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(Yahoo) NewsFlash Sniper strikes again; Woman shot in head in front of Falls Church, VA, Home Depot   ( divider line
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2002-10-14 11:03:25 PM  
Unfortunately you are correct. This guy will get caught, then a month or two later some guy in LA will start to hunt down people. Then in NY, Chicago, Dallas and Floriduh others will follow. What will it be in the 2010's? Raisin Ranch residents beating each other to death with their canes?
2002-10-14 11:03:26 PM  
2002-10-14 11:03:48 PM  
One word to all my peeps in DC: Duck!
2002-10-14 11:04:10 PM  
All this profile talk is crap too. The reason they have not caught this sniper yet "is" they are too busy trying to find reasons to compare him to other serial killers... They should be individualizing this guy because his is not the typical profile match....
2002-10-14 11:04:20 PM  
ATF, FBI, local police, state troopers on scene.
Dodge Caravan sought
Shooter - Blue jacket blue pants
2002-10-14 11:04:20 PM  

Some people call it levity.
2002-10-14 11:04:21 PM  
Why isn't Geraldo out there running around?
2002-10-14 11:04:56 PM  
Hearing on the news now...Channel 4
2002-10-14 11:05:02 PM  
Has the media started making a big deal of the fact that he doesn't seem to kill people on weekends? I'm expecting to see some weekend hits once they start talking about that.
2002-10-14 11:05:28 PM  
I'm telling you the guy is not driving a white van. He is just waiting for a white van to drive by and then he shoots. That way everyone thinks he is in a white van.
2002-10-14 11:05:49 PM  
They are definately treating it as though it were th sniper. They've got the County & State Police on the scene along with th ATF. Helicopters are in the air. Route 50, and all ajacent roads have been shut down. Looking for a Dodge van with rear end damage & VA plates. Man with light olive colored skin, blue jacket.
2002-10-14 11:06:06 PM  
White Dodge van with VA plates - one man inside.
I'm in DC and I hear helicopters overhead.
2002-10-14 11:06:35 PM  
The damn sirens outside my window are driving me nuts now. I live right off 395, and not only do I have to listen to them, worry about getting shot, that STUPID COCKSUCKER AARON BROWN won't shut the fark up on CNN.

I know I could turn it off, but I'm too stubborn. That guy needs to get hit by a bus. ARGHHH!
2002-10-14 11:06:57 PM  
Dodge van, blue jacket, light olive skinned...VA tags...traffic at stand still almost all the way to downtown...per channel 4
2002-10-14 11:08:15 PM  
he/she definately must have a good enough cover to not arouse any suspicion. i wonder if its a cop? Someone who fits in when driving or walking around... who knows.
2002-10-14 11:08:37 PM  
Misspudding, I have no regard for human life, and i don't go around shooting people [not with media coverage anyway..]; don't be so quick to judge a person just because he's pure evil, it isn't nice.. [Don't care enough to kill people; i'll just get me some nice barbiturics to the jugular when i get bored, heh]
2002-10-14 11:08:48 PM  
Just got stopped (but not searched) going East on Rte 66. Cops, helicopters all over the place. I drive right by that Home Depot on the way to work every morning. This is getting out of control........
2002-10-14 11:09:10 PM  
Pretty smart on the part of the media and their "experts" saying all week that he isn't that great a shooter because he was taking body shots. Now the asshole is showing them his ability, as sick as it is.
2002-10-14 11:09:57 PM  
Anyone mention it was near the Michaels craft store? Sure sounds like him.
2002-10-14 11:10:40 PM  
She was shot in a parking garage...
2002-10-14 11:11:02 PM  
[image from too old to be available]


I'm not sure it's a he, either...

/probably tired of them surrendering all the time
2002-10-14 11:11:06 PM  
Um, some people have dial up. Those pics are big.
2002-10-14 11:11:06 PM  
Channel 9 said earlier the complex contained A Michael's Craft store.
2002-10-14 11:11:16 PM  
This is just another Wag The Dog ruse by Bush to get elected to another term. Like the dot-com bust. And the pretzels.
2002-10-14 11:11:16 PM  
I think I have discovered the whereabouts of Jason Mewes...
2002-10-14 11:12:07 PM  
What amazes me is how freaked out people are getting about it.

Your chances of being shot by this guy are no better than your chances of being hit by lightning or mauled to death by a wild dog.

Look at the total population of the area he's covered. Statistically, he means shiat.

Some of these people need to settle down and go about their lives. There's no reason to stress over something you can't control. I do live in VA, if anyone is wondering.
2002-10-14 11:12:10 PM  
Fairfax Chief of Police to give briefing in 10-15 minutes>
2002-10-14 11:12:25 PM  
I live in the area too... I look like an asshat bobbing and weaving everywhere I go ;)
2002-10-14 11:12:26 PM  
Yeah, I agree....the assheads from Columbine were hardcore cold blooded killers, right?

No, they were nerds who lost their grip with reality.

i don't know enough about the asshats from columbine, although to kill that many people, yeah, somethinghad to have been a little farked up in their head.

maybe he's gay. maybe he's a nerd. maybe he's an ex-marine. shiat, maybe "he" is actually two lesbian ex-michael's and gas station employees that are looking for a little pre-coital stimulation that they only acheive by shooting people.

talk about a quality lifetime network movie...i'm just waiting for the headline now...
2002-10-14 11:12:31 PM  
I have a kid brother living in Fairfax.
I hope they catch this bastard soon.
Death is too good for him.

You wanna bet he's a muslim?
2002-10-14 11:12:37 PM  
Another tarot card?

Definitely not an Islamic chauvinist on a rampage, then. The first card's message eliminated that possibility. Equating oneself with God is a terrible, terrible sin of pride for a Muslim to commit. There is one God, inseparable.

Assuming the find of a second card is true, of course.

"Jihad" is just the commonly accepted Roman alphabet spelling; Arabic words don't precisely translate to European-born languages. However, even sites run by Arabic speakers tend to use "Jihad"; recall that al-Muhajiroun site Fark linked to months ago. It had a banner reading "FOCUS ON JIHAD". As well, I've never seen "jihad" spelled with a g on IMC Palestine, and when there aren't Europeans and Westerners around to assist, the people running it are almost all Palestinian Arabs.

BTW, that al-Muhajiroun site's gone now. Hmmmm....

Even if I'm way off, and this does somehow turn out to be an al Qaeda operative (man, he'll have something to answer for with the tarot cards and the 'I am God' thing; no more Mecca for him), I'll be interested to find out who this nutbag is. I'll also be interested to find out how he evaded capture for so long.
2002-10-14 11:13:06 PM  
The next media pattern to break I guess is if he's not caught by next week end, he will strike on the week end.
2002-10-14 11:13:26 PM  
He's just showing us how useless our "national protection" levels are when it comes down to the common man. Even the FBI with all their funding can't even give any insight into this guy.
2002-10-14 11:14:35 PM  
Alright, next person that blindly blames this on video games gets a farking knife to the nuts.

2002-10-14 11:14:35 PM  
Maybe his name is Michael

Maybe he used to work at a gas station

Maybe the white box like truck harbors a motorcycle in the back.

I can conspiracy with ya'll.

This person has help, no doubt.

William Safire wrote an interesting piece about it today. Al Qaeda would be stupid not to take note.

The death penalty is too good for him.
2002-10-14 11:14:39 PM  
PlatinumDragon, Isn't becoming a god a Mormon thing?
2002-10-14 11:14:55 PM  
conventional methods aren't working, guess we'll have to wait until the sniper makes a critical mistake before we get any breakthroughs.

it's just too hard to track one man that's never been seen.
2002-10-14 11:15:11 PM  
Schlingfo: This woman WAS going about her business...
2002-10-14 11:15:12 PM  
10-14-02 11:08:48 PM MonkeyBoy22Just got stopped (but not searched) going East on Rte 66. Cops, helicopters all over the place. I drive right by that Home Depot on the way to work every morning. This is getting out of control........

Just because now it's happening near you doesn't mean it got out of control.. it got out of control when he killed the first person...
2002-10-14 11:15:22 PM  
dialup? daveplot's overly large photo's are giving my t-1 a run for its money... can you tone it down a little?
2002-10-14 11:16:01 PM  
I just mentioned to some people about two hours ago that the sniper again took the weekend off, but hasn't struck yet today. Thats some scary shiat.
2002-10-14 11:16:22 PM  
Platinum Dragon - A second tarot? Where you hear that?
2002-10-14 11:16:28 PM  
This is multiple-person team, not an individual shooter. There are several eyewitnesses who've described at least two people in the getaway van. The police are looking for multiple vehicles as well, including the delivery truck, the Astro van, and a maroon sedan. (The sedan was a one-time hit and I haven't seen that again, but I did read it once.)

Multiple people. Multiple cars. Victims based on how much terror their deaths will cause. I think this is an Al-Queda cell.

My prayers are with all of you in the Washington D.C. area. Be careful out there.
2002-10-14 11:17:11 PM  
Ack, I live near there like a couple other farkers! Hell, my school's football game got canceled because of this.

And everyone that thinks video games are bad for you, fark off. Just because some kid goes nuts and kills people doesnt mean he did it because of Quake. He did it because he is nuts. I bet he could have been playing a Care Bears game and still shot someone. Oh wait, that would make MOST people want to shoot someone...
2002-10-14 11:17:13 PM  
JDignan In that case:

Beltway Sniper, you are not God. You are not skilled, hell you aren't even l337. You are worthless, and I challenge you to a duel. Your Caravan against my Safari in a game of chicken. Just tell me when and where.
2002-10-14 11:17:40 PM  
If he is really smart, as in having a think-tank behind him, he would leave clues that have absolutely nothing to do with what and who he actually is.
2002-10-14 11:18:17 PM  
Conclusive evidence as to wether or not this shooting is related to the other sniper shootings is not expected until tomorrow morning.
2002-10-14 11:18:41 PM  
Damn this sniper ass-wrangler.
2002-10-14 11:19:08 PM  
Live in Stafford, VA (about 20 minutes if not less from Falls Church) and the local news stations (and I spotted it on CNN down with headlines) are reporting that law enforcement is in pursuit of a similar make/model vehicle that was described? Hopefully they nab this monkeynut ASAP. SchlingFo
Fully agreed. People really are getting too freaked out about this. Granted its a sad thing, but is calling into work (this happened at my job) with the excuse "Im scared to leave the house because of the sniper" really necessary? Geesh people... this is exactly what this fool wants. An interuption of daily life.
2002-10-14 11:19:56 PM  
Platinum Dragon - A second tarot? Where you hear that?

10-14-02 11:02:50 PM Chamberk

-referred to an MSNBC article. Note: unconfirmed. If so, may smash at least one theory put forward by a few farkers and people I know.
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