buy crack?!
2002-10-16 09:04:43 AM  
Nice to see dealers of different drugs working hand in hand like that. :)
2002-10-16 09:31:50 AM  
I don't get the charge at all. The kid's three - is he even capable of delinquency? Reckless endangerment and abandonment seem more appropriate (and hopefully, the penalties are more severe).
2002-10-16 11:31:55 AM  
So wait, the dad's already at the crackhouse, why does he have to go buy crack?
2002-10-16 11:34:21 AM  
Should be an a$$hole tag...
2002-10-16 01:34:34 PM  
Dante: you work in a video store!
Randall: I work in a shiatty video store! I want to go to a good video store so I can rent a good movie.

same concept. asshat lives in a shiatty crackhouse, wants to go get good crack.
2002-10-16 01:36:11 PM  
It's Michigan's very own progressive crack daycare center.
2002-10-16 02:38:52 PM  
I lived in Detroit for a while. I'm surprised this made big news. This sort of thing happens all of the time there.
2002-10-16 05:29:09 PM  
Crackhouses are where people hang-out and smoke their dope. Juvinile boys on the street corner is where most crack is sold to consumers.
2002-10-16 07:02:59 PM  
2002-10-17 02:28:36 AM  
Some people should not have children imho especially drug users . if you don't have kids who cares go ahead and fry your brain,but once you have kids you need to get your s... together and quit for their sake
2002-10-17 02:01:51 PM  
What a dumbass
2002-10-17 02:02:57 PM  
I mean REALLY dumbass
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