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(SFGate)   Because you can't show bare midriffs when you have to wear weird long Mormon underwear, Nordstrom holds a special fashion show for Mormon girls   ( divider line
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2002-10-15 02:35:51 PM  
Repression makes the baby Jeebus cry.
2002-10-15 02:36:20 PM  
2002-10-15 02:36:29 PM  
So do you still get laid after prom if you go with a Mormon?
2002-10-15 02:36:32 PM  
I'd hit it.
2002-10-15 02:38:06 PM  
actually, mormon underwear has nothing to do with it, girls dont begin wearing that until after theyve been through the temple for the first time which usually happens when they get married. Mormon girls are just trying to be modest.
2002-10-15 02:39:34 PM  
"We call them bra-friendly"

Is this a reference to Fark? or just me?
2002-10-15 02:39:34 PM  
Wait until you have a teenage daughter then come back and talk to me about how girls should wear slutty outfits.
2002-10-15 02:39:37 PM  
Mormon fashions
2002-10-15 02:39:51 PM  
They are called "Garments". When you are married in the temple, you get them. You wear them at all times.

I have lived in utah my whole life as a non-member.

I have heard MANY stories from people saying that the Garments stop bullets, are fireproof, protected them in a car accident, stopped a knife, and protected them from lightning blasts.

They believe these are holy garments, imbued with power, that protect their body from harm.

I say "Bizzare", but that's just my opinion.
2002-10-15 02:40:02 PM  
Whats next "Victoria's Secret Burka Bonanza"?
2002-10-15 02:40:18 PM  
I've always wondered what weird mormon underwear looks like. Can anyone post a pic or a link to a pic? And I thought only the guys had to wear it. And why do they wear weird underwear? Is it true that you only have one pair? C'mon, someone enlighten us on the Mormon underwear myth.
2002-10-15 02:40:19 PM  
The only 'religion' more contrived is Scientology.

I'll second the "repression makes baby Jesus cry."
2002-10-15 02:41:01 PM  
First the crackdown on whores in Fountain Valley (my hometown), then this in Costa Mesa (a town bordering Fountain Valley). Sure, the first is illegal, and the second isn't being made illegal, but it gives a general sense of what's up. At least there are still plenty of high school girls ready to show off skin (and their milf trophy wife moms willing to also) in the county.

It's a shame, too, because Mormon girls come from some hot white stock (we have a big Mormon population here).
2002-10-15 02:41:12 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

We're gonna need a stunt cock.
2002-10-15 02:42:25 PM  
ITS A STRAP! crazy mormons....what they didnt write in the article is that they will all be riding bikes to prom and worshipping pegan gods.
2002-10-15 02:42:53 PM  
I was going to comment, "If God really likes the LDS, there will be no pictures," but the SFGate article loaded first.
2002-10-15 02:42:57 PM  
Mormon girls... Yum!
2002-10-15 02:43:06 PM  
The church doesn't tell them that the makers put conductive, fire-retardant Kevlar in the "garments". Originally intended to suppress/repel hot throbbing penises, it has the side benefits of protecting the wearer from the aforementioned worldly hazards.
2002-10-15 02:43:54 PM  
Sample gown:
2002-10-15 02:45:42 PM  
2002-10-15 02:46:11 PM  
I have a fantasy of a 3-inch tall Catherine Zeta Jones in my mouth!

Is that so wrong?
2002-10-15 02:46:54 PM  
So do you still get laid after prom if you go with a Mormon?

Before and after. The best thing for a Mormon girl is to get pregnant, so you have to marry her.
2002-10-15 02:48:00 PM  
2002-10-15 02:51:02 PM these girls want to actual have some self respect and dignity and wear more modest clothing, and people start crying oppression? Lame.
2002-10-15 02:51:03 PM  
[image from too old to be available]


crazy shiat i read on a site about these freaks
" do not believe that the talismanic power resides within the garment itself. The Mormon, for example, is taught that when the undergarment is worn out, the Priesthood markings are to be cut off and burned! The remainder of the garment can then be used for any purpose whatsoever. It is clear that the power resides in the symbols!

An additional point must be made concerning the Masonic square and compass. In speculative Masonry, the initiate is originally told that the square is "a symbol of morality." He is advised that the compass is used to teach the Mason to "circumscribe his desires, and keep his passions within due bounds." In spite of this "entry level" explanation, the Mason is then instructed (in the 32nd degree) that the Hermetic compass symbol represents the creative male principle, and the square represents the productive female principle.

However, to shed more light on the subject, William Schnoebelen (former Wiccan Priest, Satanist, Mormon Priest, and 33rd degree Mason) adds another twist. His explanation is derived from the instruction he received in esoteric Masonry (limited to a small group of initiates). Mr. Schnoebelen was found "worthy" to receive the continental degrees in arcane European Masonry which included the Ordo Templi Orientis, the Rite of Memphiz and Mitzraim, Martinism and Palladium Masonry. According to Schnoebelen"
2002-10-15 02:51:03 PM  
One concerned Mormon father was quoted as saying, "I think these fashions are great. There is no way I want one of my wives' daughters leaving my house looking like an immoral tramp."
2002-10-15 02:53:38 PM  
You people are never happy! Most of the time you're complaining that girls these days dress like whores. Now, when some of them are looking for more "modest" clothing, you're negative because they're mormons. Double standard.
2002-10-15 02:54:20 PM  
wax_on no its not true that they only have 1 pair, it doesnt look crazy at all, imagine shorter white cotton long johns. They wear them for similar reasons why priests wear the black shirt with the white cotton collar thingee, its just more internal, it reminds them of who they are.
2002-10-15 02:55:49 PM  
are mormon girls the same as repressed cathlic/christian school girls? I went to a christian high school and all those girls were either just waiting for an opertunity to be naughty or were.
2002-10-15 02:56:48 PM  
shut the fark up betty
2002-10-15 02:56:59 PM  
they look like plain white boxers and a undershirt, kind of a sheer silk looking material. They also have some embroidery on them with their "temple" names. They are V-neck tops, and the sleeves are quite short.

Go to a locker room in a Gym in Utah and you'll see it all in a matter of seconds. That's where I saw them in detail.
2002-10-15 02:58:38 PM  
Garments? I think it's a bit strange for a religion to be so focused on underwear.

I'm waiting for someone to post that Dilbert cartoon in which he goes fire-walking and extols the virtues of his asbestos-lined socks.
2002-10-15 02:59:13 PM  
So, Does this mean my Spiderman Underoos hold hidden power?!?

As much as I like half-naked women running around in oh-so-sweet short shorts, and tank tops, I have to say. A woman's body is her own.. if she wants to wear long pants and a heavy turtleneck sweater and deprive me of checking out her bod, that's her right. I don't have to be happy about it.
2002-10-15 02:59:23 PM  
What? No pics of teen mormon quaker tramps with bare bellies?

I'm going back to the red headed playboy model chick thread.
2002-10-15 03:01:30 PM  
I'd let my daughter go to that fashion show. You better believe it bub.
2002-10-15 03:05:44 PM  
special fashion show for democrats

[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-15 03:06:19 PM  
I was just having a conversation with my LDS co-worker the other day about this. She can go through the temple right now, but she's waiting till she gets married because she doesn't want the garments yet. Her biggest reason for not wanting the garments is that they limit what she can wear.

My wife is LDS too, I'm not, and I'm kind of glad that she hasn't gone to the temple yet and gotten her garments. I won't freak out if/when she does. But I like her wearing less modest stuff nowadays.
2002-10-15 03:08:19 PM  
At you service...
Definitely safe for work.... (Tripod, beware of the dreaded popup)

GIS result on Mormon girls. Longer search strings just came up with... nothing.
2002-10-15 03:13:44 PM  
BTW ... this is the catalog from one of the companies that was featured in the article. Just in case anyone was wondering what the clothes looked like.
2002-10-15 03:17:33 PM  
I see lots of weird clothes when I use LSD.....

2002-10-15 03:18:35 PM  
So let me get this straight, girls have to dress modestly and yet some middle age perv can marry six of them when they turn thirteen.
2002-10-15 03:20:37 PM  
Sometimes Mormon girls feel like they have an 'M' on their forehead because they want sleeves," said Glenna Thacker of Mission Viejo

or perhaps a 'P' for POLYGAMY
2002-10-15 03:20:42 PM  
Mormons == Magic Underoos
Heaven's Gate == Magic Nikes

Same difference. The mormons just haven't got the guts to snuff it yet.
2002-10-15 03:22:33 PM  
the more you know about mormons the more you realize that it is a cult with good PR.
2002-10-15 03:24:09 PM  
So let me get this straight, girls have to dress modestly and yet some middle age perv can marry six of them when they turn thirteen.

i declare thee funniest comment of the week!
2002-10-15 03:24:50 PM  
Betty: my life is full of double standards.
As a single guy...I enjoy boobies. As a father of a 17-yr old girl...I don't want hers hanging out for some hormone enraged teen-aged boy to be ogling. I respect these parents for trying to keep the kids from running about looking like pimps & whores. However, once the kids hit 18,if they want to flash the goods on the internet and walk the streets looking like Britney and Justin (or the flavor of the day w/ kids) that's OK too.

If my daughter does it....I won't like it and will probably raise hell, but it's her decision.

2002-10-15 03:24:58 PM  
The mormons are the reason we need to put razor wire fences and gun towers circling utah.
2002-10-15 03:29:08 PM  
BestUserNameEvar: Maybe I need to get out more.. but some of those mormon chicks are hot... And I bet you can go out with all of her friends and not get in trouble...
2002-10-15 03:31:20 PM  
If i was to start a religion.....

What better way to ensure funding then making your followers wear your brand of undies??
2002-10-15 03:34:17 PM  
BTW I live in Mesa AZ, or what si known as Little Utah.

Mormon girls are usually hot, wich just proves my theory.. the hitter the girls, the wackier the religion.
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