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(Yahoo)   El Gordo, the world's largest lottery awards $3.2 billion in prizes. La Flaca unavailable for comment   ( divider line
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4133 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Dec 2007 at 2:01 AM (9 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-12-23 02:05:34 AM  
Wow, and I won the second prize! The email told me so.
2007-12-23 02:07:20 AM

and the winner is...
2007-12-23 02:09:06 AM
I've won the Spanish Lottery!
2007-12-23 02:14:34 AM
2007-12-23 02:14:42 AM  
Clever, subby. A Univision fan, are we?
2007-12-23 02:15:56 AM  
There were some flacas on Sabado Gigante tonight that I would have hit like the fist of an angry god.
2007-12-23 02:32:14 AM  
Oh, El Gordo, I do miss you since moving from teh Tay-hass.

/Baby Arm
2007-12-23 02:36:53 AM
Yo veo lo que tu hicistes.
2007-12-23 02:37:51 AM  
Gordo has his own lottery? I guess he can give up bean farming!
2007-12-23 02:42:07 AM  
TTIWWP... Oh, never mind.
2007-12-23 02:44:25 AM  
No matter how much money they win, they are must smellier Mexicans.
2007-12-23 03:42:36 AM  
Penis gordo.
2007-12-23 03:42:51 AM  
Does La Flaca means horseface?

/Yes, I know what it really means.
2007-12-23 03:48:48 AM  
monty666: No matter how much money they win, they are must smellier Mexicans.

What? Have a few too many Coronas?

/I know I did tonight.
//Yo se que he bebido demasiadas cervesas, per una vid sin cerveca es una vida sin valor.
2007-12-23 03:50:12 AM  
I am fluent in spanish, but a keyboard is hard to operate cuando estoy borracho.
2007-12-23 06:50:30 AM  
It is Spain you morans, not Mexico
2007-12-23 07:28:20 AM  
Here in Spain, no one calls it 'El Gordo'. Its really called La Navidad. You will be accosted by the people who sell the tickets, because they always get the crazy street people to sell them. One ticket here in Granada is 23 euro. 230 euro for the series...
2007-12-23 07:29:03 AM  
2007-12-23 07:39:39 AM  
Mejor es; maldita perra.
2007-12-23 09:16:47 AM  
El Gordo winners will soon be la flaca after all the yayo!
2007-12-23 09:21:24 AM  
what about El Nino?

/Spanish for.... The Nino
2007-12-23 09:43:13 AM  
Somebody won right here in BCN. It makes me feel like I should have bought a ticket. But we did last year and absolutely nothing came of it.

Not really a gambler.

Is playing the lottery gambling?
2007-12-23 12:07:48 PM  
In 2006, one of the most sought after series was 22105, the date on which Fernando Alonso became Formula 1 world champion for the second year running.

What kind of weird date is that?
2007-12-23 12:16:40 PM  
My blue collar in-laws buy hundreds of dollars of scratch tickets, daily numbers, weekly numbers, and Keno every week. Occasionally, they "hit", and one of these day's they're "really going to hit".

They know I think it's a complete waste of money. But they don't listen to me because I have a Mass Megabucks winner as an immediate neighbor, my nephews tenant just won $1M in an instant scratch ticket and the $150M Powerball Jackpot winner is two streets away.
2007-12-23 05:51:50 PM  
I didn't win a single cent of it.... :-(

>Is playing the lottery gambling?

2007-12-23 05:56:08 PM  
Nitpick: It's "El Gordo y El Flaco".

Stanley was a bloke...
2007-12-23 10:29:25 PM  
Mexican TV reference made me lol. Thanks, subby.
2007-12-24 05:33:17 AM  
I was watching this and was wondering what the hell it was.
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