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(Yahoo) NewsFlash Sniper strikes again; Woman shot in head in front of Falls Church, VA, Home Depot   ( divider line
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12575 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Oct 2002 at 10:30 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-14 10:33:13 PM  
Hey man, nice shot.
2002-10-14 10:33:25 PM  
2002-10-14 10:33:28 PM  
What an asshat!

2002-10-14 10:33:30 PM  
Stop giving this assclown the press.

I bet he's watching TV right now.
2002-10-14 10:33:36 PM  
that's not funny
2002-10-14 10:34:02 PM  
What an AWP whore.
2002-10-14 10:34:10 PM  
damn thats too close, i work right there... please make this stop!
2002-10-14 10:34:12 PM  
Damn, i just posted a USA today link. My headline wasn't as good though.

This is getting out of hand though. What is this...the ninth death and eleventh person shot?
2002-10-14 10:34:16 PM  
How much you want to bet he's switched vehicles by now? How the hell are they going to get this guy?
2002-10-14 10:34:28 PM  
Oh jeez.

This is pretty scary, I must admit. :\
2002-10-14 10:34:42 PM  
I really farking hope they catch this asshole soon.
2002-10-14 10:34:48 PM  
I wonder if he plays CS?
2002-10-14 10:34:59 PM  
I guess the sniper-biatch really wanted his credit... they got that one guy who turned out to not be him...
2002-10-14 10:35:08 PM  
Baby Jesus is crying
2002-10-14 10:35:10 PM  
That's what happens when you try and improve your home.
2002-10-14 10:35:32 PM  
he should have rode the bu...then we wouldn't even know what he was driving
2002-10-14 10:36:00 PM  
This just pisses me off. Why can't they find this idiot?
2002-10-14 10:36:22 PM  

Just saw them in concert two weeks ago. Righteously rocking show.

Oh, um... tragic? Sad? Which is best for the headline?
2002-10-14 10:36:31 PM  
Yes...let's all give the sniper the attention that he so sorely craves. Christ almighty! At this very moment he is touching his willy laughing at local law enforcement while watching his favorite anchorperson flub their lines. Ugh....ignore him. He'll come out of hiding!!!
2002-10-14 10:36:53 PM  
foxnews says someone saw a white van of the right make and model speeding east on route 50...
2002-10-14 10:37:10 PM  
Man -We were just there the other night. I sure am glad I'm back in good old Nebraska!!
2002-10-14 10:37:11 PM  
Weird how uncomfortable I generally get about how intrusive our government has gotten about snooping on us, but then this happens and my reaction is "Christ! Don't we have technology in place that can snoop on everyone everywhere in D.C. and find out who the fark's doing this?"
2002-10-14 10:37:13 PM  
i wonder how much further this guy is gonna travel outside the current radius of killings..
any bets?
2002-10-14 10:37:19 PM  
How many people has he shot so far?
2002-10-14 10:37:45 PM  
... and the sherriff that is currently holding an ex-marine-with-white-van-and-sniper-books is quoted as saying, "Whoops".
2002-10-14 10:38:00 PM  
2002-10-14 10:38:22 PM  
now i'm feeling kinda guilty for wanting some more exciting news on tonight...
2002-10-14 10:38:49 PM  
By now, wouldn't the prudent sniper get a new, non-white-van-type vehicle?
2002-10-14 10:39:04 PM  
i should've added, shot and killed/wounded...
2002-10-14 10:39:12 PM  
Zeke i agree, why would he drive a white van now, and isnt the pattern now 2 gas stations one elsewhere then 2 gas stations, a friend pointed that out to me over the weekend it may not be right but were the last 2 gas stations

i am damn glad i dont live in that area
2002-10-14 10:39:24 PM  

I suppose... relief, that in all this crazy oppressive ceasarian consolidation of power by a puppet president, cable news networks still show what grabs them ratings and advertisers.
2002-10-14 10:39:39 PM  
Anybody out there against the death penalty? The next time you argue against capital punishment think about this asshat.
2002-10-14 10:39:44 PM  
This is scary....hope he doesn't go too far out of his radius :-\
2002-10-14 10:39:44 PM  
2002-10-14 10:39:46 PM  
ABC just did an hourlong special on him
2002-10-14 10:39:48 PM  
switched to head shots, i see. and at night? cowardly asshat, is more like it. farking die already.
2002-10-14 10:39:50 PM  
I thank Joe Pesci that I'm Canadian. Nothing ever happens here.
2002-10-14 10:39:52 PM  
Yeah the only guy happy about this is the dude they were questioning today.
2002-10-14 10:40:58 PM  
Cres, "11" was my headline.
2002-10-14 10:41:22 PM  
I find it [image from too old to be available] that as i read that headline the ad beside it said "Some days you just want to shoot something."
2002-10-14 10:41:30 PM  
Gear Jammer Will you keep us posted with local info?

Didn't they find a truck earlier today?? From what I recall, it matched the first composite and had a note left inside that the cops refused to reveal.

2002-10-14 10:41:41 PM  
i bet this guy gets cuaght for somthin really taking the tag of his matress
2002-10-14 10:42:02 PM  
it's funny, they talked about how shooting newsgroups on the net were full of posts about how this guys aim sucks since he only hits them in the chest. So he turns around and picks a headshot this time..kind of like when they said schools were on lockdown and he shot a kid at school.

Maybe the media should quit daring the guy.
2002-10-14 10:42:04 PM  
10-14-02 10:38:49 PM Millay
By now, wouldn't the prudent sniper get a new, non-white-van-type vehicle?

My thinking is this piece of crap wants to get caught eventually, but not till after he's killed a few more people, and made a real name for himself in the anus of history.
2002-10-14 10:42:30 PM  
I'm still betting that he's using a scoped Thompson Contender -- easy to shoot, easy to stash. Comes in a variety of calibers.
2002-10-14 10:43:03 PM  
Holy farking shiat. That Home Depot is FIVE MINUTES from my house. I bought my goddamn rugs there.

This is scaring the living shiat out of me now. I wasn't too worried before, but now....goddamn.
2002-10-14 10:43:06 PM  
Are they sure it was the sniper?
2002-10-14 10:43:10 PM  
i have a friend that was in DC last week, and he said that many people believe that the sniper actaully has no connection with a white van, but instead he just waits for a white van to pass before shooting, throwing off the cops even more.
2002-10-14 10:44:13 PM  
I think this is just about the police's worst nightmare. One lone gunman that's highly mobile, good and smart. The media farks it up so bad by puking up the info to the guy.
2002-10-14 10:44:16 PM  
Do you work at a church Chicklet?
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