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(Yahoo)   AOL decides that pop-ups aren't the best way to satisfy subscribers   ( divider line
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5811 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Oct 2002 at 8:34 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-15 11:22:55 PM  
Opera has a built in stopper (no new windows) that you can turn off and on at will. Plus, it's a far superior browser, anyway.
2002-10-15 11:27:02 PM  
Ok, time for me to add to the "this program kills pop-ups" too, or this browser does it automatically. Pop-up Stopper is free and works great. No need to enter restricted sites. If you click a link that is a pop-up, hold the CTRL key and it opens. Buy the Pro version and you can EXCLUDE sites from the pop-up restriction. WAY BETTER than adding sites to ban since most all sites pop-up crap on you.

No, I don't work for Panicware. If you want, use Opera or Mozilla, they both block pop-ups too, but if you want to use the BEST browser, Internet Explorer (ducks), then Pop-up Stopper is for you.

Send your check to me directly, not PanicWare.
2002-10-15 11:28:28 PM  
FWIW, AOL hasn't run 3rd party pop ups for some time. This announcement is actually old news.

Oh, and Kurpal....since I work in the media industry, I know a few people at AOL. They say ICQ polluted itself. ICQ is considered a bunch of asshats within the company because they never did anything AOL asked them to do. On the one hand, maybe that makes them cool. On the other, maybe they farked themselves...

Not that it matters to me. I've got cable.
2002-10-15 11:29:43 PM  
Have kids? Worry.

Turns out net surfers (and I assume AOL dupes) below around 13 cant tell the difference between ads and actual content. They click on them, thus hosing the web for the rest of us. Or at least, all you ninnies who arent using Proxomitron or an equivalent.
2002-10-16 12:11:47 AM  
AOL is for douche bags. Let 'em read pop up ads.
2002-10-16 12:35:41 AM  
2002-10-16 12:59:54 AM  
well i've had msn as one of my ISPs for years now and when i had to reload recently i also had to do a reinstall of it. guess what?? the GD thing speaks!! "good morning" --- yuk and ewwwwwwwww. if they had to copy aol why the hell that? i only keep the msn account cuz some of my subscriptions go there and two accounts is useful if one goes down.
2002-10-16 01:56:04 AM  
We could save AOL . . but why???
2002-10-16 04:10:58 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-16 08:48:55 AM  
CPU_Thrasher Give Mozilla a try. Tabbed browsing beats Opera's multi-window. Although Opera still does have better control over plug-ins :-/
2002-10-16 11:27:17 AM  
Thats right Earthlink was the first mainstream Isp to offer a pop up blocker. I was using AOL as a connection only surfing with IE, and was just flat amazed at how much faster and better the web worked after switching to Earthlink. I'm still just using dial up but the switch alone made a big difference. Both connection speeds were the same but Aol content filtering thru their connection slows every thing down. The real internet indeed !
2002-10-16 11:35:57 AM  
As of a few weeks ago, that retarded rebate contract expired, and I'm out of the ISP hell that is AOL. Good riddance. It's nice to pay half as much for twice the service quality-wise in a local ISP. :D
2002-10-16 01:28:48 PM  
Ha ha ha even micro$oft is hopping on the NO POP UP bad wagon. Or at least it is rumored that there will be a pop up feture in IE 7. Here is a list of features.
Here are some rumors on features that may be included in IE 7

1. There will be a spell checker for forms and for people who have office 11 there will be a thesauruse both will work the same way is the right click menu that already exists in MS word(red underline etc)
2. Popups. There will be no popup stopper but there will be limits on what popups can do (no full screen and multiple popups etc)
3. Tabs there is likely to be some sort of tab UI but it is likely to be different to the in Mozilla and Opera.
4. The will some sort of theme ability similar to that of Opera
5. There will be many new features for window XP that will not be in 98,98se,me to do with the abilities of the operating system.
2002-10-16 02:36:28 PM  
Holy shiat, that could well be the biggest epiphany anyone has ever had in the history of forever?

Any advance?
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