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19969 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Oct 2002 at 3:27 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-14 12:18:48 PM  
Why can't kids today collect normal things ... like porn?
2002-10-14 12:31:09 PM  
Amazing that someone actually COLLECTS these damn things...
2002-10-14 12:33:06 PM  
where do they find these freaks? hey, i collect the tops of my baby's food jars, put me in your newspaper! Why yes, I do collect empty 35mm film canisters, are you looking to write an article? Few people can enjoy the subtle beauty found in my magazine card insert collection. Look, here's an '87 Popular Science, what a beaut'!
2002-10-14 12:57:02 PM  
A friend of mine smashes them and uses them in mosaic-type art.
2002-10-14 01:06:32 PM  
Damn amateurs.

[image from too old to be available]

The full story
2002-10-14 02:33:20 PM  
This kid has some serious issues and/or is one lonely troglodite.
2002-10-14 02:54:37 PM  
In a weird way I can see collecting free stuff, like matchbooks and bottlecaps. But these people are actually paying for something that's free? Now that's just idiotic. I should contact these people and ask for a little cash. That way I could add to my beer can collection. At least I'd be using the money for something worthwhile.
2002-10-14 03:13:45 PM  
I keep the ones I get in the mail, but I don't make attempts at buying ones I don't have . I guess I plan on making some kind of art out of the damn things (all twelve of them. Ooooooh).
2002-10-14 03:20:57 PM  
I have AOL 3.5" disks. Can you say "bling bling"?
2002-10-14 03:31:41 PM  
They make excellent shooting-range targets, with an orange dot sticker in the middle. Blasted about 50 of em yesterday.
2002-10-14 03:31:52 PM  
"It's more like a lifestyle," said Dani, who is home-schooled.
all you need to know, right there
2002-10-14 03:32:12 PM  
I waited 4 hours for this crap!!

see posts in previous article
2002-10-14 03:32:27 PM  
We've waited four hours for a post like this?
2002-10-14 03:33:40 PM  
They make great frisbees, too. Those things really fly if you let 'em rip.
2002-10-14 03:34:22 PM  
The school here collects them and makes christmas tree decorations out of them.

This will be repeated ad infinitum, but...why would anyone collect something that is not only free, but can be collected by the 100's just by finding a box full of the things?
2002-10-14 03:34:27 PM  
2002-10-14 03:34:44 PM  
I new a guy that covered an entire wall of his apartment with them... It actually looked pretty cool.
2002-10-14 03:35:08 PM  
2002-10-14 03:35:15 PM  

2002-10-14 03:36:39 PM  
I collect weekly supermarket circulars. They are awesome. Therefore, I am awesome. Send a news crew over.
2002-10-14 03:36:42 PM  
I hear those houses made from 100% CDs are going to be hitting the market any day now...
2002-10-14 03:36:45 PM  
I was reading this thinking, "Wow what a geeky loser" then I read "She even has a memory-chip necklace" I have a memory-chip for my key chain.

*In a glass house throwin rocks*
2002-10-14 03:36:47 PM  
Speaking of collecting disk shaped things...

My kids collected pogs. Now threre are pogs all over the damn house. Want them I'll vacuum 'em up and send you the bag. Cheap.
2002-10-14 03:36:51 PM  
Naturally this biatch would have to be from North Carolina. I can't get a farking break.

ps: Nail two of them shiny side out on each side of a stick and put it up near the road so you can find your driveway at night.
2002-10-14 03:36:55 PM  
two words: coke mirrors.
2002-10-14 03:37:08 PM  
Please please PLEASE don't anyone say she's hittable. She's NASTY. (And not to mention, under 18)
2002-10-14 03:37:29 PM  
Are people saving this crap because they feel nostalgic about the software that crippled/crashed their computers for the first time?

Does anyone still actually pay for A-O-Hell?

Admitting that you use A-O-Hell is still considered a punishable offence in my book.
2002-10-14 03:37:50 PM  
"10-14-02 03:34:27 PM M3wThr33

would that be 5&1/4 or 3&1/2?

I gotta echo the 4 hours and a wet noodle sentiment
2002-10-14 03:38:02 PM  
"It's more like a lifestyle," said Dani, who is home-schooled.

home schooled ... wow .... shocker
2002-10-14 03:38:08 PM  

I have DOS aol disks, on DD/DD 3.5s
2002-10-14 03:38:44 PM  
Furnace wrote - two words: coke mirrors.

2002-10-14 03:38:46 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
I'd hit it... with a sledge hammer...
2002-10-14 03:38:59 PM  
The guy that sits across from me covered his interior cubicle walls with these discs--about 150 of them, I would guess. The weird thing is that he came in one day to see that overnight someone had stolen two of them. Strange. He left a note for them on the wall where those discs once hung, calling the thief a "gutless coward," which is true, I guess, but a little harsh, in my opinion. Think about it: if you are stealing AOL cd's off someone's wall, don't you really have bigger problems to deal with? Aren't you really more in need of a hug or something than of such criticism?

2002-10-14 03:39:48 PM  
"It's more like a lifestyle," said Dani, who is home-schooled.

This just says it all for me.
2002-10-14 03:40:32 PM  
And in her spare time writes Stong Bad email.....
2002-10-14 03:40:38 PM  
2002-10-14 03:40:48 PM  
"A great and priceless thing is a new interest! How it takes possession of a man! how it clings to him, how it rides him!"
2002-10-14 03:41:02 PM  
that's gotta be the dumbest thing i've read on fark in a long damn time. that's what happens when you home school your kids, they don't understand normal cutlure and do wierd shiat like that

creepy ass girl, i'm gonna mail her a pig head
2002-10-14 03:41:12 PM  
"It's more like a lifestyle," said Dani, who is home-schooled. "

Great non-sequitor journalism.
Why not:

"It's more like a lifestyle," said Dani, who once saw a panda at the zoo when she was 3. "

"It's more like a lifestyle," said Dani, who once bought shoes on a Monday morning in 1998. "

"It's more like a lifestyle," said Dani, who once fed a dickhead reporter his freshly chewed off nuts. "
2002-10-14 03:41:43 PM  

Had a good edible book lately? Well ya should!
2002-10-14 03:42:24 PM  
Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooser!
2002-10-14 03:42:44 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Collecting AOL discs is like pooping on poop.
2002-10-14 03:43:33 PM  
...Don't worry, Dani, if you are reading this. I love your 'hard drive' site....
2002-10-14 03:44:48 PM  

I'm fairly computer literatte, build my own 'puter, and have it going good, and I still use AOL. Why are AOL users looked down on so ?

Oh, yea and a/s/l !!!!

2002-10-14 03:46:49 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Will die alone, surrounded by 67 cats.
2002-10-14 03:47:07 PM  
Thirdrail wrote: I was reading this thinking, "Wow what a geeky loser" then I read "She even has a memory-chip necklace" I have a memory-chip for my key chain.

So I'm not the only geek that carrys around 32Mb worth of pictures of my nieces and nephews and dogs on my keychain?
2002-10-14 03:47:14 PM  

I use them as coasters, but I don't go out of my way to get them.

I don't think they'd make good coke mirrors, they have that hole in the middle....

2002-10-14 03:48:14 PM  
Say what you want but AOL CDs are great weapons of singular destruction!
2002-10-14 03:48:55 PM  
My pen drive is a gig. I must be the uber geek.
2002-10-14 03:49:10 PM  
Anyone notice that classified ad blinking at you on the main...
I am waiting for some one to come into my cube while that's flashing

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